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    My laptop turns on, but the screen is black (no lights on dislay). I hooked it up to a monitor and that works fine. The touchscreen can still be used. Is this a driver issue or I need a new screen? 

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    Hello comunity today i request your help for a annoying problem. My laptop is a Hp 15-da0040nq is having 2 months when i used.

    So when im play a game like cs : go with laptop unpluggin and low graphic settings i hit 100 fps easly but when i plugin to the power my laptop start have lag spike in any games if they are old like Modern Warfare 1. Is not overheating because i use a powerfull coling pad with 4 fans.

    I already changes the setting from power plan to the high performance but stil having lag spikes for 3 seconds i used almost all solutions like ,,Try to change some power options,,



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    This is not a question but a solution to a problem I had. I originally thought it was a hardware issue and sent my laptop in and HP was going to charge me $660 to replace the motherboard because they said it had customer induced damages (I upgraded the RAM, HDD, and installed an SSD myself). Basically what was happening after I did a BIOS update and graphics driver update for my Ryzen 5 2500u's Vega 8 graphics chip I was getting getting Application being blocked from accessing graphics hardware on everything a little more graphically intesnsive than a spreadsheet it would freeze up and give an error saying "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics Hardware" I thought I bricked my laptop after I did the firmware update so I sent it in to see if needed to be reflashed. Fast forward 2 weeks later I have my latop back after refusal of repair. I was playing around and noticed when I uninstalled the Vega 8 graphics and letting windows use a generic VEGA driver the errors went away. I did some googling and I found a solution saying I have to use different drivers. Basially the drivers on HP and on the Microsoft update library are broken. I did some more searching and Found a solution.


    First go to and you need to select processors with graphics, then go to AMD Ryzen Processors, then select Ryzen 5 2400G. The Ryzen 5 2400G also has a Vega 8 GPU.


    Here is a direct link, that might be easier.


    Download the Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.3 Optional and install it. Just use the express installation, don't pick manual.


    Now here is what you need to do next, you need to manually select this graphics driver and install it. DO NOT uninstall the old driver, Windows will just try to redownload it and reinstall it and the problem comes back (learned from previous experience).


    There are a couple of ways to getting to device manager. You can right click on My Computer if you have that icon on your desktop and go to properties. Then click device manager.


    Probably the easiest way is just searching for device manager useing search next to start.

    Go to display adapters and expand it. You will see AMD Radeon (TM) Vega 8 Graphics. Next you will want to right click and do an update driver. Now click on Browse my computer for Driver Software Locate and install driver software manually.


    Click Let me Pick from a list of available Drivers on my computer


    Click Have disk

    browse to C:\AMD\Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-18.12.2-Dec12\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF


    Select C0337011 and open, then hit ok on install from disk


    Scroll down to AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics, should be 3/4 down the list, select that and hit next. A warning diaglog box will pop up and just hit yes. After it said it successfully installed close all the windows and reboot your computer. Your laptop should be working now.

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    My computer recently did an automatic update in early Jan 2019. Ever since then, my HDMI port seems to be malfunctioning. I use a mini projector for presentations on a weekly basis and it is connected to my laptop with an HDMI cable (no bluetooth or wireless option). After the update, when I go to use it, the projector screen says "No Signal Found".  The computer screen then goes black and won't back come on.  I have to then force my computer to turn off.  I really need to get this operational again asap. Any ideas on what to do?  Thanks in advance.

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    Im looking to buy L2206tm monitor but i need to know when the computer puts the monitor into sleep mode does touching the screen wake it like it does when you move the mouse? This will be my only input, i need to be able to wake the screen thanks

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    I have two elitebooks , 840 G3, one is mostly dead from a failed keyboard upgade but it has a 1080p screen. The other has a 768 screen , neither are touchscreen, I would like to install the 1080p screen or assembly, onto the 768 laptop. Is this possible?  Thanks for your help

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  • 01/12/19--21:16: Touch pad on/off control
  • The DM3 has a touchpad with a separate button just above the pad. The machine is 6 years old and the Hard Drive failed recently and was replaced (with the OS of course, Win10.)


    The button no longer works, the touch pad cannot be turned off making straight typing difficult. There is a status light left of the button that is orange when off, white when on.


    The original OS was Win 7, upgraded to Win 10 a few years back. Is there any way to get proper driver so this functions or is there another way to control on/off not documented anywhere I've found. 

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    Does the HP Spectre x360 - 13-ap0038nr have a 4k option or is it strictly Full HD? Some reviews say that there is a 4k option, but after seeing the specs for myself, I only see Full HD display.

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    Hello, I have an HP Pavilion 15-au111TX  its quite good laptop but the problem is that its display is not very bright as expected even on 100% brightness, I tried to install all the recommended drivers but still the same, I also tried adjusting it in intel HD graphics control panel but it does not help.

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    [I posted this question on a different board but didn't get any replies, possibly because it was on the wrong board.  I'm reposting it here, as this might be a more appropriate place for this question.]


    Okay, I am fully aware that this is a problem that has vexed many other users.  I have spent many hours over the last two months trying to follow the advice of people here, but like many others, nothing is working.


    I bought my HP Envy x360 about 8 months ago.  From the very outset, I have had problems with the computer going to sleep after a period of inactivity, and then I can't do anything to wake it up.  Shaking the attached wireless mouse, pressing or using the touchpad or the touchscreen, and hitting every key on the keyboard doesn't work.  Ctrl-alt-delete does nothing.  The only thing I can do it hold down the power button and force it to shut down.


    I have verified that the keyboard driver software is updated.  

    I have gone to the "choose what the power buttons do" in the control panel and experimented with different settings.

    I have changed the power mode/power settings.

    I have gone to the Device Manager and checked the keyboard settings.  Indeed, for one of the keyboards listed (there are 3, which I don't understand since I've only ever used the built-in keyboard), I have confirmed that the "allow device to wake up" button is clicked.

    I have stayed up to date with all Windows 10 updates.

    I have downloaded and installed all recommended HP updates.  I have not installed all the optional updates.

    I have updated the BIOS (but that was to try to solve a non-stop fan issue - which I will ask about in another thread).


    Despite all these efforts, this still has not solved the not-waking-up problem.  This is rather frustrating.  I will acknowledge that I am not computer savvy at all, but I have done what I can to find solutions on this forum and elsewhere.


    Any help?

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    Keyboard light not working. I have tried everything: f5+fn, f5+space, fn+f9, fn+f10, etc. I have not spilled anything on the keyboard and have recently bought it about 3 weeks ago. The laptop has not been damaged. Would be very helpful if someone has a solution for this problem. Thanks!

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    Recently i have upgraded my memory to 6GB, and i think it would be a good idea to increase graphics memory


    is there a certain way to achieve that ??

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    Hi guys,


    I'm looking for an active touch pen for my 2-in-1 convertible laptop. I'm presently using the Pavilion X360 convertible laptop and am planning to buy either the hp touch pen or the Lenove touch pen 1. Could you guys help me out here by acknowledging me how each of these pens would be compatible with my device and which one would make a better pair with my device, also comparing their price and availability of the product in India.


    Thnaks :)

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    I have a trouble with HP OMEN 17-AN103UR notebook. Webcam shows green "vignette" on image.  There are some screenshots of camera test (w/o any effects or etc., there is white A4 list in front of camera). I have reset settings of webcam, reinstalled camera drivers, but it haven't seem any effect.

    Без имени-1.jpgБез имени-2.jpg


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    During working signal lost to monitor, on both - main and external;


    Restart computer and screen is totally black;


    Tryed steps from this source:



    After second try, result is that, it is possible to work only with external monitor and only in Safe Mode;

    Main screen is still black;


    I hope it is OS problem, but If it is related to video card on hardware level, then by which one can be replaced existed video card ?


    Thank you.

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    Only three months ago I bought a PC Pavilion Power 15-CB030NL, but I have a problem that I cannot solve; when I use some games the computer slows down only when I use the power electric line, while it works correctly when I use only the battery.

    One of the games in question is Just Cause 4, regularly purchased.

    I have already tried in every way to change the settings of Energy Saving (the operating system is Windows 10), but without appreciable results.

    Can you help?

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    I'm having trouble with YouTube videos not playing properly on my HP Pavilion. They are very jerky and jumpy, and it applies to all YouTube videos, although non-YouTube videos play fine.


    Any suggestions?


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    When I first got this laptop, there were numerous problems with the touchpad: it was sluggish and erratic, and clicking, particularly right-click, was unreliable. Searching the Internet turned up suggestions to install Synaptics’ own drivers rather than the HP-supplied driver, which I did, and it solved the problem for months.


    Then yesterday morning I woke up to find that my computer had restarted (probably Windows Update), and moreover, my mouse was locked in place. This had been an issue I have experienced occasionally; going into the Mouse Properties and choosing Reset Devices in Synaptics’ Device Settings tab always fixed this. This time, it did not. The touchpad could click or right-click, but it could not move or scroll.


    Many, many hours of effort later, I am just about despairing. I have restarted, reinstalled the drivers, redownloaded drivers fresh, uninstalled the drivers entirely to let Windows try to fix the problem on its own, and installed new drivers in various versions, all to no avail. Some fix the movement problem, but all of them have their own problem(s). In each case, I have gone through Synaptics’ Settings with a fine-toothed comb to try to see if they would solve those problems, but they did not. I have tried disabling the laptop’s touchscreen, disabling the touchpad’s two-finger tap functionality, and none of it has fixed these problems.


    I have also gone into Windows’ update history and uninstalled the latest updates. This did nothing to help. I also noticed that the latest updates were installed four days ago, rather than the less-than-two days since I last had a totally-working touchpad. So I am now less than sure that the restart I noticed at first was due to Windows Update, though I do not know what else would have caused it; the laptop has not otherwise exhibited unexpected restarts.


    The specific drivers I have tried for this, with the problems each exhibited (per the list offered in Update Drivers → Browse my computer for driver software → Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer):

    • PS/2 Compatible Mouse—I believe these are the original drivers the laptop came with. Their performance is awful, with clicking barely working and two-finger scrolling not working at all.
    • Synaptics PS/2 Compatible TouchPad Version: [8/16/2017]—Every click is a right-click, two-finger scrolling does not work.
    • Synaptics PS/2 Compatible TouchPad Version: [9/21/2018]—The closest to success I’ve had; everything works except right-click never works, always resulting in a left-click. Two-finger tap does produce a right-click, but I find that gesture fairly awkward, and in any event it doesn’t really handle right-click-and-drag.
    • Synaptics SMBus ClickPad Version: [8/16/2017]—Exhibits the locked-in-place behavior.
    • Synaptics SMBus ClickPad Version: [9/21/2018]—Also exhibits the locked-in-place behavior. This is the driver that Windows installs when I allow it to automatically install the latest driver.

    Also, for whatever reason, each of the Synaptics “PS/2 Compatible” driver versions are listed in duplicate. I have no idea what kind of connector physically exists within the laptop.


    September 21, 2018 would have been about two months after I purchased the laptop, so I assume that the version is what I had originally, that worked, but I do not specifically remember. It’s possible that I updated the drivers at some point, though again, I do not recall doing so. At any rate, none of them work now.


    I am reasonably certain there are not hardware problems here. For one thing, the problems with each of the drivers are completely different, and for another, when I go into Synaptics’ Settings, I can for example set the right-click zone—and the demo pane correctly recognizes my clicks there, even when right-click doesn’t work (or when it always right-clicks).

    Are there other relevant drivers I should try? Is there some *other* setting to look into? This is infuriating and since I use my touchpad primarily, it renders the entire laptop nearly useless to me. I do not want to use an external mouse at all. And I certainly don’t want to try to use the touchscreen for everything.

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    I can only see the outline of the keyboard when i'm using the laptop in tablet mode with nothing shown inside. 

    I have searched online if anyone else had the same problem and found that spectre x360 had the same problem.

    I tried to solve it by tring that same solution but its not working. Any help would be great.


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    Hello this has been happening for a few weeks now. Anytime my computer moves or a lot when I try o use the touchpad or type the pointer flys all around and sometimes makes 2 pointers whick randomly click stuff. Seems to happen a lot when bottom of computer is touching something or moving around as well. Thank you so much! it is under warranty!

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