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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    This is a new laptop.  Would like to hook to an external monitor but do not have HDMI port on this computer.  is theree a cable that will work, or do I have to find a monitor that will allow wireless connectivity

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    My new spectre x360 initially did not have the option to change the settings of the touchpad scroll direction. after a lot of timewasting i called hp support and the technician installed an older driver which has the option to adjust the settings.  This driver however only changes the settings when operating the settings window, all other apps seem to ignore my settings and keep the reverse scrolling operation. Has anyone found a solution to this? it is quite frustrating. 

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    The cursor was on screen when I closed computer.  Next time i logged on it was gone.  I haved looked in mouse settings to see what to do and it appears it is busy or working in background--as I am typing this there is a blue circle underneath the words.  Use default is shaded out if that means anything. (I have clicked on OK for normal select, but that doesn't do anything .  Help-I want my arrow back.  Thanks for any help I can get.

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    ...elitebook8530w external display work but laptop screen not..once weekly laptop display work for about 10 minutes and than go black again.. i can see linux mint login thru very dim laptop display..too dim to use it so it is either 1. inverter or question is which one of two is?

    kind regards

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    Trying to use Miracast to cast to Amazon Fire TV Stick. Connecting is always a success. However, after a while (a few minutes) the casted screen would freeze. It takes about 5 minutes or so for the mirroring screen to "unfreeze" then the second screen would play "catch up".  I don't have the same problem with a Microsoft Surface Pro.


    I have seen a previous post saying the problem was fixed by disabling audio hardware acceleration. However, in my computer settings I cannot find where the audio hardware acceleration is.

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  • 01/13/19--23:15: Stylus Compatibility
  • To preference this, I'm an artist looking for something to replace my Wacom tablet, which is several years old at this point.


    As much as I adore Wacom, the Bamboo Ink isn't compatible with my device. In addition, I recently tried out an HP digital pen which was supposed to be compatible with my device and it was. The only issue was that on programs such as Paint Tool SAI, there isn't any pen pressure. No matter what I tried, I couldn't to get it to work.


    My question is, what active pens are there (preferablly not only HP pens as the reviews have really pushed me away from them) that work with my device as well as programs that are not windows ink/provided by the Microsoft Store?

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    After the 1809 Windows 10 update, I have been having problems using the touchpad like before. It seems the 3 finger tap functionality cannot be changed from opening Cortana to middle mouse, which was my intension when I changed it in settings. 


    Incidentally I also observed that changing the settings to  adjust volume with 4 finger scroll does not work although it is set that way in Windows settigns


    It would be great if HP released a Windows Precision Driver instead of the wrapper Synaptics driver over it, which to me feels tacky. This would also enable users to customize the functionality directly from windows settigns.



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    Dear community,


    When I write a, q, z or the number 1 using my build-in keyboard, it enters about 15 extra copies of that letter or number. It only happens for these letters. I have attempted reinstalling the device driver without luck. Using a different keyboard connected to USB works fine, but I need to be able to bring my computer around for work and this inconvenience makes it difficult to maintain productivity. 


    Are there any solutions to this problem?


    Best regards

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    Hello! Scrolling and fingers gesture stopped working. This happened immediatly after BIOS was uninsatlled and installed by HP support technician. I found here that resetting setup to default in BIOS menue can help. Unfortunately, it didn't in my case!

    Could you please help and advise?


    Thank you..

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  • 01/14/19--03:14: Cursor image changes
  • Hi,


    For a while now, the cursor image on my notebook changes. There is either a horizontal or vertical scrollbar added to the normal arrow cursor, or it becomes a four-arrowed cursor. It has something to do with the touch pad being touched in a certain way, but I cannot figure out how I initiate the change or how I can change it back to its original form. Also googling has not provided any clues. 

    If I restart the notebook it is fixed again, but usually the issue re-occurs within the hour... 

    I hope someone recognises this issue and can provide me with a lead how to fix this :)


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    HP Spectre does not detect HP ZR2740w connected to HP Spectre USB-C travel dock connected from Travel dock HDMI port to Display Port in HP ZR2740W with HDMI to Display port adapter.

    Windows 10 64bit

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  • 01/14/19--07:19: HP tilt pen wont erase
  • So i have had my hp envy for a while. used the tilt pen a little but gave up as i i found it a pain to use as i had to select the eraser then the pen every time.


    A few days ago two of my friends got hp laptops, spectre and an envy. I tried their pens and both of them i could flip around to erase.


    When i use my it just unselects the pen and doesnt erase. This occurs on all of our laptops.


    And yes the pen is in active mode. Why id is pen not acting the same.

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    I spotted 3 white spots on my laptop's display and just wanted to know if this is covered under HP's warranty so i could replace the display.

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    My significant other and I just ordered the Pro Tablet Active Pen k8p73aa and want to be sure that it is compatible with Windows 10 on the Spectre x360 13-4003dx? Also, will palm rejection work with Windows 10?

    Otherwise, we weren't sure if we would need to roll her system back to Windows 8?


    Thank you!

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    My 2 year old spectre that folds into a giant tablet all of a sudden has a screen issue. I keep it in a soft sleeve and barely use it unless it's for school. I tried to turn it on the other day and the screen turns on but only a black glow that is noticeable in a very dim to dark room. The caps lock key lights up. I tried folding it into a tablet and the screen has moments where it turns normal and I can log into windows but only for  a few seconds if I keep the laptop very still. Everything works fine until  the screen is moved a cm then it turns to the black glow. My first guess is that it is a wire issue where it isn't connected full or something else internal? Any thoughts?

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    No matter what i try or am instructed to do, my touch pad remains active.

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    I plugged in my external AOC monitor (USB connected) I’ve used it for months without a problem. Monitor isnt the issue. 


    When i plug it into my HP laptop, the latop transfers the display to the 2nd monitor, but then the native laptop display shuts off. 


    In my display settings it says that only 1 monitor is detected, although my 2nd monitor is displaying the image.


    help is aporeciated ti the fullest!!!

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    My computer is just over a year old (purchased around Christmas last year). Yesterday, while trying to fold the laptop, it made a sound and I noticed the plastic frame and screen were tearing apart. They can be manually snapped together at this point, but I'm sure it will get worse and I'd like to actually be able to travel with my laptop.

    20190114_104752_005.jpgI have attached a picture of it.

    Any suggestions? Would it be under warranty and is there anything to be done? Thanks. 


    Anthony Ellis

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    No messages, I can use the mouse, just not the touchscreen. Bad crack in the corner.  Any idea how much to repair? 

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    I just bought my HP Notebook - 15-bs110ne and I noticed that my graphic card is Graphics Chipset
    AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M340 2 GB DDR3 not AMD Radeon™ 530 Graphics (4 GB DDR3 dedicated)? was i scammed?

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