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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Hi Community. My laptop has very poor and vague graphics from new (10 months old) My previous 10 yr old ASUS laptop was a cheap machine but the graphics and sound quality was very good, is there a driver available or is it a card issue, many thanks for any help.

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  • 01/11/19--07:01: my camera not working
  • my lap any shake at it camera come off

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    I have a new Zbook 17 G5 with DreamColor Display.  I received the laptop last week and let it update to most recent versions of Windows and updated BIOS, display drivers, etc. through HP Support Assistant. 


    DreamColor Assistant works fine with factory calibrations loaded.  I ran a calibration sequence on one of the factory calibrations and saved a new user calibration in its place.  This worked fine as well.  However, restarting the computer (or shut down and power back on) results in DreamColor Assistant hanging at startup (CPU load goes way up, fan ramps up, Dreamcolor won't load, etc.).  Eventually the display flashes through several calibration settings (colors and brightness change), and then DreamColor assistant loads with the factory calibrations written over the previously saved user calibrations.  I can restore user calibrations from the backup, and everything works fine again, until the next restart.  I have started a case with HP Support, HP case ID : 5025679336.  So far they have not been able to determine a cause.


    Can anyone with a ZBook 17 G5 DreamColor system test their system with a user calibration loaded and see if DreamColor will start properly at restart (with user calibrations loaded)?




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    My screen keeps flickering black. I'm totally updated and have run all the troubleshooters I can think of, to no avail. I'd like to avoid a factory reset if I can, but if that's my only option, I'll do it.

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    I reloaded my W10 Operating system and lost all use of the touchpad. 

    I plugged in a mouse and that works fine.

    The device manager does not show any touchpad installed.

    I tried double clicking the corner of the touchpad but that doesn't work.

    I have tried downloading drivers for the touchpad, but they won't download, with a message that HP does not have the necessary drivers.

    Can anyone send me a copy of the drivers I need for my touchpad ?


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    occassionally the AMD driver crashes, it freezes just before crash, Driver ver. 13.251.9001.1001, your latest on line driver is

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    Does the HP Pavillion x360 14-cd0008tu come with a stylus?

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  • 01/11/19--15:38: dont charge or turn on
  • My hp envy x360 dont charge or turn on please help

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    I’m experiencing the same problem with my Hp laptop that I just bought. It was working fine yesterday and now the keyboard or touchscreen has just stopped working. I have turned it off and on. It comes on no problem to home screen. Then I cannot do anything from there. Nothing is working😖

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    My HP Envy's display is significantly warm. I need to make it colder, more blue. I do a lot of photo-editing so this is seriosuly affecting my workflow. Images look much colder on my phone and other laptop. I made sure the warm night filter was turned off and went through color calibration to no avail. Any suggestions other than getting a colorimeter?

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    I have a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX and I had touchpad drivers installed that allowed me to use gestures. Since the latest windows 10 update (mid Jan 2019) my touchpad completely stopped working and I had to use a USB mouse. I then had to uninstall my touchpad drivers completely in order for my touchpad just to work. 


    How can I install and enable gestures? I need to have gestures in order for my laptop to be productive, such as pinch to zoom, two finger tap, two finger scroll, etc.


    Any help would be appreciated. I was using the precision synaptics driver before and now no drivers work with my touchpad even the Synaptics TouchPad Driver (Windows 10 v1803) Rev.C which I downloaded directly from HP! doesn't work and causes my laptops touchpad to not function at all?

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    Good morning,

    I have worked using HP Probooks for many years now and I have never really had any issues.


    I bought a new Probook around 5 months ago so my assistant could have my older one (probably 3 years old at the most).


    I have decided it would be beneficial for us to work with two screens as I am trying to move towards paperless working, with the need to cross reference documents in my job all of the time I thought this would help.


    I bought two Samsung 24" LED screens for us both.  I set my assistants up first, plugging the screen in to the laptop using HDMI, immediately the screen came to life, few clicks and working just how I wanted.


    I then went on to do this my with Probook following exacting the same process but nothing, the screen just wont seem to register with the computer (I have tried using both screens, even the one working with the other Probook does nothing).  I went out and bought a VGA cable but still nothing.  I tried downloading the drivers from Samsung thinking maybe the new Probook needed this but it would not download the drivers properly, I could only get part way through the install.


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    When I just received my 850 G5 notebook, I did a quick test. I put a Thunderbolt-to-Displayport-dongle in the (USB-C shaped) Thunderbolt output of the notebook and connected my Dell monitor via a Displayport cable to the other side of the dongle. Instantly Windows recognized the external monitor and I could use it at its native resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. Great!


    Then I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 64-bit, using the built-in function of Windows 10 to do a clean install and wipe all personal data. Now I got a real clean, factory reset Windows 10 to work with.


    Unfortunately, Windows doesn't recognize my external monitor anymore. When I plug in the dongle, I hear four tone melody of Windows recognizing a new device, then I hear the two tone melody (high - low) of Windows telling me something went wrong, and then I hear the four tone "recognize" melody again. And that's it. The monitor is not recognized and stays black. I don't even get an error message.


    I tried installing all kind of drivers from HP's support, but that didn't help.


    What do I need to do to get my Displayport external monitor to work again with this otherwise great laptop?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Every time i attempt to type on my HP ENVY x360 laptop his key ` keys pressing continously and it disrupts my typing seriously.


    please assist urgently

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    I am having difficulty setting up a triple screen system on my Pavilion laptop.  The double screen system with the HDMI cable works fine, but I can't get the computer to detect the third screen.  I have tried using a Staples HDMI to USB-C adapter.  Any suggestions?

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  • 01/12/19--06:55: HP Spectre 360 Screed
  • The screen on my laptop has goshting and banding issues for 6 months now.    External monitor works fine.  Have tried new drivers new firm ware etc  and it does not work.  This is a high end laptop and I did not expect this 

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  • 01/12/19--09:29: Touchscreen not working
  • I recently got a computer from a friend who didn't remember his password, I reset it to factory settings however now the touchscreen no longer works. It reads " No pen or touch input available for this display" on device manager. I ran the component test on boot up from the F2 menu and it functions there but im not sure where to proceed after.

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  • 01/12/19--09:46: no backlight on G7 2291nr
  • Laptop hinge broken, user could get screen to come on once it awhile when moving the screen back and forth. Now screen backlight wont come on at all. Installed new 17" LED screen and new video cable. Still no backlight. Can get a licture when plugged into external monitor. So I ordered another motherboard (used but said it works) Same problem. Faint image on screen but no backlight. I am still thinking motherboard but not sure now. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    I think it’s called the desktop the one where it has the windows symbol the search bar etc. So I have a blank background and I have a desktop that keeps appearing and disappearing can someone explain what’s going on and how can I fix this problem. Please I need help.

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  • 01/12/19--12:25: intel R graphics
  • Hi can you help this laptop works fine on microsoft basic display driver 


    but when intel R hd driver instals i just get a blank screan and i have to go into safe mode and role back to microsoft driver to get laptop runing again 


    laptop is 14-Bs0xx  cpu is n3710 

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