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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 01/07/19--18:25: Palm rejection
  • I have a pavilion ×360 and want to take notes on my computer using onenote but I need palm rejection. What styluses will support palm rejection? I have an active stylus and it doesnt work with palm rejection so I'm assuming I need a special stylus. 

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    Worked one time from the display port and the AMD Control Center correctly listed the monitor. AMD Control Center may occasionally detect "unknown VGA monitor" with future attempts. Windows can't detect the external monitor at all. Solutions?

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    Hi, my DVD/CD driver stopped working, as I can tell it's not physically damaged or I did something to it. only stopped suddenly with no notice I went into my computer and the DVD/CD file is deleted. the sd card/USB is working...Thanks 

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  • 01/08/19--00:13: display freezes
  • i just bought this laptop and my laptop freezes from time to time unknowingly and i have to force shut-down it . Due to this,sometimes i lose my documents . i updated all the software and hardwares and the problem still occus .

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    Hi there guys, 


    First post here, so I hope it won't be too much of a hassle. 


    I have this ProBook 430 G2 (G6W33EA), connected to a HP ProDisplay P223A 21.5-inch (X7R62AT) via a "docking station" which is really a HP USB 3.0 replicator (F3S42AA).


    As of today, going with a unique monitor display was fine by me, but for my work proficiency, I need to plug in a second monitor, preferably the same one that I already own (ProDisplay P223A 21.5-inch).


    My question is, how may I connect a second monitor to my laptop, considering that my docking station will allow me to plug one monitor through VGA, and nothing else but HDMI? The ProBook will only let me plug it to VGA or DisplayPort.


    Do I need to buy a new docking station? This would be a problem...


    Thanks for your help!

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  • 01/08/19--06:37: Replacement Video cable
  • I need to replace a display cable on a DV6-6b51nr, non-touchscreen. The replacement cable 665305-001, is no longer available. I found a cable, 656805-001 that came in many DV6-6xxxx models w/FHD. They are both 40 pin foil wrapped. Is there any way to tell if this cable will work in my DV6-6b51nr?

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    light menu does not come in the Omen Control Center program. 
    When I open the program on the left side, comes the SYSTEM VITALS, NETWORK BOOSTER AND MACROS.

    I want to change the color of the keyboard's keypad lights.
    uninstall and reinstall the program. version

    what do I need to do help?Adsız.jpg

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  • 01/08/19--07:28: I can not create new folder
  • I can not create new folder. Some keys are not working.

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    I'm unable to project HP Spectre x360 13t-ae000 to Samsung SUHD Smart TV KS8 Series.

    Both devices are connected via WIFI, both devices can see each other, but the HP spectre displays a connection error and doesn't show the image on the TV.  I have spent countless hours trying to project my laptop to my TV in vain.  I have as well tried many suggestions, but I could never see what my HP spectre displays on my Samsung TV.  I'm able to project other laptops displays to my Samsung TV, so I know the TV isn't the issue.  Why wouldn't the HP Spectre x360 not project to this TV?


    How can I get this working?

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  • 01/08/19--08:17: Screen Issues
  • I have an issue with the screen on my HP pavilion 14-al007la laptop. It has two graphic cards, an Intel HD 520 and an NVIDIA GEFORCE 940Mx. Every once in a while the screen starts flickering. I had spoken to HP community support before and I installed all the appropriate graphic drivers for my specific laptop model. Today I started getting the flickering screen again. I have the correct BIOS driver and chipset driver versions, I installed them when I spoke to HP community support earlier. I am not sure what I can do? The previous thread is at this link Screen issues. The steps I followed are indicated there but the issue is still on going. 




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    HP Spectre x360 , WIn 10 x64.

    Resolution is 3840x2160. Scale 300%.

    Adobe Photoshop has a very small fonts and buttons.

    And this problem also in other applications. ( Ableton, Studio One)


    When i make very low resolution, buttons and fonts become  bigger, but still pretty small. 


    How can i fix this?

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    Dear everyone,


    I need your help for my rotation desktop.


    I configured even when rotated my laptop, the screen shoud be the same as it in orgin state.

    So I configured as this for tablet mode as below:

    And it worked fine for the screen, but the keyboard in this rotation was locked now. As my expectation, it should be the same all as in laptop mode.

    Could anyone give me any advices for this case?

    Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

     When it in rotation status, the screen is that.PNG





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    When I got this laptop the DVD drive worked properly, now it doesn't but the operating system says that it's working fine

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    For no apparent reason video no longer works on websites or offline. I havent installed anything recently and have tried restoring my system from a previous restore point to no avail. I  have also tried updating video driver. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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    Trying to create a repair log for my laptop and though it's in warranty, it won't give me the option.  Can't find contact details for support so I registered the laptop hoping that would help, but had to use the wrong product description as nothing else came up as an option. 


    Can anyone advise how to arrange a repair log. I have 8 days left of warranty.



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    Anyone knows a solution to my crashing graphics driver? Or has/had the same problem


    I have an HP 840 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 card on Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise. All worked stable until the last (automatic, big) Windows 10 update (which I postponed for as long as possible). After that update the laptop screen itself blacks out when I access certain applications that are in a certain state... The moment I open outlook 2016 the screen blacks out. If I use Chrome it works, unless I go to an HP support page (and some other pages), then it blacks out.


    Usually after about 10 seconds the screens returns but then the quality is much less, a kind of light flickering background. It's something in the software. So I tried updating the graphics driver, I used to the ones HP provides, I also manually tried installing the new DCH drivers of Intel. All in all I tried about 10 versions of graphics driver, all with the same result.


    3 of my colleagues have very similar hardware (in-sequence serial numbers) and the same software build, and they don't have it. The display also has it in Windows safe-mode. What is not affected is an external display, when I hook up an external display in either clone or extend mode that is not affected: the laptop screen will black out but the external screen will just keep working.


    I did read somewhere that Intel changed/rewrote their drivers for the latest windows 10 update.




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  • 01/08/19--11:36: Need Touchscreen Driver
  • Hey,


    I have been searching for a touchscreen driver because i accidentally deleted it.


    I have an 

    HP Notebook - 15-ay041wm (Touch) (ENERGY STAR)

    And before you ask, no, I dont have an HID Compliant Touch driver in driver manager so that wont help me.


    I really loved touchscreen and would love to have it back!



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    My screen keeps locking but looks like loads of bar codes flashing on my screen. Lap top will not switch off or when I try control,alt,delete.

    Help !

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    My laptop has recently been troubled by white and black screens (freezing and restarting in both cases), tablet mode not working at all anymore and an error message in windows notifications(display blocked from systemsettings).


    This all started when I installed the newest BIOS (F.19) update, and Windows decided to update to version 1809.



    Restoring factory settings didn't work.


    I hope someone has solutions for these.

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    Hey, about a week ago my girlfriend spilled some soda on my laptop. Everything seems to be working ok but a few keys in the top left corner of the keyboard are sticky. Also the tab key has become gradually more sticky and I’m worried other keys will eventually be affected. Is it advisable to pry the keys up myself and apply rubbing alcohol? Or should I take it to a professional? Also, if I don’t take any action, will the keys no longer work after a while? 


    And I think some of the soda got in the fans even though it is working perfectly. Is there a test I can run to check this?


    Thanks, and sorry that this is probably not the most appropriate board for this issue!

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