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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I can't watch videos on my desktop.... To light and you can't see it.  Sound is good

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    The specification reads- "Touch support with 10 touch points".

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    How do I fix my blank screen on my notebook that can’t show up on a monitor and the lights are lit up but no display on the laptop?

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    I believe I have a missing driver for a Thunderbolt Dock I use with my ZBook G4 laptop.


    The Thunderbolt Dock no longer gives me access to extra displays I have plugged in.


    When I hook up to the Thunderbolt Dock an "Unknown Device" appears in Device Manager.


    THe Deive Instance ID is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15D2&SUBSYS_11112222&REV_02\6&2828CADB&0&000000E4.


    Could someone let me know which driver I need?


    Kind regards



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  • 01/07/19--02:07: Cursor frozen
  • I have tried everything i have read or watched online but my cursor is frozen in the middle of the screen. I get the hour glass or the spining circle but ut wont move. The button that locks touch pad is lit up but white not the orange

    Please help 

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  • 01/07/19--03:10: Keyboard
  • Hi, i have a problem with my leptop Omen, can someone tell me from where i can download Omen Control and set up my keyboard i have a few buttons dosent work like P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6. Thank you!!!

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    I bought HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ae0xx . I want to use external monitor with this laptop and after connecting 4K monitor i came to know that it supports 4K @30Hz only.

    Is there any way i can use 4K monitor @60Hz with this laptop?

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    when starting the laptop, I get vertical colored bands for up to 2 minutes before the login screen shows up.  I have completely reloaded Windows 10 from Microsoft and ran all updates. I am worried that one day it will not start. I have had a black screen already before reinstalling windows that then went to the colored bands.

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  • 01/07/19--08:25: Touch screen is not working
  • Touch screen is not working 

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    I followed HP directions to get System Information  I hit FN an Esc.  I got System Information on my Screen.  Now I cant get it off.  What do I do. 

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  • 01/07/19--10:34: Cracked LCD
  • Hi. I brought my laptop recently from its case only to switch it on and find an ink blob on the bottom left corner as well as 3/4 of the display grey.

    I'm still within the time period of the manufactures' warranty, however, I believe my laptop is not entitled to a free repair.

    Being that I live in the UK is there a cheap option to replace it (the screen alone) or should I attempt to order the part and do it myself?

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    I have a HP Zbook 15 G2 with a A7E34AA docking station. I just upgraded my monitor to two 32" with QHD resolution (2560x1440). I am struggling to get max resolution out of both of them. My docking station only has one displayport which I have connected to one of the monitors and is working fine, max resolution. The trouble exists with the second monitor which is currently connected through the docking station using a displayport to DVI cable. This gives me a max resolution of 1920x1080. Not satisfied with this so I attempted to connect the second display directly to the displayport on the Zbook. No output detected. It appears this port is only available if the laptop is not docked. It does work when not docked but when docked it is not available. Two questions: 1) Should this port be active when docked allowing me to use both the displayport on the docking station and the displayport on the laptop at the same time? 2) If not is the Thunderbolt 3 port on the side of the laptop active when the laptop is docked such that I can use it with an adapter? I don't want to purchase an adapter only to find out it doesn't work. Thanks.

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    Since a couple of weeks, my laptop display is not showing the colour red. When I connect an external display via HDMI cable, the colours are showed correctly. 


    All updates are made.


    kind regards



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  • 01/07/19--13:18: brightness control
  • I cannot change brightness. I have Generic PnP Monitor and Standard Graphics VGA Adapter drivers installed up to date. Please help

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    A lot of videos online (for example youtube videos) zoom in on the screen rather than allowing me to watch them at a normal size making them unviewable, including videos I have downloaded like MP4s. Funnily enough, this does not happen for every video just a lot of them. I have the latest version of adobe installed on my laptop.

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    I have been using an HP Envy 360 for more than a year-and-a-half now. A few days ago I realized that the screen is getting unglued from the frame near the right hinge as you can see in the attahced image. I am still using it but I can no longer close its lid because that will increase the damage. As a result it has become more of a desktop machine because I can no longer carry it around. Its warranty has expired. Is it possible to get it fixed? If yes, will it be worth it?

    Thank you very much for reading. 


    WhatsApp Image 2019-01-06 at 10.05.00.jpeg

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    just purchased the laptop a couple days ago and have recently finished doing all the windows updates available and downloaded every driver found using the HP Software and Driver Utility (updated the BIOS, display drivers..everything) and the external display is still not detected. i disabled the display driver, restarted and tried to re-install the driver, no luck.


    i am using the HP supplied USB-C to HDMI adapter and connected to my external montior. i know the cable and monitor are working fine as i tested on another laptop. the external display was working randomly then the laptop went into sleep mode and once the computer came out of sleep mode i have not been able to connect to the monitor since.


    any suggestions/fixes would be appreciated. I did look through each of the similar issues in this form as well as try the HP help assistant before posting here so the other solutions noted clearly haven't worked which is why i am now posting.


    thanks in advance.

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    Hi there, I am unable to connect my external HP monitor to my HP Notebook laptop computer.  I have them connected through HDMI cord, but when I click detect on Display Settings, it is telling me it did not detect another display. I also tried with another monitor and had the same issue. Is it possible this port is damaged or could not be reading the connection? 

    Thanks, Meg

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    Worked one time from the display port...with difficulty...and the AMD Control Center correctly listed the monitor. Now, AMD Control Center may occasionally detect "unknown VGA monitor". Windows can't detect the external monitor at all. Solutions?

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    Several times I day I need to sign a form on a website using Chrome.  I currently use my laptop touchpad/mouse to sign which is difficulty, takes too, long, and is still barely legible. I would like to be able to sign using my finger on my touchscreen, but it only scrolls when I try. How can i sign the box in the webform on Chrome using my finger on the touchscreen without causing scrolling instead?


    Thank you!


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