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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I bought this computer from a family member all was wrong with it was a busted screen, I was using it hooked up to my TV. I got a replacement screen in for it, went to swap it out like I've done many other screen (used to work on laptops) after it was done the computer would start to boot, could hear everything spinning up for around 30 seconds and then there was no noice and no display, only the wifi light being on. I tried hooking it up to the extrernal display with no luck. I swapped out with old screen to see if new one was defective and had same issues. The only thing that's went wrong was when removing the tape from the connection from the wire to the original screen the covering from the wires came up abould half way back, but I made no contact with them. I've fone through hard reset, .Bios reset (Win+B then power on) powering on then closing laptop to try and force to external display, and boot without any screen attached. Will have pulling back the covering on the LCD wire cause this? 

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  • 01/05/19--22:32: Screen problem
  • My laptop has a problem that when I open the laptop it is switching on but the screen is in black colour pls be say that what can I do

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    After the latest bios update F.27 Rev.A my external display stays black, while my laptop detects the screen. I am using the  HP Spectre USB-C™ Travel Dock (2SR85AA) for connecting the display. When I do a bios downgrade to F.24 Rev.A the external display is working again. Is there something I can try to fix this or should this be fixed by a bios update?

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    Spectre x360 15-ch025nd Display is flickering

    - started just 2 days ago. Before no issue at all

    - When starting up de laptop and go in BIOS modus there is no flickering

    - Intel driver update says : "driver is  up-to-date"   so no need for updating driver


    I saw a  posting to solve it by changing Intel Graphics settings : "Under Battery, disable Panel Refresh on both battery and plugged in."

    But could not find this specific setting.

    Any Suggestions?




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    Keyboard and touchpad doesn't work after window boot,  i have tried to connect external mouse it work but the keyboard doesn't work , i have tried to reset bios to default  but keyboard and touchpad still  doesn't work 

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    Tell me, please, where can I find a keyboard for hp omen 15 dc0011ur? And if suitable for this notebook keyboard for other models 15-dc? Or what keyboard can be put in a laptop?

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    Hello guys, 

    I have an Envy 17t -j000 that was working fine till I made the following changes: 

    1) Upgraded the Hard drive from 500GB to 1TB

    2) Upgraded the RAM from 8GB to 12GB

    3) Installed the new hard drive with a windows 10 OS. 


    After installation I updated all the drivers, but I couldn't locate the Nvidia 740RTX in the device manager with only the integrated HD 4600 showing. 

    I have tried downloading signed and BETA versions of the NVidia graphics card driver but to no avail. 

    I have also reverted back to the windows 8.1 version and downloaded the latest bios version for the notebook from the hp website. But it still does not work. 

    Please, can anyone assist me on this? I really dont know what else to do. Thanks.

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  • 01/06/19--04:13: Problem with laptop
  • 0FF8D43B-4F1F-4FAA-8284-7CDB9EE33259.jpeg



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  • 01/06/19--04:48: Docking station
  • Hi folks,

    I just got this laptop and am looking for a docking station. It doesnt look like the D9y32 will work. I dont see a port on side of laptop that will engage with the slide. I have a DVD  tray there. I am looking for suggestions. 


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    Black screen is displayed after preparing automatic update 


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    I have an HP Spectre x360 ac001ng. I am having touchpad issues as it randomly starts moving on its own and always upwards towards the edge of the screen. I move it again and it always goes up to the same position. 


    I have tried reinstalling windows, hard reset, reinstalling touchpad drivers, windows update and also disabling and reenabling the touchpad.


    At this point I am out of ideas. Can anyone help please?



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    i have a Laptop Pavilion x360 whit a memory ram of 4 Gb , and i like do if posible go to 8 Gb, if this have two or one slot to memory, thanks for yuor help

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    Hardware Unboxed just (Sunday 6 Jan 2019) published a YouTube video on Ryzen Mobile updates (new hardware) from an AMD keynote at CES.  At timecode 6:11 they say that AMD announced proper AMD video drivers for all first and second gen Ryzen systems will be available for download from AMD beginning Q1 2019.  From AMD slide  pictured at timecode 6:32 - "All Radeon software updates will support All Ryzen mobile Laptops".  Perhaps the pain of Ryzen in HP Envy 360's is near the end!  Google Hardware Unboxed.  Also covered new Ryzen Mobile - minor changes to clocks and 12nm instead of 14nm.

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  • 01/06/19--11:26: system video meomry 0 MB
  • The problem is obvious as in the attached picture + problem OF AMD 6470M CANT INSTALL Untitled.png

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    I am trying to add a second monitor. I firstly used USB (C - type) to VGA. This did not work. Laptop did not detect the second monitor. Then I tried HDMI to Display Port. Same issue. Laptop did not detect the second monitor. I had microsoft remote support connect 4 times and could not resolve the issue? Really need the second monitor and thought that connecting a second screen would be a simple task. At a loss as to why I can't sort it. Microsoft support have updated all drivers to the latest versions and I am running on Windows 10 Home, Version 1809. Can anybody help?


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    Hi folks,


    Got a Spectre x360, Win10, projecting via HDMI onto a small portable projector.  Is working fine with a 4-ft cheapo HDMI cable, but when we put a 6-ft, shielded, high-quality HDMI cable in place, the projector blanks out for about a second at a time (then comes back again). Probably once every minute or so.


    The cable is OK, because when we use a different computer (Spectre x360 15"), with the same projector and new cable, it works flawlessly.


    Any clues?


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    Whem I turned on my laptop the cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen and wont respond. I tried re boot and fn keys no good

    I did notive there is a touchpad lock button justbelow the space bar and is lihjted white ..i have noticed before when i press it it turns orange but it is a constant white. Please help 

    I have been online reading and trying everything. 

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    Each time i start up my laptop out of sleep mode the touchpad is disabled. I have checked the driver and it is up to date and even been through the start up items in a process of elimination to see if it one of them but i can't figure out why it keeps crashing. I have to restart the laptop to get it back up and running. 

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    need the appropriate up todate drivers for the above mentioned card

    hardware ID details


    is one of those silly dual graphics configs. 

    Intel HD graphics 4000 series.

    Can get the Intel graphics to work but the AMD does not seem to work?



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  • 01/06/19--18:14: Last HP
  • This is likely my last HP.  I have had numerous HP laptops in the past with relatively good success.  A few had the display hinge break after 3 to 4 years of use, which was disappointing but acceptable.  However, I have an HP Spectre x360 that I purchased in 2016.  One month out of warranty in 2017, the touch display quick functioning. Since, I did not use the touch display often, I just disabled the touch feature in device manager and continued.  However, now, I have a section of dead pixels on the display.  This is unacceptable.  If this is the best I can expect from HP, I guess I will have to look to Dell, Apple or Microsoft for my next laptop. :-(

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