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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I bought this HP Pavilion laptop with the intent to sometimes use it with two external monitors. It has one hdmi port and I can easily connect one screen to it, but I can't find anything that works with this computer to connect the other screen. I bought a usb-c to hdmi hub ( and it didn't work with this HP (even though it was compatible with several other HP's). I have 2 USB ports and one usb-c. I don't want it to mirror, I want it to extend. Can anyone suggest something that will really work? (PS I've had this one month and after calling HP and waiting forever, I was told there would be a charge to help me???? UGH) 

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      I have an AOC usb 3.0 powered monitor that uses a single usb cable for power and video feed.  It worked on my previous HP Laptop (15-ay0039wm), my Toshiba laptop and my HP Pavilion 6120f Desktop computer.  It also works with my Microsoft Surface pro.  The system device management shows that this laptop has the necessary USB 3.0 ports as required by the monitor.

      I am assuming that there is a driver issue causing the problem but don't know what I need to make it work.  It is receiving the power needed, just not the graphics/video.  It shows a computer with blue USB cable signifying that it (the USB cable) needs to be hooked up.

      It amazes me that my older laptop and desktop computers had no problem communicating with the monitor, yet this laptop (purchased one week ago - Dec 27, 2018) can't communicate with it.  

      HP Technical Support will not help me unless I pay an initial (one time) fee  along with a monthly technical support subscription.

      Can someone please help me with this issue?

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    This hp laptop is brand new and the keyboard shortcuts keep poping up when I'm typing. Its driving me crazy. It often happens when I'm typing an email using outlook 365 and the developer tools pops open, or typing messages, or just plain typing fast on my keyboard. My other coworkers do not have the same problem. I can't find where to disalbe shortcuts or maybe its hotkeys causing this! 

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    Hi.i can't install any drivers for my notebook.mouse and notebook don't work.i don't know what to do.i can only use usb mouse,but not touch pad and keyboard

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  • 01/03/19--13:50: Issue with video
  • Most times I open Skype, Youtube, Netflix or any video in the Internet, my computer shut down and shows "Video Scheduler Internal Error". How can this issue be solved?

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    I try to install graphick driver but it's not working.

    AS a result i can't change display brightness and resolution.

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    I have a complete black screen when the computer is on. It worked one day and the next I found it like this. I have been using my computer by hooking it up to the tv with an hdmi cable and noticed my touch screen touch part works but it remains black. I have done updates and drivers. Help!!!! 

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  • 01/03/19--17:50: Cracked case near hinge
  • My Pavillion 15T's top case just cracked near the left hinge from simply opening and closing it. The hinge itself seems to be loose and a little wobbly. The whole corner of the case lifts up and buckles when I move the display even a little bit so I'm very afraid to close it at all. Does anyone know how to get this repaired or replaced? I need this computer for school and can't afford to just buy a new one.

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  • 01/03/19--17:51: Zbook x2 g4 - Color Display
  • Just got the zbook x2 g4 recently for christmas. I'm a digital artist and wanted something for when I'm on the go/out of town and don't have access to my usual computer. But while working on it today, I came to realize that the laptop is displaying colors innacurately between not only my other computer monitors at home, but as well as my phone. I know monitors are typically different when comparing to a mobile device, but even my typical computers are super close to what I see on my phone vs. this one.


    Colors appear MUCH lighter/washed out compared to my other screens. This in turn makes it MUCH harder to get digital art to be consistent and let alone accurate. 


    I've tried implementing Adobe RGB (1998) since that is what many people in forums have recommended, but it hasn't done a single thing to change my display.


    I've been working on fixing this for hours and can't seem to get a clear answer.


    If anyone has advice on how to fix this that would be great. 

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    The USB 3.1 Type C ports that HP is putting on many of their laptops like the one I just bought (HP ENVY x360 - 15t-bp100 CT) is not video compatible contrary to what their documentation says. HP needs to correct this. While it is true only Thunderbolt USB 3.1 Type C ports do support video, many of HP ports are not that type. What is particularly confusing to many people (including HP employees), is HP's use of a thunderbolt-like sign used to identify non-thunderbolt charging ports . There is a slight difference in the thunderbolt sign  (video supported) vs the type C charging ports (video not supported). The Type C ports that support video will have a thunderbolt that has an arrow head at the tip whereas the non thunderbolt ones use a thunderbolt sign without the arrow tip. Bottom line is HP is dupping many with this behavior...PLEASE STOP USING THE THUNDERBOLT SIGN FOR USB type C ports that charge but do not support video. - David Dara, Engineer II, Dish Network.

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    I am looking to buy a pen/stylus for my HP Envy x360. I was looking around my laptop and noticed it has windows ink and the ability to connect a pen. I was curious to see if there is a compatible active pen that I can get to use with my model. 


    The model number is Envy x360 m6-w105dx...


    I am struggling to truly understand if my computer is actually compatible. If it isn't then why am I given the option to connect a surface pen? Does that just show up in any windows touchscreen device now?


    Please and Thanks!

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  • 01/03/19--21:39: Touchpad lagging/sticking
  • I have been having issues with my touchpad not responding (not moving when I touch/scroll) and sticking where it continously clicks. However, my touch screen works absolutely fine. I'm not sure if there's some kind of incongruency between software and hardware or what, but would love some help! 



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    Autorotation is disabled, no option in display setting of windows to check to turn it on or off
    no driver seems to be found in device manager and no driver download found in hp support site ...
    would u help me to fix the rotation ?


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    Horizontal line on the top of display ~2-3 inch width, that is a bit slower than the rest part of display. That shows while playing games the most. The difference is less than 0.3 seconds, i think, but looks very annoying

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    Hi, my screen flickers whenever I play a video. It flickers when I open a video and becomes blank and then again becomes normal. Please suggest me a solution.

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    HI, I purchased an HP ENVY X560 15-bq150na RYZEN a few months back. Performance was not great so I reinstalled Windows. Well that opened a whole load of issues.

    I have installed and run windows. Updated all patches and drivers. 

    Now i have 3 issues. 

    1) crashing, the system randomly crashes. I have solved this by disabling the display adapter. THis works perfectly and i never crash. but, i have reduced display and touch screen ability. I have re-installed the drivers, windows drivers, HP drivers with no change

    2) i regularly (when driver enabled) get a message that an application has been refused connection to the graphics hardware.

    3) when I look at system properties, there is no driver for the laptop display and it shows as generic pnp display.


    I believe that fixing issue 1 solves everything, but it may be that not having the correct display/monitor driver is causing the problems. I have searched windows and HP for the necessary drivers without any luck.


    I have performed a system restore to the Windows Home version using the recovery USB that I have, but this did not isntall any drivers as part of the recovery so just the same as reinstalling Windows.


    Any help you could offer would be greately appreciated.

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    After short blank it resumes correctly, after long sleep ( probably >4min ) monitor dies forever. Restart of dock or monitor doesnt help. It wakes up after direct connection of monitor to G3 laptop. 


    Win10Pro, 1803, 17134.407, IntelHD520,

    UltraSlim v2.33

    DELL U2718Q, m2b103, DP -> mDP cable, 

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    My keyboard keys are acting strange, when I press caps lock it gives me ` instead and same others listed below:

    Caps lock = `

    N = n6

    B =b5


    6 =n6

    prnt sc = #

    = =-

    Delete key is also acting strange.  Happened after I used the screen to watch a movie but didn't turn on tablet mode so keys were resting on table surface. 

    Is there anyway I can change this? I feel like there must be some kind of lock on but I cant work out which. Tried a system restore from before this happened but it didn't work. 


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    i want to go into boot menu but cant go because whenever i power on my laptop software information comes in black screen and i cant press f9 to get into boot menu the only option i have is to press esc button to continue help me please20190104_184216.jpg

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    I would like to replace my led screen with a touch screen (IPS mat or shiny). Is this possible for HP 850 G3 and where can I order it? Is it easy to replace by yourself?

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