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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 01/04/19--08:01: Low FPS in many games
  • Good evening to all and thanks for your attention. I have a FPS problem in various pc games.

    My pc is an HP Envy 15-k013nl, S.O. Windows 10 Home, Intel HD Graphics Family and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850m.

    I will give you the example of a game that I use a lot. It's called Call Of Duty 4 Mw.

    A period I could easily make 333fps stable in this game, now I can not exceed 250fps (unstable).

    I want to clarify that the drivers of the two video cards are updated with the latest version.

    Someone who has the same video card or that understands of configurations, I could help you to set this video card at best?

    Thank you in advance for your attention and for the advice you give me.

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    I have a new HP ZBook 15 G4 running Windows 10 with a Thunderbolt Slim Dock (P5Q58AA) and an external HP EliteDisplay E273 connected to the Dock via DisplayPort. I want to use the internal ZBook display and Extend the E273. I can get the E273 to duplicate the ZBook display, but cannot get it to extend the second display.

    Windows 10 Display Settings show both displays as a single 1|2 display.

    The Nvidia Control Panel only shows the E273 connected via DisplayPort.

    The Intel Graphic Settings only shows the ZBook Built-In Display.

    How do I extend the two displays?

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  • 01/04/19--08:32: Pink & Green Display
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a HP 15-AC026TX laptop. Laptop's display is not displaying the colours properly. It shows pink colour instead of white colour and light green colour instead of black colour. It also changes other colours accordingly. Sometimes, it also shows blurred vertical lines. It's been in this condition for 6-7 months. When I connected my laptop to a external TV screen, it was alright and there was no pink colour or any other abnormalities. I want to know the probable cause for it, is it connector, cable or LED strip or something else and Do I need to change the whole LED screen.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 01/04/19--08:35: MP4 video lags
  • When I play some recently created MP4 files, either via Photos or VLC, the video lags. Smaller files (say 200/300Mb) you can see frames dropping out every couple of seconds, larger files (say 1Gb) lag very, very badly and are pretty well unplayable.

    However, when I tested these on another laptop (Microsoft Surface 4Gb RAM (i.e. half the RAM of my HP AMD), there were no such issues - they played fine directly from a USB stick (formatted exFAT).

    I also made up a DVD of these files (selecting DVD5) and it plays fine on the HP-15.

    The MP4 files were created on a MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro, but I don't think this should be a factor. The files were then copied to a USB stick (as above).

    So, why don't the files play properly on my laptop - Is it something to do with AMD vs. Intel? I'm not asking that much of the device performance, am I?


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    Drivers are up tp date pictures below are the issues camera stuck like that have no idea how to switch it back Displaying IMG_0178.HEIC

    Displaying IMG_0176.HEIC

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    I recently tried replacing my laptop monitor with a new compatible monitor because of damage to the old one.  It seemed to be a simple change out but when I replaced it with the new screen it would never turn on, not even the old one would work either.  I checked with the place where I purchased the replacement screen to make sure it was the correct one and it was.  Now I was told to check the backlight fuse but I'm not sure where to find it on this motherboard.  Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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     So this is the issue...the task bar is all messed up...and none of the icons are responding (whenever I try to click on them they wont open the apps) fact nothing is working on clicking.. but buttons are working...for example...when I press the windows button in pops up..but still nothing happens on the mouse do I fix this???


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    I have a HP Envy M7-U009DX and the screen recently went bad on it.  I don't have $500 to spend on a new touchscreen so I was wondering if I can replace with a non-touchscreen.



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    I'm looking to purchase a HP Pavilion Power 15-cb004na but have a query.

    Is it possible to run two monitors on this laptop by connecting one to HDMI and one to the USB-C?


    If it is, is it also possible to run the laptop screen along with the two monitors for 3 screens in total?


    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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  • 01/04/19--13:12: Active Stylus pen
  • Hi there,

    How I can find out which Active Stylus pen is works with my HP Notebook 15-af148ca ?


    Thank you

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    FIrst off: Please don't patronise me by stating that you are happy that I reached out to you and all that stuff you always start out with.

    Anyway, here's my issue: I purchased my Spectre with a bundled-in ACTIVE STYLUS (spen-hp-03) PEN. And it is active, alright. Infact, the pen is so active that it won't turn-off at all. Atleast until the battery is flat then the pen's active ability seems to deminish significantly. All though the pen won't turn-off I myself are turned off by HP and HP support in particular and I'm asking myself whether it was truly a good idea to go the HP way when HP don't do as simple a thing as adding a turn-off ability to their product.

    I started my quest for an answer to my problem with the ACTIVE STYLUS PEN by searching for similar topics to see if I was the only customer having an issue with this item. I certainly was not. Hundreds upon hundreds of HP customers are requesting an answer and a solution from HP to this particular issue. The answer from HP support was in some cases to provide assistance that wasn't even valid and in some cases directly misleading.

    For instance, HP support would advise users to access a Youtube video that HP support claimed would explain how to turn-off the pen. Only problem was that the turn-off issue wasn't discussed in the video at all.

    Another HP support employee suggested to press and hold the top button of the pen for three seconds (like you would do when you would pair the device) as the supporter stated, and this is an exact quote "I assume it's switched off that way".

    Are you kidding me? I assume!?!  Do you call this service? I call it misleading your customer, misrepresenting your employer and/or just don't give a **bleep** whether the ciustomer get a solution to his/her problem or not.


    I really think that you at HP support have some serious self-critisism to contemplate.

    Until you start appreciate your customers (you know, the people that pays your salery. Those customers) for real,


    Bruun, Denmark

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    What's the best way and/ or products to clean my touch screen?

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    I have been looking for solution for my graphics . Tried every different drivers for switachable graphics for windows 10. So far didnt solved yet . I hope you know the solution and will share with me , Getting very low performance FPS running games . I think the R5 (primary graphics) its working on its own . the R7 m440 (linked) is detected only by radeon display software. Even benchmark is not detecting this card ! . I dont know why I'm writting about it so late even my warranty is out . I should bring that ''gaming laptop'' straight back to Hp . But I never started any game on it until now . I was using it only for Adobe graphics programs it was fine for that . But the games are running on very low fps its not even playable . I know you will recomand me the drivers from apr 2016 i checked them million times . nothing changed ... I know how to set battery usage for high performance , no difference . I should be getting minimum 50 fps at low setting with the games like cs:go or sc2 . all im getting is 10-25 if im lucky ... . I mean I have 4.5 GB graphics card not 500 mb . I spended a lot money for this laptop and i expect to play games also . I came to Harvey Norman to ask for solution they directed me to you . So here I m .... please provide me with some healthy information ... 

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    Where can I get part for a 1-year-old computer? The hinge broke and destroyed the laptop lid 

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    I can't seem to take screenshots of my computer screen. Nothing happens when I press the "Prt Scr" key, and no matter what other keys I try together: ALT + Prt Scr, CTRL + Prt Scr, Windows + Prt Scr or Windows + ALT + Prt Scr - when I look into my Pictures folder under the Screenshots folder, nothing shows up, and the folder is empty.

    Windows logo + Shift + S works perfectly fine in my browser, but the feature doesn't work in the window I am trying to get a screenshot of - which is a music software called Pro Tools First. Plus, the Snipping Tool that I have as my Desktop app doesn't work, either. Whenever I try to use the Snipping Tool, the tool just closes itself right as I click on a part of the window I am trying to select a part of, and then I have to keep re-opening the app.

    If anyone can help me it will be much appreciated. Thank you.


    - Bluerose

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    My previous VGA (Quadro 3000m) be destroyed. i have to replace it with Quadro 4000m.
    * when i get and install driver from (widows 8.1 64bit driver and i have windows 10 64bit), Photoshop work fine, but 3Ds max work in highest "Core Clock, Memory Clock and Shader Clock" at first to end. even program be in minimize and i haven't draw anything. in this situation, temperature is 63 degree Celsius, but in normally situation (before running 3Ds max) that's on 39 degree Celsius.

    * if i get and install driver from Nvidia, 3Ds max is fine but photoshop work on Highest level Core, Memory and Shader Clock.
    i know that after quadro 3000m i haven't fast response in all graphic softwares (Adobe Ps, Ai and 3ds max). those response have delay mouse click little bit.

    i try thousand time. in Nvidia control panel i select Adaptive and Optimal power in "Power Management Mode" and turning off "Shader Cache" for 3ds max and Photoshop, but dosn't work. :(

    i don't know that what can i do.
    Pls Help me. I need your help.

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  • 01/05/19--00:24: Disable on board Graphics
  • Hi Team,

     I am using HP N007ax model. It has two graphics card one is integrated AMD HD 7620 G and AMD  HD 8600M series. 

    I am not able to update to latest graphics driver , reason is AMD stopped supporting driver for AMD HD 7620 G. 

    AMD emailed me to disable on board graphics card AMD HD 7620G in bios and try updating the latest driver for AMD HD 8600M. I am not able to find out where to disable on board graphics card in bios. My bios verision is BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.15, 6/3/2014. Is there any way I can disable my onboard graphics card and install new driver. I am not able to play Age of empires definitive edition due to old driver. My current driver version is 15.200.1062.1004 from August 3 2015. This is the last driver update supported for AMD HD 7620G. 

    Please help.


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    When I switch on my laptop, internal fan starts and power on/off button also lighten up, but my screen display does not start. Please reply regarding this issue.

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  • 01/05/19--03:54: HP 15-db0xxx GPU usage 0%
  • Hello.

    I've bought a new HP laptop a month ago, but I have problem with my GPU.


    Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 2500U, 2-3.6 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)

    RAM: 1x 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics

    Windows version: the latest (v1809)


    I saw some videos on youtube where people play games with the same configuration and they have a lot more FPS than me.

    Today I found an option inside Radeon Software where I can turn on the GPU, CPU and RAM monitoring and it's showing real-time on the right corner of the screen. I played some games by monitoring my GPU and I realized that my GPU usage is 0% in every games.


    Before you suggest me to remove the Graphics card driver and install the latest or the HP's GPU driver, I already tried them but the result is the same.

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    Just bought this laptop a couple of days ago,


    I have just noticed that there are 2 large zones in the top corners of the touch screen that do not work at all. This makes the tablet mode completely unusable as i cant minimise or close etc any full screen windows or switch tabs in internet.


    Is this a software issue or is it a manafacturing defect?


    Thank you for your time,


    Joe Turner.


    EDIT: Just restarted and the problem has resolved itself so im guessing it was a software bug.


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