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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    My casplock key's light is always on! Even when I shut down my computer, the light stays on! But my casplock works fine, the light just does not go away when I touch it... How do I fix it? HELP

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    I recently upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10. My laptop had a touchscreen which worked on 8.1 but not is not recognized by windows 10. Strangely enough, the touch start button underneath the touchscreen still works. When I look in my system information, it says there is no touchscreen, even though it was recognized in windows 8.1.

    Annotation 2018-12-30 115829.jpg

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    Hi there!


    My laptops screen is gone blank from the very beginning of boot, nothing on screen after pressing power button. I have tried all troubleshoot videos and documents referred to me by HP support, I tried draining charge, removing RAM, but all I was able to conclude was that my machines BIOS is corrupted (caps lock key blinks twice).

    I tired automatic update of BIOS by pressing Windows key and B key and also V key next time, but it is not recovered even after that.

    Now I am wondering how to update it manually and where to find the BIOS software. Anyone have any idea, please reply, also tell me if I am wrong in detecting the problem.


    My laptop is HP 630

    Serial Number [edit]

    Product Number A2N34PA


    Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year 2019.

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  • 12/30/18--11:46: Screen glitch with circle
  • I first bought this computer about 2 years ago and when I would use it a blinking/glitchy circle would be on my screen and its like wherever it would appear on the screen it would tap it as if I was tapping the screen. The only way I could get it to go away was to hit my on/off button on the side for it turn the screen off and then turn it back on. This would only turn the screen on/off and not the computer. I returned the computer and was given a chance to pick a different computer out. Went back to Best Buy and they didnt how a different laptop equivelent to the one I bought which was right at $1,000 except an upgraded version of the only I returned and really the only difference was the color of the laptop. So I get my new one home and it was doing the same thing. I didnt want to go through the whole rigamoroar again so I kept it. I know stupid me, shouldn't have. A year or so later it still is having the issue and its past the warranty. Does anyone know how I could fix this? I'm on the phone with waiting for tech support to pick the phone up. I'm really hoping they can help me. :(

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    Got alert for 3 updates from Intel today and 2 went fine. The 3rd wouldnt install. Spoke to HP but they are useless and just want you to pay for additonal support.


    Just look at the pictures. Prettu much says it all, esoecually last one where I UPDATED driver thu Device Manager and it says I have LATEST driver.


    NOW WHAT???2018.12.30 intel driver.JPG2018.12.30 UPDATE NOT AVAILABLE.JPG2018.12.30 Best driver installed.JPG



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    In addition to the Envy 2-in-1 I have a Surface laptop.  I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pen -- works fine with the Surface.  WHile it paired with the HP, it does not work (Double clicking the eraser will open Snip[ & Sketch - but that is all it will do). 

    Am I missing something here or is this pen incompatible with the HP? 

    Would an HP, Baboo or other pen work with both? 

    THanks for any assistance

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  • 12/30/18--12:28: HP envy 2 in 1
  • Two weeks ago during finals my computer volumn stopped working.  Shut down computer and re opened it and screen was black.  Waited awhile  closed retried a few times and screen finally came up and it did update.  Then now yesterday tried starting computer and the screen is black again.  Can anyone tell me what is causing this?  I have bought one computer last year and year before same one and now having issues with new one again in a year.  Why would my volumn quit working also.  I have spent 2,000 on same computer.  Am not happy with HP 2 in one.  Please respond.  Thanks

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  • 12/30/18--12:53: resolution issue
  • Display resolution 1920 x 1080 , but when I test the resolution 1536 x 864 looks. I updated the graphics card , but it didn't work . what should I do ?

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    I'm trying to connect 2 Asus montors to my HP Pavilion. one is connected successfully through the HDMI to HDMI but the other monitor with the connection HDMI to USB-C will not display. I have checked and both monitors work with the HDMI to HDMI cable but with the USB-C cable the laptop knows its there but does not detect it - HELP?

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    When my computer came out of the box it had two hot pixles. Is there anyway to fix this? Is it covered by my warrenty, if so would they send me a new one before I sent this one out (I need it for school). Thanks!

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    My screen is cracked but still works but I'd like to replace it.

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    Need help with acer aspire v11 touch just says enter unlock password key 69192273

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  • 12/30/18--15:45: Spectre x360 display problem
  • My HP Spectre x360 - 13-4005dx laptop is having display issues. Green and white vertical bands form a few minutes after I login and the screen freezes. If I wait long enough, the screen recovers and I can use the laptop for a few minutes. I updated the graphics driver, set the refresh option in the Intel graphics console to disabled (as some of the community members had suggested), updated the BIOS to the latest version, and ran the quick diagnostic test (which passed).  My laptop's product number is L0Q52UA.


    Is there anything else I could do to investigate and resolve the issue?

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    I am having a problem using the 10-key pad on my new laptop.  It was working previously, but tonight when I try to enter numbers, it's as if the key sticks, and if I try to put in (1) 4... it types like 3 of them.  My curser seems to jump to the last stroke, to like at the beginning of a word.. that probably doesn't make sense does it?  Basically, I've been trying for an hour to enter a number and it's not happening.  When I try to make a comment on Facebook, I'll be typing away, and look up to see that I've suddenly been typing at the beginning of the paragraph and not the end where it I should be.  Does this sound like something anyone has heard of, or do I need to take the computer back to Best Buy??????



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    I tried to use my camera app one day and it just said error and hasn't changed since. I noticed this just yesterday but it was functionng just fine befor when I had just gotten it.

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  • 12/30/18--20:06: Computor does not come on
  • My computor worked fine today. I went to turn on this evening. Nothing happened. The power button led does not light up. No sound,and the screen is black. The power cord is ok. The little light is lit where it is plugged in. I took battery out and put it back  in.  Went through the trouble shooting with the chat on Hp. Still nothing. Any suggestions?

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    Hello, I bought new laptop on 29th Dec 2018.(1 day before)

    Model - HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cs1000 tx 

    On the same day itself, display started virbrating horizontally when I was working on it.

    I am frustrated with HP that you are selling such faulty products. when I called the shopkeeper in Pune, he asks me to come at his shop and engineer will look into it. If he was known to problem then why he didn't get that done on date of purchase. It was my hard earned money of 60K INR and have to see such issue. very bad and not expected from big brand.


    Further details of the issue:

    1. Attached photo of the display vibration starts. notice that along with vibration there is some horizontal bar appears at left that is actually remaining portion from right of the screen. (seems width of display increases automatically.)

    Screen distortion and vibrates_.jpg

    2. when I did disable and enable Intel UHD Graphics card from device manager. this vibration stopped immediately.


    3. Latest Intel Graphics drivers as mentioned on HP site are already installed.

    latest graphics driver as mentioned on HP site is installed..png


    4. Done HP hardware dignostics tests and all results were OK.

    Hw dignositcs tests OK.PNG



    1. disable/enable Intel UHD graphics card worked almost all times when this problem occured. only once it didn't and I have to restart my computer for that time and it was again to normal.

    2. kept my laptop on bios ON for >2 hours but it didn't happen there.


    Can someone please help me in solving this problem. I used my dell laoptop for 10 years but there wasn't really any issues reported. this is very frustrating when I buy something for new year and this issue occured. bad HP.

    Thank you !


    Kind Regards

    Sachin Erande


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    Where can I get a replacement keyboard for my Pavilion Notebook? 

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      I have a Envy that was upgraded with a SSD, and Win 10 some time ago by my son. There is no recovery partition on the SSD. 

    From a fresh install of Win10 just now, I have no touchscreen. There are no ! in device manager. My son told me since the first win 10 upgrade, there has not been any touch for this machine. There are no touch drivers on the HP driver site for this machine for Win 8. There are no drivers for Win10 at all. Win 10 is fully updated. Computer working good in all there respects, just no touch. There is no Pen and Touch option the in control panel. This machine did have touch when it was a win 8.0 and HDD. 



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    I have an Omen 17 an143tx (nice laptop by the way, pity the power connection is on the side). I know it has a 2 zone backlit keyboard, but is the keyboard rgb or is it restricted to just red and white? 

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