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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    HP 1.JPGHP 2.JPGHP 3.JPGHP 4.JPGI bought a laptop Black Firday 2017 and it has been working great until days after the warrenty expired Nov 2018.  The hinge/body popped right open on both sides while using the laptop on my lap.  The laptop was not dropped or damaged in any way.  The extra 2 yr warrenty I purchased from Staples when I bought the laptop only covers mechanical and electrical problems which I am being told this is not.  HELP!!!  I have been searching and searching the HP site trying to find an email address to report this issue to HP and hopefully get some resolution.  I have seen all over during my google searches that HP laptops are notorious for this type of malfuncition.  

    Anyone with any suggestions or an email for HP support I can use would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. :)

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    i reinstalled windows 7 in my hp laptop and from then my integrated graphics card is not being used/detected i installed the drivers from the website. only the intel hd card is working. please help. when i use gpu stressers like occt it only shows intel card not amd please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ever since I got this device the inking experience has been unreliable. Sometimes I can write notes for a few minutes, but at apparently random times the stylus will no longer register. Sometimes this is just a brief pause and the inking will appear, but sometimes the stylus simply ceases to function. 


    Using fresh batteries doesn't help. Rebooting the chromebook sometimes helps for a brief period of time. 


    Is this a common problem or do I have a faulty unit?

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    My husband gave me a  HP Pavilion - 14-ce0505sa notebook, HP L13899 USB-C G4 port replicator and Dell 24" monitor for Christmas.

    The monitor works OK using an HDMI cable from the HP Pavilion but does not work when the monitor is attached to the G4 port replicator via a Display Port/ mini Display Port cable (supplied with the replicator) or via an Display Port/Display Port cable which my husband uses on his Dell notebook and port replicator. 

    We also tried his Dell port replicator and another USB C to HDMI/USB 3 adaptor. However, it did work with a USB2 to HDMI adaptor which my husband had.

    I am totally non-technical but my son is an IT support manager and he did all of the testing. When he compared my husband's Dell notbook and this HP notebook in Device Manager the Dell loaded a USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller when a USB-C device was inserted and this did not appear on the HP when a USB-C device was inserted. My son searched the internet for a suitable HP 3.1 driver but could not find one. Is this the cause of the problem I am having and if so how can I get a driver for my HP laptop?

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    I would like to upgrade my display panel from HD to Full HD.  it currently has a 1600x900 Matte 40 pin EDP(non touch).  I know I can't use a Dreamcolor display because it has a different pin configuration, but it looks like i should be able to use a FHD display with no problem.  I have the factory Intel 4600 HD graphics and an Nvidia Quadro K610M,  What I would like to do is use a glossy FHD 1920x1080.  I've managed to find what I need (link below) but no one seems to have a glossy one stocked, only matte.  Is there any other copatible FHD LED glossy display that will work on this workstation?  Thanks in advance.

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    I have HP Envy x360 m6 Convertible wiith Win 10. Trying to run 2 desktop monitors and i do not want to to use the laptop monitor at all.  it seems to want to default to making it the main display.  i am using adapters to fit one monitor to the HDMI  and one adapter to fit the USB.  They both work if i unplug the other so, i am thinkking that this laptop does not support  more tjhan one monitor.  is there a way around this?

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    I can not find the hid-compliant touch screen driver.  Can I download it from some place.  I have had no luck locating it.  Where do I save it once I have downloaded it.

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    Hello everyone!

     I am new and this is my first time posting so i am not sure if i am posting in the right spot.

    Well here is my issue that i cannot seem to figure out a solution to. i connect the charger and the touch pad is working with no issue. Now a couple seconds later it starts to shoot all the way to the bottom of the screen. if i move the mouse up it keeps going back down. Now when i discconect the charger, the issue completly goes away. i tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and i even did a fresh install of windows 10. The issue is still there.. any ideas? 

    Could the actual charger be the problem? Ive never ran into this issue before. 


    Thank you!

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  • 12/31/18--23:35: Screen flicker issue
  • Hello All. 

    My HP Envy 13t's screen brightness dims and/or flickers when on battery power. The screen works fine when the laptop is plugged in. 


    I have tried all new updates and have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the display drivers. The issue was still not solved. 


    Any suggestions? 

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    I have a Zbook 17 G5 with Dreamcolor on a Quadro P5200 and i'm having trouble displaying the full gamut in Photoshop. There is banding with monochromatic test images where I should be seeing 1024 strips of gray I only see 256. I'm using 10 bit test ramp.psd in Photoshop to test the output.


    Please advise on what I'm doing wrong.

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  • 01/01/19--03:16: no display? black screen?..
  • Hi ...Happy newyear..


    The reason why I write this is because the laptop screen does not turn on. T_T


    I bought a laptop in March last year through


    [spectre x360 15.6", Refurbished]



    The power supply is in, but there's no screen.


    So, I think it's the mainboard problem.


    I checked the warranty period, and it's expired.


    I bought it in March 2018. Is the warranty definitely expired?


    Do I have to pay to fix it? I'd like to know how much it takes....


    I live in Korea.


    so, Please contact me by e-mail.


    I can't speak English, It's hard to explain through the phone.




    to sum up


    1. Has the warranty really expired?


    2. How much do I have to pay to repair the mainboard if it's expired?


    3. If it is not expired, can I repair it for free?


    4. I live in Korea. I can't speak English. I want to contact you by email (I'm using a translator since I'm Korean.)


    5. Can you send it back to Korea after the repair?


    please help me T_T



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    A black smudge appeared at the bottom of the screen of my HP Notebook - 15-da0596sa the third time it was switched on.


    The laptop was transported only once and stayed in protective cover in a backpack at all times, so I don't think it could've sustained any damage.


    The smudge isn't always in the same place - see attached pictures. It also doesn't seem to expand.20181222_195545.jpg20181222_201137.jpg


    It's a new laptop and is still covered by the 1 year warranty, does it need to be sent for repairs?

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  • 01/01/19--10:38: screen off
  • Hi, The numlock light on my hp pavilion dv6 flashes 2 times and the display does not turn on at all
     Help me please 

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  • 01/01/19--11:55: Docking Station
  • I am looking for a docking station/unit for my HP Envy x360.  I have two VGA/HDMI computer screens that I want to hook up, with a wireless mouse and keyboard.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  

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    Hi everyone!

    I recently bought an hp tablet pro 608 g2 to replace my hp Envy 8. I used it to take notes most of the time. The problem with the new one is that I don't know which active pen use it and I can't find the original pen on eBay or Amazon. Does anyone know what kind of active pen does hp pro tablet 608 use? (any pen compatible or generic). Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/01/19--12:30: Enable touchscreen
  • I disabled my touchscreen when I first got it.  My son kept touching it and moving things while I was working.  I now want to enable it again and the option is gone.  


    It said no pen and touch input is available.


    I have run all the diagnostic tools and updates I can not find anything.

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    I have a Spectre x360-13t with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. I'm trying to connect it to my Dell S2718D monitor via a USB-c to USB-C cable that's rated for DisplayPort. I cannot get my laptop to connect to my display properly, even with the most up-to-date drivers. The computer seems to see it and lists it as another display, but it's not actually displaying anything on the monitor regardless of duplicating or extending the displays. I'd appreciate a little help in troubleshooting this further.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop with touchscreen for school. I also like a laptop with a discrete gpu like Nvidia GeForce Mx150. I've found the HP Envy 13-ah1100nd. But I wonder if it have touchscreen. If it have a touchscreen then it's perfect for me. Thank you in advance!

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  • 01/01/19--14:24: Screen color issue
  • Hi,


    I have a chromebook that the blacks show up grey or not at all.I got a different Chromebook for the kids and it looks fine.  

    Brightness is the same.  OS is the same.  They are positioned the same.  How come my HP on the left looks washed out?


    Is there a setting I can change?  Thanks, Rob


    IMG_0650.JPGHP on the left

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    Im really looking for several answers beginning with the exact part to replace.

    then if its viable to perform labor myself.

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