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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 12/27/18--15:43: Dark Screen
  • I just got this laptop and was excited until I saw how dull the display is.  My old Dell is much, much brighter.  I tried the color calibration and it just washes it out.  At this point I  am thinking of taking it back and getting an upgrade on a Dell.

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    Hi! So I have some questions about the warranty. So my laptop does this thing where it suddenly blacks out the screen and appears again. Instead of having the original screen, ie: a tab open, it shows the original tab open but it now has green and purple patches. This is especially annoying when I am watching a youtube video and it suddenly blacks out with random patches on my screen. In order for me to solve this "blackout" is if I either reload the tab or, if that doesn't work, turn of my laptop. For some other details, this has happened ever since I have gotten this laptop and this has never happened to me on my previous laptop. 


    I do plan on repairing this through the warranty plan - if it is even possible - but I have some other questions related to it.


    A month after I got my laptop (meaning a month after tolerating my black-out screen), I also cracked my laptop screen.  I am also aware that HP doesn't solely replace a broken screen through waranty. So my question would be: Can the warranty also replace my laptop screen especially if the black-out screen can't be fixed? Can the warranty replace my entire laptop? 



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    My Mom is having issues with the touchscreen on her work laptop. She doesn't know much about computer tech stuff and her work tech support people aren't being very helpful so I'm just trying to help her out. Anyway, the laptop is an HP Spectre. I'm not sure what OS it is but I'm pretty sure it's Windows 10. Here is what is happening: sometimes, while she is using the laptop, the touchscreen will glitch out and continuously click in one spot near the lower left corner of the screen, even though it is not being touched. I tried to get into touchscreen/mouse/pointer settings to see if I could reset it or something, but since it's continuously clicking in that one spot, it pretty much locks the computer up and you can't really do anything and are forced to restart the computer. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to prevent/fix it? Like I said, this is a work issued laptop so it has extra security features on it and we don't know exactly what kinds of modifications might have been made to it.

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    My HP Envy x360 is falling apart near the left hinge.  Every time I open the computer, the screen gets pushed out by the internal parts of the hinge.

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  • 12/27/18--20:11: zoomed in videos
  • videos are zoomed in so you can't see what is being played


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    In power options, I have my laptop automatically turn off its display after 10 minutes. When I leave it for idle for 10 minutes. I come back to my laptop with its display off. The fans still spin and the keyboard backlight is still on. However, if I try to wake the display by moving my cursor or pressing my keyboard, the screen is still off. So I am forced to power down the laptop by holding the power button down. After that, the computer works just fine. Why can't I wake my display up after idle?

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  • 12/28/18--02:31: touch screen not working
  • my touch screen will not work and i dont know how to fix it. can you help me please?

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    Hi, i'm having troubles with the connection to an external 4k Monitor (BenQ EW3270U) with a Type C cable (the original one included with the monitor). The product number of the notebook is 3DM09EA#ABZ. All the latest updates are installed (with Windows Update, HP Support Assistant and Intel Driver & Support Assistant).

    The problem is simply that sometimes the connection with the type c cable is perfect and gives me no problem at all (i used it yesterday perfectly), but other times (in fact most of them) it refuses to work properly (for example today initially it didn't work at all, then it worked for a little bit and suddently the signal freezed and stoped working again).

    PS: I also did a fresh install of Windows: for the first two days i haven't got any problem but then suddently the problem returned.

    Thank you in advance for the help


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  • 12/28/18--03:13: Touchscreen doesn't work
  • Dears,


    I have faced a problem with my touchscreen which i am looking for the solution more than 6 months.


    my touchscreen stop working after about 3 years for no reason. i thought it might be from the windows update, so i contacted with microsoft experts and they connected to my notebook by remote. they couldn't fix it because they think my laptop is not a touch laptop, but i was using this for 3 years. they looked for the touchscreen driver in your website but they couldn't find it.

    after that i have tried to update my bios version from f.34 to f.46 but it didn't work. also i tried to update it to the first vesion f.32 but it was unable to do it.

    i tried to test my touchscreen using f2 while restarting but it doesn't recognize any touchscreen on the menu.

    kindly note that i have tried the simple solution such as cleaning the display, restart my computer, check for windows update, ....

    please advise me how to find my touchscreen driver or downgrade my bios version or fix my touchscreen issue, it made me mad :(.


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    Hi, I have a Hp Zbook 15 G1. The screen seems to have light grey patches on the left hand side. These patches do not interfere with what is displayed on the screen but it is just annoying me! The patches are only noticable when the screen is pure white. Does anyone know if it is a hardware issue or what it could potentially be? Thanksgrey.JPG

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    Hi All, 


    Many days ago the hard disk of my dv6 pavillion died so i changed it with an ssd drive.

    Also I lost all recovery partitions so I had to reinstall the o.s. using a genuine microsoft windows 7 64-bit.

    I downloaded all drivers from the hp support site , but when I tried to install the video adapter driver the os doesn't boot and hangs at the windows 7 logo. I tried to install both catalyst ati driver downloaded from ati web site and the hp driver (sp55092.exe and sp55098 ). the installation process ends correctly but hangs after the first reboot. I don't really know if it is an hardware ( failure of video adapter) issue or a driver issue


    Here some details of my configuration 



    from the device manager i got the hw id of video adapter:

    I can see two distinct video adapter devices




    the second one:



    Someone could advice me about the correct video adapter to install ?

    Any Help will be appreciate




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    One day, my touch screen on my HP Elite x2 1011 G1 wasn't working. I thought it was the driver. There was no option to disable it, so I uninstalled the driver. No matter what I did, installing other drivers, Rebooting, doing system diagnostics (the device tests weren't there), scanning for hardware changes, no matter what I did, the touch screen driver never came back, even after doing a complete and full wipe. Is there any place I can install touch screen drivers for this device manually, or is there any other way to fix this problem?

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    Alright so a couple years ago I received this laptop as a christmas gift and im thinking about selling it. However, it being a gift it means a lot so since I got this laptop there were tiny pixels on the screen and i kept resetting it to facory stats eventuallty the laptop stopped showing them but now the laptops brightness is stuck at 100%. I have tried resseting it again and same thing, I uninstalled and reinstalled the display drivers, I also updated the display drivers, I troubleshot the problem and it said my laptop was fine however the brightness wont change please help me find a solution I really dont want to sell this laptop.

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    I've gotten conflicting answers from HP as to the max resolution that can be driven out the HDMI port and/or the DisplayPort (via USB C) of my Envy x360.  I've been told FHD was max and 4K is max.  Any idea which (if either) is correct?   


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  • 12/28/18--11:41: Keyboard errors
  • When I press the "2" key - it comes up as "2w" on the screen 

    Happens the other way round also

    Same issue with 3,4, 6,7,8 

    Ran hp diagnostic and it found no fault with tge keyboard 

    Anyone got any advice please?

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  • 12/28/18--11:48: Sims 4 on a HP
  • Am I able to play the Sims 4 on a HP Stream 14 Laptop 14" , Intel Celeron N3060, Intel UHD Graphics 400, 32GB eMMC, 4GB SDRAM, Office 365 Personal- 1 YR, Smoke Gray, 14-cb012wm?

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  • 12/28/18--12:37: open WMV files on Chromebook
  • How can I open a WMV file on Chromebook ?

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    My laptops F5 key which is used to turn on the keyboard backlight is no longer turning on the keyboard. I have already tried looking at the BIOS and making sure it was enabled and still nothing works. Please help.

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  • 12/28/18--13:14: High temperatures
  • when I play games the temperature of the laptop processor reaches 99-100 degrees Celsius

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