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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    When I Power on my Laptop, it does not display anything and Caps lock key led keeps blinking. when I last shut down it was normal. 

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  • 12/27/18--01:05: ноутбук
  • Ноутбук HP - 15-ba099ur . скажите. могу поставить 2*8DDr3=16?? или только 2*4DDR3=8???

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    J'utilise un ordinateur portable HP Truevision HD.

    Depuis quelques jours, certaines des touches de mon clavier ne marchent plus.

    Souhaiterais avoir votre aide.



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  • 12/27/18--02:35: touchpad double clicks
  • i have a 17" Pavilion and the touchpad continually "double clicks" when clicked once on the left part of the touchpad. It doesnt do it every time but often enough that when playing games it costs moves and during regular internet use it takes me into screens i dont want to go to,   


    I havent been able to figure out how to disable or fix this online.  ANy help would be appreciated.  It is annoying enough i would rather use my old laptop and toss this HP.



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    Hi guys!


    I have issue with touchscreen driver. When I enable it, I cannot select, copy and paste part of text in browser (Mozilla Firefox). Wheather notebook's or external non-touch display. Can you suggest some solution?


    Thanx in advance!



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  • 12/27/18--02:40: touchpad too sensitive
  • I can just be moving my pointer across an screen and it will on its own select links on a page and open them up.   Extremely irritatiing as I have to continually close email or links I didnt want to open.


    How can i fix this?   ALready sorry i tried an HP this time around

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  • 12/27/18--04:22: HP EMR PEN
  • Hi,  I own an hp 360 G1 11 EE  Chromebook and I have the EMR  pen.

    I need help, my pen does not connect with my  laptop.

     Do I need to add an app ?



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    i had bought a new laptop and the screen is please help me to solve this issue

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     My touchpad cursor moves to the top right corner on its own. It doesn't happen unless I have Microsoft Word open, it's really annoying as I am a student and do most of my work on this programme but the moving cursor makes it very hard for me to do so. I've tried updating the touch pad software but it did not help. I also read on the forum that switching off the touch screen may help however nothing has solved the issue. 


    Could you please tell me if you have any ideas as to what I an do to fix this? 

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    The glass on my envy x360 is cracked and I'm trying to find a replacement for it.  Getting it repaired through HP is going to cost about the price of the computer to fix, which is absurd.

    I haven't been able to find the part I need online.  Am I out of luck?

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    I'm at my wits end trying to find out how to set up the fingerprint reader on  my new laptop. All support has proved useless. Idon't know if I have to have SimplePass or VeriPass software installed but neither are pre-installed. Please help me. 

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    Hi, not the original poster, but having the same problem. I just set up this laptop after getting it for christmas 2 days ago. I went to download your BIOS fix, but my BIOS version is more current than the one suggested from the download link. Should that fix not already be included in the version I already have??


    I have version F.11, but the download is for F.10.


    EDIT: I haven't been able to put it to the test, but it was suggested to me by a friend to go into Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep and to change the automatic screen shutoff times. My hypothesis is that the computer does not read controller input as activity and, after playing a game using solely the controller for longer than the like 10 minute default time, the computer thinks I'm inactive and goes to sleep. Will have to update later and see if this fix helps.

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    Good day all,

    We have many users with Folio's 9480m's and 840 G3's, the G3's are fine BUT  we project in conference rooms to either large TV displays 550in plus or projectors to screens, we have an issue with the displaying going black periotically only on the 9480m's and I read somewhere about using Active adapters or Passive adapters, they mentioned asked the manufacture which adapter the device supports and I could not find it listed in specs anywhere, anyone else have this issue or know what adapters work, I have tried both and and it didnt help so maybe just a brand of adapter I am using? And all the effected systems are driver updated done by the Softpac Tool and website.

    With Gratitude,


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    I am having a dark shadow appear on my screen that goes away after simply unplugging the HDMI cable. I have tried multiple cables and other monitors. This is an external monitor for an HP envy laptop.

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    Sometimes when i move either my entire laptop or just the screen it will go black for a second before coming back on. Would this be a hardware or a software issue? Thanks in advance. 

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    My Display panel (Part No: 774603-001) needs to be replaced. However I am unable to find a replacement from the HP Parts store or any of the authorized dealers. I am looking for possibly another display panel that would be compatible with the same product. Can anyone suggest alternative display panels? I am not particular about having a touch screen panel. I just need a functioning laptop.




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    Hi all. 

    Short story. I want to use the hp omen accelerator with my hp envy 27 b109na. 


    Reading online if you use an internal display when using a egpu it restricts performance. I was wondering if it is possible to plug in the egpu into the hdmi IN port of the all in one. 


    Would this work? So a hdmi from the egpu to the hdmi in, thunderbolt from egpu to USB type c port on aio.


    I would then change the display on the aio to HDMI IN but I still want the pc to be running obviously. Thanks and would appreciate a response much so. 

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    I have connected my HP Envy laptop to my 24" HP monitor with a HDMI cable. What do I do next? Must I press one of the laptop's function buttons?  Do I need to do something to my external monitor ?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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    When I try to open settings nothing happens.  The my mouse can go off the screen to the right of the screen.  I assume this means I have set up two screens (only have one),

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    I just got a new HP 15-bs188cl running Windows 10 Home. It has 12gb memory, 2T hard drive. I bought it online which means I couldn’t try it out before buying it and even if I could have, you can’t think of every option that you are used to using. Unfortunately, I found out too late that the screen resolution options do NOT include 800x600 which I really need. And I need to be able to set it back to whatever the recommended setting is after I finish with the programs that require the 800x600 setting. My old Toshiba allowed the programs to make these changes automatically. I did some research and found steps on how to do this in the Startup Settings. I followed those instructions to the letter and nothing, and I do mean nothing, changed. Being the eternal optimist, I need to limit that, I tried these instructions three times and still nothing changed. So I’m here hoping that someone will be able to help me. I’m becoming very disenchanted with this new laptop. Thanks for any helpful suggestions you can provide.

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