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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 12/24/18--21:59: lettore impronta digitale
  • Buongiorno, sono nuovo del forum. 

    Ho acquistato il mio convertibile una settiamana fa. All'inizio tutto funzionava bene, ma una volta fatti tutti gli update  e di windows e quelli richiesti dal software Hp (bios e varie), il lettore di impronte digitali, registra l'impronta ma non viene riconosciuta all'avvio. Attendo risposte, grazie

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    my device is HP ENVY x360 - m6-aq105dx and i bought HP Pen (Microsoft) 1CP24AV / Y0C43AV SPS: 920241-001 / 910942-001 seperatly but it won't connect with my device.

    guiedline that come with pen says i need to simply insert the battery in the pen and touch on screen and it will start working but it is not happening.

    the digitalizer that operates such active pen is not appearing on screen. i've tried following fixes:

    1.  tried after changing the battery

    2. tried to push both buttons sepaeratly and together for 5 to 7 seconds.

    3. tried to find it in blutooth and connect.


    it won't fix my problem, looking forward to any help i can get from the community that will be highly appreciated. 

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  • 12/25/18--04:47: Screen Flickering
  • I Have Bought my new hp pavilion laptop a week ago ! While using the laptop after an hour or more than an hour my screen suddenly looks weird. 


    I have attached the picture of the screen look !

    I did all the updates but still it appears pls give a solutionIMG-20181225-WA0002.jpg


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    Ever since I've gotten this computer (refurbished) I've had this issue.  When I plug the power cord into my laptop the screen goes black.  I then have to hard boot the computer at which time it works fine

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    How do I play dvd on my notebook?

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    I have a HP 250 G6 laptop and sometimes disappear everything on the screen and I get a black screen. I think that isn't completely turned off, because at night the screen it's a little bit bright however the displayed color is black. This problem after the appearing disappear without any intervention.

    Do you have any idea what happens ?

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    The facial recognition has stopped working on my laptop. When I try to use the Hello facial recognition it says there was an error because of another account. There are no other accounts on the computer. Please help.

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    Hi I am having problems watching Netflix on the Windows 10 app it doesn't seem to be the same on the website but I prefer to use the app so I can download content to my device. When I watch YouTube it is completely different it works great. If anyone can get in touch this would be greatly appreciated 

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase a stylus pen that'll work with my HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bq0xx. I'm well aware that there's a compatibility list and have checked to see if my model works. And with a little research I found out that yes it does work, but to what extent? I'm thinking about purchasing this pen and I want to make sure that all the features work will my laptop. I've seen some reviews say that the tilt feature doesn't work with some hp envy models but the stylus will draw. I've seen others also say the pressure sensitivity doesn't work. Should I spend my money on the HP tilt pen I linked eariler, or is there a better one more affordable and better for my model? Please offer some helpful advice if and whenever you can.


    (Also, I have seen some people mention that there are stylus pens that allow you to write on a screen and accurately emulate the feeling of writing on paper. I doubt that such a pen exist and sorry for not having a link about that as I forgot where I saw the info. But if anyone just so happens to know about something like that, please inform me.)


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  • 12/25/18--11:08: Response
  • I would like to ask what is my response time in "ms" on my HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak006nc notebook.

    Thank you for the answers 

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    Hello all.

       I ordered an HP active Pen stylus for Christmas.  I had looked up the compatibility and it said would be compatible with my Envy.   When held close the screen seems to register the small oval, and when I press the buttons the circular select shows up, but does nothing.  I am not sure about pairing the pen - I tried but it is not discoverable I suppose.  The instructions are very lacking, but are available in every language!  lol, I am not sure what to do.  My Pen:  PN: 761392-001     Or SPS PN: 773175-001   Or  MSIP-RRIHPK-PR845   I do wonder if I need a new version because my pen does not have shortcut button/clip at the top.   Help!  What should I do?  I wanted something to write on the screen and thought this was the right pen.  I tried the bamboo and that definitely doesn't work.  I understand my laptop needs the Synaptics stuff but thought I got the right pen.  Help!

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    My Envy x360 convertible has stopped working with an external 24” HDMI connected Benq display. It was working fine until 24 December; that evening I disconnected from the external display and used it as a stand alone laptop. When I plugged in the external display again nothing appears on the external.


    The external is connected via the USC-C port and an HDMI connector. I have tried swapping and eliminated as a problem the USB C connector, the cable and the display; I have also tried a USB C to VGA connector with the same display and that also does not work. When I plug in the USB – HDMI connector it appears in the devices list.


    I have uninstalled and deleted the AMD RX Vega 10 display adaptor driver, rebooted and allowed the laptop to reinstall the driver. I have updated to the latest driver and BIOS. The laptop knows it is connected to the external display because it has installed the device specific monitor driver, visible in the devices list.


    When I go into Display settings without the external connected I do not see the Device Identification picture; when I connect the external I see the Device Identification picture but it shows a single screen image with “1 | 2” displayed within the same box (I would expect it to show two boxes, with the two displays identified as 1 and 2 respectively.


    The most recent Windows 10 update is dated 20 December, so that hasn’t changed anything.


    Device type HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13-ag0xxx   Product number 4RE56EA#ABU   Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version: 17134.472

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    I have just got an ACER Windows mixed reality headset and tried to install it on my HP Envy laptop but it doesn't work. I think the problem might be the type of USB 3 adapter I have may not be compatible. May you please recommend the right adapter for me please? 

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    Last year for Xmas I bought my oldest son a HP Omen laptop with some upgrades to include the 4K screen. Now I am trying to connect his new Xbox One X to it to use as a tv screen/monitor. Connected with hdmi cable but there is no picture? So for now I have it connect to my tv and he is streaming it to the laptop but it keeps glitching. Any body know how to get it connected like a tv through the hdmi cable so the picture comes through?

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    Hello, I am experiencing intermittant erratic movement from my touchpad.  It sometimes will not respond at all, or will jump around and select random items.  I have uninstalled the touchpad software a few times with no improvement.

    Please help..

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  • 12/25/18--22:46: нужна помощь.
  •  AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics-Устройству PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9851&SUBSYS_81F6103C&REV_45\3&2411e6fe&0&08 требуется дальнейшая установка.

    AMD Radeon(TM) R5 M430-Устройству PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6660&SUBSYS_81F6103C&REV_83\4&1aeef8a&0&0011 требуется дальнейшая установка. где скачать? что делать?

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    Think it update to windows 10 and now will not boot up I press the on button you can here it start the screen flickers but then nothing it did turn on but took 3/4 hours but now it will not do anything I’m not very good with computers so sorry if this makes no sense ti





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    I bought a certified refurbished (with 1yr HP warrenty) spectre and it came with a hp active pen - though I think this is an "old active" so a tilt pen SPS-929863-001. The pen was initially working fine with the screen but now has stopped completely. The screen still works capacitively ie with my finger or the rubber end of the pen. The bluetooth functions are also still working.


    I've tried downloading the latest drivers and I can't remember changing any settings between it working and not working.


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    tabletmodus does not start automaticly

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    For quite a few months a have been having a very annoying issue with my touchpad. On random moments, after closing my laptop or updating drivers or windows, an issue with my touchpad starts happening. What happens is that the sensitivity suddenly becomes much lower than before, even after setting the sensitivity to the maximum, it still feels really slow. I cannot wrap my head around how this is happening. Windows says the Synaptics Touchpad is working fine. I have updated, removed, and deinstallated the touchpad driver and even set it back to a previous version of the driver. None of it fixes the issue.

    The strange part is that when I remove the touchpad driver from windows I can suddenly move the cursor around at normal speed, but off course clicking is not working since the touchpad driver is not installed. 

    Can someony help me out with this? I just do not now what to do about this anymore.


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