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  • 12/22/18--15:00: Refresh rate
  • I would like to ask what is my display refresh rate on my HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak006nc notebook.

    Thank you for the answers 

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    Hi there I am trying to use my touchpad while holding a keyboard key but it doesnt work this is especially annoying in games where i try to move around and change view at the same time.I have tried almost every solution on the web but nothing works.Please help me and will really appreciate your help.PS.I DONT HAVE PALMCHECK  OR SMARTSENSE

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  • 12/22/18--18:38: White spot
  • I’m seeing a white spot at the top of the screen. How do I get rid of this?image.jpgIt’s above where the cursor is.


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  • 12/22/18--21:42: Incorrectly labeled driver
  • The drivers for my laptop are on this page;


    For graphics driver, it has three options. AMD, AMD/Intel Switchable, and Intel HD 3000. All of these drivers are labled as 64 bit, which is correct as I have Windows 7 64bit.


    The driver I should be using is presumably the Intel HD 3000 driver, as my laptop model does not include the AMD card, it only has the Intel HD 3000.


    However, when I try to install the Intel HD 3000, I get an error saying my laptop does not meet the requirements for the driver.


    So I am unsure on what driver I am supposed to be using.


    The AMD/Intel HD driver installs and seems to function, but the version included in the AMD/Intel HD package is different than the Intel HD 3000 standalone driver. I want to make sure I am getting the best performance possible, so I would really like to be using the correct driver.



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    The screen of my notebook flickers, sometimes goes completely blank or black, and is very unstable in general, especially the most right quarter of the screen. I'm pretty sure this is a hardware problem since the flickering or complete blacking out of the screen can sometimes be solved by touching the bottom of the screen on the right hand side, and adjusting the screen position slightly. Furthermore, I don't have any problems when I connect to an external monitor.

    However, I am not sure how to fix this hardware issue?

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    In daily use, I never use the Print Screen function but I do use the Insert function numerous times during the day.  I'd like to switch the activation of these two functions so when I hit the shared key without the FN key, the Insert function will be activated and using the FN key, the Print Screen will be activated.  Is this possible and if so, how.


    Thanks for your help.

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    My pen is connected. If I hold the pen close to the screen, the cursor appears, but when I try to scroll, write, or draw, the settings pop up. It seems that the pen's touch is working as a right click instead of a left click like I want it to. 


    I've restarted the computer, checked in settings if there is anything I can do, but nothing is working.

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    Hello, I bought the Probook just this November. Everything has been going smoothly and I've taken very good care of it. At the time, I used the Huion tablet monitor. When I first plugged it into the laptop it worked for a day. I really can't remember what happened but it only worked that night and it hasn't worked since. I tried everything I could at that time though. I believe what may have happened is it was connected and went to sleep and when it woke up it didn't work anymore. The Huion driver said the device was connected however the Huion tablet said no signal. The Huion continued to work on my old Lenovo laptop. It still does. I couldn't figure out the issue but I assumed it was just because it was a bad tablet. I'd bought it secondhand. It's now been retired in my cupboard. I really wonder if I messed around with the device manager or something that day. But I can't remember anything.


    I've saved up and bought a brand new tablet. The Gaomon PD1560 directly from them. I got it only on the 21st. This is where the trouble starts. As soon as I'm finished up the setup it doesn't work. See, the tablet is fine and lights up, everything is connected properly. I've already deleted the Huion driver long ago and reset the laptop. I've now got the latest Gaomon drivers.


    The Gaomon powers up, shows the logo and says 'No signal' and shuts down again. I messed around with it for ages to no avail. So after trying absolutely everything I go get my Mum's laptop, she has an Asus laptop. It worked literally immediately.


    I'm furious now because I really can't figure it out and exhaust myself up until 2AM to try and fix this. I copied every single setting on her laptop and made sure mine mirrored it exactly. It still doesn't work.


    There's a couple of things that lead me to believe it may be something to do with the HDMI. One, there are two Gaomon cables that attach to the laptop, the first being a HDMI and the second being a USB. HDMI is the display and the USB registers the pen movements on the tablet and inputs it onto the laptop. So what leads me to believe there's something wrong with the HDMI is that when I plug in the HDMI it does nothing and there's no sound. But when I plug in the USB it makes the little sound when something is inserted.


    When I check the Gaomon driver, it says 'Device connected' yet the tablet says 'No signal'.


    When I go on to sounds in the control panel, it says the Gaomon PD is there.


    When I go to monitors in the device manager it says there are two, it just says 'Generic pnp monitor' and that the 'Device is working properly'.


    When I go to Intel display panel, It says the second monitor is 'PD 160' So clearly it knows it's there.


    When I look for any HDMI in the device manager there isn't one. I've been told HDMI doesn't have it's own driver, but some people seem to have one in sound. I don't, there is no HDMI driver in my device manager. I'm not sure if this is meant to happen.


    I have tried absolutely everything

    -Resetting the laptop

    -Restoring to previous date

    -Re-plugging the cables

    -Re-installing the driver

    -Installing the older Gaomon drivers instead

    -Updated everything I could in device manager

    -Tried to disable some things in device manager to restart the laptop and then enabled them.

    -Tried duplicating screen and extending it

    -Tried downloading new drivers directly from the HP Driver section for this model


    I've currently messaged Gaomon too. I haven't recieved a response yet. But considering that the tablet works on other laptops, I think it's not Gaomons fault but rather an issue with my laptop. I'm really worried now, especially at the idea that both the Huion and Gaomon graphics tablets won't work on here. It's so puzzling, especially considering that it worked for the first night. So my laptop is capable of it. And my laptop detects the tablet but doesn't display anything on it.


    Sorry for the post originally cutting off, it posted before I was finished typing my entire issue. I honestly am devasted, I really needed it before January. I have no idea what to do and have tried everything I could find online. Please help me. Thank you so much in advance.

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    On My new Spectre X360 the left clickpad button will not always activate the target. It often takes several clicks to get it to work. I have slowed the cursor speed, made the sensitivity low and turned off all the finger functions to get it to work at all for me at all. How can I get this thing to work for me?

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    I just bought a HP ENVY x360 15-ar052na. I know that almost every envy x360 notebook is compatoble with a stylus/pen.

    However, I cannot find whether this specific model is compatible with one.

    Does anyone know if there is a stylus/pen available? If so, which particular pen/stylus?


    Many Thanks.

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    Hi !

    I'm encountering the vertical colorful line with black background at random.

    Can anyone help, why this problem is happening? It's been only a year that I've bought the laptop.IMG_20181223_184037.jpg

     Pls reply asap

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    which pen can be used with this product 

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    I’m looking for a properly working AMD Radeon HD 7600M graphics card driver for the HP Pavilion g6-2355sr laptop. I have Windows 10 x64 installed, I have already tried these driver versions: 15.7.1, 16.2.1, 15.11.1, but none of them can work correctly - an error 43 appears. Some simply cannot install, hanging at the installation stage " Display driver "what should I do? Automatic driver search via update center or device manager also finds an incorrectly working driver :( This is a mass problem, I did not find a solution on the forums .. I would be very grateful for the help, I also need Catalyst so that I can adjust the switchable discrete graphics. (All other drivers, except for AMD, work correctly on a laptop without giving errors)

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    The screen of my laptop start flickering when i set the brightness below 40%

    The screen flickers also in the BIOS.

    I've already check and reinstalled the intel and nvidia drivers.

    It probably started doing it after updating the BIOS to F.16.

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    I have bought a laptop (model number HP Pavilion - 15-cc129tx) in October 2018. But from last 2 week, I am viewing a red dot on my screen whenever any dark object is displayed. This Red dot is visible only when the screen is ON. Could any help me and let me know why is this happen and how to resolve it?


    @ HPIndia

    Could you please assist me with this?


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    hello guys , i have hp-ay516tx laptop with windows 64bit os ( which i have just recntly installed) i have downloaded and installed all required drivers like intel hd graphics 520 from hp support assistant software but iam facing some display errors.

    1. after restarting device it is taking 15 sec to load graphic drivers yes iam saying this beacuse after starting the pc i cant do anything for 10-15 seconds even i cant refresh my pc.. a blue loading circle is appearing after restarting and also in the voice search bar ( search bar in windows 10) the voice search icon is also not showing well it also take 10-15 sec to take his place.

    2. fonts and text are not showing good on using internet i noticed text are a bit blured ,

    so guys please help me i dont knw what is causing the issue.

    for your kind of information i have amd radeon graphics i was thinking i will get out off ths problem by installing amd radeon graphic drivers but after installing it didnt helped me so iam wondering what is the use of this amd radeon graphics so i searched on the form many peoples are saying you have t use intel graphics so can anyone tell me what is the use of this(amd radeon graphic). but curently i have uninstalled it from my device .

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    My touchpad isn't working on charging or plug-in. I've tried installing Synaptics drivers, updating drivers, reseting BIOS default settings, and uninstalling & disabling touchpad drivers from device manager. But nothing worked at all. Please I need your prompt response to this issue.

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    Hello guys. My laptop shows a blank screen but the underground process are fine. I connected it to an external monitor and it worked. I thought the problem was my drivers so i uninstalled them. After that, the external display also went blank too. I'm just stuck with a blank screen, no logo no cursor. I've tried hard resetting, CMOS clearing, exchanging RAM slots. Please help. I will greatly appreciate.

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    There is yellow color vertical line on my screen.It appears after a reboot.How can I get rid off?

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