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    Hello, I'm having a problem that i don't know why it even started.

    I have this 2 in 1 laptop for almost a month and it was just perfect, loved it. But from one moment to another, my left speaker just went off, I searched and it was a BIOS update problem, so I fixed it. After two days it was my touchscreen that didn't detect my finger in some areas, another updated fixed it, but for every 2-3 times I boot my pc, I have to restart it because that touch problem isn't 100% resolved.

    Now my problem is another, I tried everything, hardware check from Pressing ESC on my boot, update everything, I even did a clean windows 10 installation (from Settings), nothing worked:

    My screen from time to time it flickers like it was broken or something (1 time per 10 min +- and its the whole screen, not the bottom corner as I've seen people complain about) and my laptop is just too slow! When I move the mouse (on the touchbar or with an USB mouse) it is slow, not the speed of it but it seems like it's not 60hz but 30hz-ish, I mean, it's not smooth, not even a bit. I found something "funny", when I use malwarebytes(the program), my laptop returns to it's original state while the program is running, my mouse gets smoother(like it should) and pc is faster, after the program stops working, it goes back to the slow pattern.

    I didn't want to return the pc to the store because I really need it for my studies right now and it would be a pain to wait 2 weeks for something that could be fixed here by one of you!


    Thank you and I hope some of you have a perfect solution to my problem.

    Joao Sousa.

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    I bought my new laptop 2 weeks before and it's a HP15-db0016nm. I bought and installed Windows 10 and I updated every drivers and BIOS using HP support assistant. Everything is okay with the laptop, except the games are running with low FPS (like Grand Theft Auto V).


    Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 2500U, 2-3.6 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)

    RAM: 1x 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics

    Windows version: the latest (v1809)

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive runs on low settings with 60-80 FPS, but Grand Theft Auto V is running with 10-15 FPS (sometimes it drops to 1-2 FPS). What can I do with it? Graphics card driver version is 17.1. I turned tripple buffering on inside Radeon software settings to increase my FPS, but nothing changed. This guy has the same specifications and he is running games without any problem: (Except he has 8 GB of RAMs)

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    I have the HP PROBOOK 6570B which has the 1366 x 768 screen too and i wanto replace i with 1920 x 1080 screen
    So i bought screen Part N°690405-001 on LAPTOPSCREEN ( and the FHD cable part N°646970-001 on HP (
    After i have installed new cable and screen , i start the laptop but same black sceen with just backlight issue.


    I dont understand why is not working.


    Someone have upgraded screen on this laptop can confirm me?


    Help please thanks

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    My touchpad works for a while then start to not work. My external mouse works fine. The driver is updated and the BIOS is updated. Is it broken?

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    This is the second time that I've posted regarding the same issue. Not too long ago, I bought a HP Envy x360 cn-00007na; from the get go there was a whine emitting from the screen when the brightness was set at 1%-99%. The only time that the laptop didn't make a noise was when the laptop brightness was on 0% and 100% (this was when the laptop was both using battery power and plugged into the mains). I raised the issue with HP and I got sent a replacement laptop; however, the new laptop is doing the exact same thing.


    Has anyone gone through this process successfully received a laptop that doesn't emit a noise? This seems to be a common fault of all the x360 range.



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    Itried to connect the the usb type C gen1 with a connector cable to the hdmi of an external display but it will not work. How can I solve that problem

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    Answer back quick please 

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    I bought "compatible" (according to HP info) Pen (1mr94aa) and the pressure level works with weird things like screen sketching but doesn't work with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Krita or Paint Tool SAI. I bought the pen to draw in professional programs and I'm not able to do that. Is it something I can fix? (I turned on my shape dynamics and it's not working)

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    I got a new laptop for work, and it was the HP Probook 450 G5. It came with preinstalled windows10, with a bunch of programs, and i needed to reinstall the OS, because i dont wanted these programs, i dont use them..

    After the installation, i installed back the drivers, but my touchpad started to work weirdly, sometimes its working, sometimes i cant move the cursor with it. (the buttons are still working, i just cant move the mouse cursor on the PC.)

    So i tried to update the Synaptics driver, it does not helped me unfortunately.
    Its random, when i cant use my touchpad, i dont think that any program will cause this effect. Usually when this happens, i cant control my mouse for about 10-30seconds, after that time, i can move it again somehow.

    If you have encountered with this issue, and have a Solution please comment below.

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    I have a problem with my new notebook HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb0xx. It looks like the laptop display is under pressure in the lower left and right corner as you can see in the pictures. InkedWP_20181221_20_12_56_Pro_LI.jpg




    Should I complain about the notebook or does exist any easy solution?


    thank you ;)

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    my touchpad doesnt work right. the mouse jumps and click even if you just drag your finger. its frusrating. i cant control it. impossible to use it. Please help me.

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    I have not been able to find out how to drag and drop on my

    HP Chromebook 14-ca000

    using only the TouchPad.

    Is it Possible?

    I am able to do it uning the touch screen, but not the TouchPad

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    this appears to be a design flaw. silver ground, silver keys, white lights.

    ok in a dark room with no lights, otherwise in daylight, can't see letters.

    additionally, super bright screen reflects light onto keyboard.

    i see no answers here, so i'll be returning the machine unless someone has a solution.

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    I was purchased Laptop 18 ago from United States of America and I am shifted to India and laptop was dropped by my colligue and it's touch scrren Laptop and touch is cracked I am trying to contact HP service centre they told me product is not launch in India that's reson it's non service able on chargeable basis 


    My product model number is HP ENVY X360 M6 AQ105DX CONVERTIBLE PC



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  • 12/22/18--02:03: no backlight on spacebar
  • I just bought a hp pavillion 15-cx0599sa and there is no backlight on the spacebar. The other keys do have a nacklight and i know this is done by design on some laptops but I'd like to make sure this is the case for mine specifically. Is this the case for my model or should i send it back


    Thank you

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     I just got a spectre 13. But when I couldn't find where to set up touchpad settings. I followed instructions on HP support website, but there is no synaptics "clickpad settings" on the tap.


    It is the latest windows 10, where should I find the settings?


    THank you.

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  • 12/22/18--09:14: Touchpad lost its "click"
  • Help: The click of my touchpad is not working anymore. When I try to click in the bottom left or right, alot of pressure has to be applied for it to work and then it is difficult to do anything with it. This makes it difficult to click and drage an item and the only way to press on something now is to double tap.


    Please help.


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  • 12/22/18--10:50: Touch Screen
  • I want to turn off the touch screen function on the computer, but i need to know if I will be able to turn it back on after doing so.

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  • 12/22/18--13:00: Broken hinge on laptop
  • The left hinge broke on my envy x360 laptop and the screen is separating from the case. I purchased the laptop in September 2017. I have never even rotated it into a tablet and still the hinge broke.  I am 2 months out of warranty.   Will HP replace the faulty hinge at no charge?  

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    Whenever I try using my trackpad and keyboard at the same time, the trackpad stops working. I've been trying to fix for a while now but nothing seems to work. Please help because this is a major inconvenience. (HP Spectre)

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