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    From past around month, i am facing issue where laptop gets powered on but no display comes. Only light on "Caps Lock" key blinks slowly. Initially due to this problem display starts coming after multiple attempts of hard reboot of laptop.


    But gradually this problem gets worse and i need to hard reset of laptop by taking off the battery, press power button for 15 sec and then plug in battery. I have placed the new battery provided by HP last year. No issue found with battery and power cord is also charging battery properly. 


    Can you tell what's the issue as all test (OS, Battery, Performance etc.) came out fine but issue is getting worse.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I just purchased this laptop a few days ago. I encounter this problem on my laptop. This problem usually occurs during watching youtube clip. This problem happened a few times and it is quite concerning. As I am halfway watching youtube video, the screen suddenly becomes grey and later the whole system just restart by itself. 

    I need some advice about this problem. 

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have been looking for an active stylus to use on my laptop ( HP Spectre x360 - 13-4109na ). The HP pen does not list this as one of its compatible Spectre x360 devices, can anyone recommend any pens that are compatible with my device please?


    Many thanks.

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    I came across a weird behavior with my laptop Display(HP OMEN 2016).When I opened after few days The screen just went black.But the PC is running.I connect laptop to a TV and windows is just running well.I tried reinstalling My graphics driver INTEL HD 630 and screen is back.I was happy.But when I again started PC after few hours again the same problem persisted.This time OMEN logo appeared but the screen went black as soon as the logo disappeared.I connected again it to my TV and reinstalled the driver again.I was again happy: (.But again the problem persisted.what should I do...

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  • 12/26/18--08:42: Ghost circles on touchscreen
  • This was actually going to be a post about how I resolved the issue, but the issue reappeared as I was typing this post. What worked temporarily (literally for 6 minutes) was reinstalling the BIOS. On multiple days before that, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and even checked for updates. None of that ever worked. My laptop has been restarted so many times since the issue started months ago. I, like others, have just disabled the touchscreen. This isn't an acceptable solution for people like me who specifically purchased their laptop for the touchscreen.

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    My laptop detects and recognises the second display monitor, it evern said 'setting up tablet monitor' when I first plugged it in. But the tablet monitor always says 'no signal' no matter what. It does the same with my TV and I have connected it to my Mothers Asus laptop, where it worked immediately. So there's nothing wrong with the tablet itself, the tablet is name 'The Gaomon PD1560' so if you see it in the screenshot, that's it.


    I have tried absolutely everything:


    -Resetting the laptop

    -Restoring to previous date

    -Re-plugging the cables

    -Re-installing the driver

    -Installing the older Gaomon drivers instead

    -Updated everything I could in device manager

    -Tried to disable some things in device manager to restart the laptop and then enabled them.

    -Tried duplicating screen and extending it

    -Tried downloading new drivers directly from the HP Driver section for this model

    -Went into intel display, made sure the refresh rate was 60 to match my laptop

    -Went into Gaomons properties and made sure the refresh rate was defintely 60

    -Re-installed windows and chose to wipe absolutely everything


    I tried plugging my laptop into the TV with a brand new HDMI cable and it detected the TV but still won't display anything.


    My laptop is a mere 1 month old, costs £800, is well taken care of and it doesn't even work. I regret buying this and have done absolutely everything I can to try and fix it.  The laptop is in perfect condition, it hasn't been brought anywhere, it stays inside the house. It has never been dropped, it doesn't have a single scratch. But hey, the 30 days is up and I've only realised it's defective now so no refund for me. 


    This is awful, where can I speak to an actual person? I might have to take it into some repair guy in my town, where he'll likely charge me for wasting his time, considering the port isn't even actually broken. I love that it's a month old and perfect condition, yet I have to pay for a repair for something I did not damage. If it's not a broken port, then it's an internal issue, which is strange considering that every single driver is 'working properly' and 'the best drivers for your device are already installed'. I don't even know what a repair guy could do for it and I can't get in contact with any help. 


    I'm sorry if I'm angry, but not one person has helped me and I can't get any support. I assume it's because you can already see that I've tried everything. Look, if you think a tech repair shop could probably help me, then at least comment that. I'll try and take it to some tech guy. But at the moment, I don't think there's anything they can do. I don't see what they could do, especially if the port's in working condition. Just please someone help me, I'll try anything.


    Even when I took screenshots it took a second on the right because that's the tablet. But the tabet doesn't display anything. It says power saving because it says 'No signal' and then after a few seconds it turns itself off for 'Power saving'. 


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  • 12/26/18--09:39: Won't recognize 3rd Monitor
  • I have a RayCue docking station. When I plug in my first monitor (HDMI), it recognizes it. If I plug in the 2nd monitor (VGA), it recognizes it. However, when they are both connected, it no longer recognizes the 3rd monitor. The 2 external monitors share the same display (duplicated). If I go to the settings and search for a new device, it only recognizes 1 of the monitors.  I would like to be able to extend my desktop to both external monitors. I have updated drivers and software updates, restarted computer and nothing. Any suggestions? 

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  • 12/26/18--09:50: Screen Flickering
  • I have had this laptop for years it still works however now while it powers up fine, the screen flickers like crazy never stops, please help

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    Всем привет.Хочу спроецировать ноутбук на телевизор.Выбираю, передаю на экран, ищу свой телевизор, подключаюсь к телевизору и все..Экран телевизоров становится черным, только курсор мышки виден.В чем проблема?

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    Touch screen usage on google chrome is laggy and very erratic. Everything is up to date. Scrolling and touch on system apps and other windows apps works fine.  Hardware acceleration turned off provides a much more usable experience but I would rather have it turned on. Stylus works fine on chrome, but using a single finger to scroll basic webpages is the problem


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  • 12/26/18--12:44: HP PEN
  • Which pen (with pressure sensitivity) is compatible with my laptop model? I have looked at the page to see whether there was an active pen compatible with my model however, "HP ENVY x360 15-cn0xxx" has been printed twice on the second table and I was wondering if it should be displaying "HP ENVY x360 15-cn1xxx" instead. 

    I have checked my task manager startup and it has Elan EzTiltPen Agent preinstalled so I'm guessing it is compatible with the tilt pen?


    Also, is there a screen protector that could be recommended to me because I am worried that a pen will scratch the laptop screen.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this,



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    Hello! I just purchased this laptop from target and was very disappointed to realize that the color of my images is very washed out and not even close to the color they are on my iPhone. I will attach an example. I am a photographer and purchased this laptop as an upgrade to edit my photos so I really need accurate colors. Should I just exchange it for something else or is there a way to fix it? I’ve been messing and adjusting every part in the settings and nothing has helped. HELP ME!! Thank you!! A7CE5542-CDA2-4B74-A209-22B0BC6AD2AD.jpeg





    The image on the laptop seems more cooler and not as vibrant.

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    Hello everyone, 

    I have my laptop hooked up to an external display monitor. I keep my laptop shut when I am using the external monitor. The problem is no matter what settings I adjust in windows my display goes to sleep after 3 mins. It dives me crazy! I have everything set to never go to sleep in all my power settings. And when the external display is not in use the laptop never goes to sleep. PLZ help! 


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    Hi I recently bought a hp laptop the 15-db0521sa and when I bought it I plugged it in but it kept freezing and making extremely loud noises so I went back and they gave me a new one as it was faulty however this new one I left it on charge like told to me and then after charged I watched a programme however it still kept making noises!

    i would really appreciate the help and advice 

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    I want a slim line cport, but don’t witch one to get? What is comparable?

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    Is there a quick way to switch from UHD to 1080p mode to conserve battery life.  And is 1080p actually a low power video mode?

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    Hi guys
    I have a problem with the intel management engine interface that gives me the code 10 error. I tried to install the correct drivers but when I launch the intel exe says that the drivers are installing and they are not, I need the drivers already zipped so I can manually update them, if someone could help I would apreciate that,
    Thank you 

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  • 12/26/18--19:35: Display issue
  • Laptop's screen got very dim. Can't see anything, but the screen is working. 

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    hi! i have an issue, so my keyboard does has a back light keyboard button on my keyboard but, it does not have the backlight icon. it only shows the symbol "F5" on the button. i tried pressing F5 and the back light is not turning on? any ideas, or advice? thank you! :)

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    So I just bought a flash shiny new 15u as a mobile cad station. It seems to have graphics card issues - the display settings shows a third 'virtual' display, which doesn't exist, plus if an external monitor isn't plugged in, the laptop screen does not start (i.e. if you don't have the monitor plugged in nothing shows, if you unplug the monitor, the laptop screen turns off... not exactly mobile!)


    Any suggestions?



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