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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 12/19/18--18:17: Pen not working
  • Pen not working on my revolve 810 g3. This pen came with the computer 

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  • 12/19/18--18:58: Screen Replacement
  • Hello, 

    My little sister recently cracked the display on hEd Envy and was going to replace the screen for her but I wasn’t sure which part I needed and if it was compatible with other models that can be found on eBay/ amazon. 


    The “touch” portion of the display seems to be cracked and no longer works as designed. However the display seems to work fine and has no damages. Does this mean I just need the digitizer portion??


    Can an someone please tell me which displays are universal for this model and possibly point me towards an inexpensive replacement. 


    Thank you! 

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    Hi guys, please help me to fix this.

    My notebook is having this issue: the biometric device cannot start.

    biometric 1.JPGbiometric 2.JPG


    That's the latest driver version, though I already tried with older one but that doesn't work.

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  • 12/20/18--04:43: Problem with videocard
  • I have constans problems with videocard, despite the fact that I have the latest AMD drivers. Here is video link - example of glitch after Notebook wakeup. 

    Sometimes the screen goes black and doesn't react to anything else. Once it became all white with vertical black lines all over the screen, left to right, and didn't react to anything, the same manner.

    There is also frequent issue, when I watch video on youtube (google chrome browser) and scroll the page down, videocard seems to run out of memory, or have some another glitch - the screen blinks with all green, then the computer reloads the chrome page with video. It's really annoying.

    Plus, I still don't have a possibility to increase the amount of memory used by videocard - it shares memory with CPU and its current value is 256 MB. It was mentioned that users will be able to increase this value to balance video performance (I need more memory for photoshop, for example).

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    I have tried all the help tutorials by HP and I cannot get my laptop to detect the second monitor. The other monitor does work when connected directly through hdmi. When choosing extend the screen the laoptop chooses itself as screen 1 and my first monitor as screen 2. I have tried multiple hdmi cords to make sure that wasn't the issue. I already have one monitor connected through hdmi. I have the second connected through USB-C to hdmi (which I contacted HP support to make sure I had the one that was compatible with my Pavilion. My laptop will not detect the second monitor. 

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    My Machine's screen wont turn back on if it goes to sleep. i have to manually press the power off button everytime, this is happening alot more than usual now and it has been happening since i got the machine. I have updated the BIOS and every update and it still continues, 


    i have not recieved much help from HP or anyone on this issue and would appreciate it if anyone could advise me




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    my Hp laptop has being doing this for months, whenever i try watch a youtube vid or somthing on itv play it will play very soomed in but the rest of the page looks normal. it did this after my laptop upgraded, need a solution as i would like to watch videos.

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    Cracked screen, it is under warrant, 60 days old. 


    Where do I send for repair?



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    I'm sorry. I don't know how to delete this post. I have a second post with more details. Please reference the 2nd post.



    I'm at a loss of what to do for this bizarre screen problem. Here are my system specs:

    Product Description: HP Spectre x360 - 13t-ae000 CTO

    OS: Windows 10

    Browser: Chrome

    Display: I am using a dual-screen display with an HP Pavillon 27xw monitor


    I'm having an issue when I use (specifically) Google Contacts (Chrome) on my laptop screen. The right side of the window continusouly SHIFTS

    It's the mose bizarre thing because this is the only url that I have problems with this occuring.

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    Jagged looking screen display.  Works fine on external monitor

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    The pen which came with my elitebook revolve 810 g3 does not work. It never has.   it is an executive tablet pen R2.  Is there a driver which I need to download?

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  • 12/20/18--03:56: Screen Problem Since Day one
  • Hi I had a screen problem since day one of purchase. There is a shadow at the bottom of the screen , It comes and goes and screen starts flickering. I had log a complaint against that and they ask for snapshot. Now they are saying it dosent comes under warranty and I have to repair it with extra cost. HP did not even send any engineer to see what the problem is? As I am also from from IT sector I know its not physicial Damage and other software issue. Its a clearly Manufracturing defect but they are not giving me services. Pls help me to get services.

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    Hi, I have tried connecting 2 monitors to my laptop. One is connected to the HDMI port, no issues. The other I tried conncecting to the USB Type C port but with no luck. I tried a USB-C Hub to HDMI Multiport Adapter, the USB ports worked by the USB C to HDMI Adapter. Does this port not support a display?


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  • 12/20/18--13:05: Touch unlock not working
  • The fingerprint unlocking mechanism suddenly stops working, nothing happens when I touch it. I have to restart the computer for it to work, but after a couple of hours it stops again (until I restart yet another time).

    I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but it didn't change anything.

    Help appreciated! :)

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  • 12/20/18--15:20: Display screen pin
  • Hello,

    My notepad Pavilion md4-1024TX has display has broken and  trying to buy from market place but don’t know it’s hinges is right/ left and it’s 40pin/30pin.

    can you please help on this ?

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    I have an Hp Elitebook 8470P the Product number is C7L60UP#ABA it has an i5 3320M

    I thought when I bought it that it had dedicated graphics but when I checked device manager it doesn't show

    but when I looked at the motherboard I saw a chip that is like 98% sure is a graphics chip (i have seen laptop graphics chips before and this one looked a lot like one)



    Thanks ahead for any responses 

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  • 12/20/18--17:00: Videos are playing zoomed in
  • Certain web videos are playing zoomed in, no error messages are coming up it is just so zoomed in you cannot tell what you are looking at. I've restarted, I've done all the things I've found about saving and restarting computer from control panel, I even turned off the autozoom feature. I don't know what else to do without losing everything on my labtop. Anyone know how to fix this?

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    when I try to update intel display driver the screen turns black I've tried so many ways by updating from device manager and also from other driver updating tools but is cause same problem. I've also Nvidia graphics card 44M on my laptop it works on that but the performance is not good can anybody tell me how can i get rid of this issue please 

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    The screen brightness on my Pavilion notebook will no longer adjust. I have tried using the button on the keyboard, as well as the settings in the bottom right corner of the screen. This issue just started this afternoon. The only thing I did differently is that, this morning, I put my computer in battery saver mode manually. It's never had any issues before. Any help would be appreciated - the brightness is hurting my eyes!

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    !Hi. Product purchased recently. Faced a big problem - display RGB color calibration! It is IMPOSSIBLE to adjust color correctly.
    Various methods have been tried, after unboxing and proposed update BIOS, Windows 10 and etc.:

    1. Intel Graphics Settings (UHD Graphics 620 chipset) - Control Panel (Display Color Settings) - NO desired result;
    2. Windows 10 - Advanced display settings - Color Management (Calibrate display) - NO desired result;
    3. Third-party Windows utilities (like Calibrize and etc.) - NO desired result;

    How could such a thing allow for HP?
    Expensive top product - Core i7 8565U / DDR4 8/ SSD 128/ HDD 1000 / GeForce MX150 and etc. AND complete lack of correct color display!?

    According to RGB color scheme, on this display, RED looks like a tomato, GREEN - lettuce leaves. It is also impossible to achieve right saturation.
    We all know Google's logo palette or YouTube logo and more, and how they should look in genuine color (visually). My old cheap Samsung Galaxy G2 smartphone shows genuine color (without any additional settings) vs. HP ENVY x360 display.

    Please indicate extreme methods to solve this problem or I will initiate the return of the product to the manufacturer. Why HP will not release additional software to fix this important issue or simple ICM color profile (for each models)? I'm a photographer, for me it is important - the correct display of color. I even agree that it was not perfect, but at least approximately. Why no one deals with this problem (for service - unboxing and ready to use).

    BTW. My old HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One (which I take with me on a biz-trip) at least display color correctly (after calibration).

    Any help would be appreciated... Thnx

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