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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    how it's possible active guarantie to repair a notebook that i broked for an accident 

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  • 12/08/18--05:46: Touchpad
  • So I cannot use any more my TOUCHPAD, I already tried everything; remove driver, to instal again, window update anything is changed, double click on touchpad. So I dont know any more what i can do.

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    Windows software or configuration updates were installed automatically while shutting down the system.and them switched time when the laptop was switched on, Please wait is appearing and the screen is reversed. It took much time to login and after login there were no icons on desktop and just black blank screen with recycle bin is displayed. Cannot select control panel also. No action can be done. I have lots of important data in it but cannot open. Please advise.

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    This link does not provide an option for my issue. I purchased a brand new HP Spectre x360. The HP Active Stylus pen came with the lap top.  The pen worked for about two minutes, then no longer works. I have a microsoft pen i use for my Microsoft Surface. I tried it as well and it did not work on my HP Spectre either.  I have followed all the steps provided in this forum to include updating all the drivers, software updates, installing the HP Support App, etc., etc.  I have put a new battery in the pen as well if that is the first recommendation.  

    Please help as this laptop is my son's christmas present!!!!  



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    Cracked screen HP Srectre X360 13ac063dx 13.3 inch

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    How do i coonnect / cast diffrent PC screen to my laptop screen usuing HDMI

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    Does the HP 2311x monitor support a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable?


    The cable I am using is a Rankie cable.


    I am trying to use the monitor as a dual monitor/second screen on my touch3.  The only video port the touch3 has is a Mini DP A.K.A. Mini HDMI.  Everything I have read indicates that these model monitors have various issues when trying to function as a second screen.  One problem that I have seen may apply to my situation.  I am concerned that this monitor will only function on a HDMI connection if the cable is considered a "high speed" cable. 


    When plugging the monitor into my touch3 tablet, it does a endless cycle of trying to go into sleep mode and then trying to detect which video port to use.  When it cycles through detecting ports it will sometimes determine the HDMI as active but then try to cycle back into sleep mode only to start the process all over again.


    The touch3 recognizes the monitor to the extent that it knows it has a second monitor connnected and then allows me to update the generic driver to the HP 2311x driver.  However when trying to configure the monitor under the windows 10 display settings it cannot detect the monitor.


    I have tried the monitor settings on every possible setting from auto detect to setting HDMI as the primary preferred output.

    I have rolled back drivers, deleted drivers, and reinstalled drivers.  I have tried every setting on the monitor.  I have also tried to phone support which was silly.  You guys  transferred me multiple times because noone knew how to begin to answer my questions.  My total time was 1 Hour and 30 minutes over 2 phone calls and speaking with 5 people who insisted transfer each time the question was presented.   I finally requested to speak to the engineering department within tech support which I read on a post exists from another person experiencing connection problems with this monitor however tech support claimed that a engineering department for support does not exist.  Another tip I tried was unplugging the monitor from all power and video, holding down the power button for just over 1 minute, in a attempt to do a factory reset which also does not work for my situation.


    Is this a cable issue?  Are their reccomended cables?  Is it impossible to function with my tablet? Again, does the HP 2311x monitor support a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable?  Perhaps a miniHDMI to HDMI cable cannot be a high speed cable?

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  • 12/08/18--13:26: Display flickering
  • Good evening, I have a problem with the display of my pc. When the charge is almost at 60% it starts flickering. If I connect the computer with the power cord, the flicker ceases. I also tried to connect the it with the TV screen and the problem doesn’t appear on it. 

    It’s already happened a month ago, it stopped by itself and until today everything was okay

    I just wanted to know what the problem should be linked to. Thank you

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    The brightness function keys (F2 and F3) have stopped working recently.


    I have not knowingly made any updates to the system, although minor updates may have been installed.


    Now, when I press the F2 or F3 buttons the brightness indicator appears on the screen as normal, but the brightness does not change. 


    I can change the brightness by touching the slider and dragging with my finger (touch screen).


    I have checked the latest drivers are installed for the keyboard, monitor, intel grpahics chipset, and nvidia graphics chipset, I've checked the lastest windows and hp updates are all installed, and restarted the computer, but the function keys are still not working.


    Note, when I press the function button and then press F2 it functions correctly as the universal edit command.

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    I am facing the same issue. The keyboard does not appear in the tablet mode and the touch in the lower half of the screen stops working. I tried your first solution but it did not solve the problem. And for the second one, "Make Windows more touch-friendly when using your device as a tablet" option is not available in my Tablet mode settings.

    Please help me solve the issue.

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    No new changes except for windows 10 updates

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    I hook my computer up to a flat screen tv monitor for presentation purposes. I use PowerPoint and must show videos as well.  My computer will show the PowerPoint but will not display the YouTube videos through the monitor.  I believe there are mirrored desktops because I can see 2 desktop icons at the bottom of my screen.  However, clicking on them still will not show the internet/Youtube video. 



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    Touch pad is way to sensitive. Only touch pad setting is to adjust sensitivity which doesnt change sensitivity. Even the lightest touch to the pad registers a click. Advansed settings to turn off single click not present as mentioned in HP support files. Latest touch PAD driver installed.


    I know this is a new product, but this desparately needs fixing. Acidental file moves, app launches, and closures occure. Although this is more for HP to add the functionallity to correct this as the PAD does not work as required by definition of a mouse or pad. I also welcome any inpuit from anyone correcting the same problem.


    Merry Christmass to All



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  • 12/09/18--07:31: STATIC ON HP OMEN 15
  • A few days ago I bought an HP OMEN 15 laptop with an aluminum surface - the one that comes with the keyboard. The doubt I have about it is that when I slowly slide my finger over the surface or connect the power adapter to my laptop and touch the surface again I feel like a slight layer of static on the aluminum surface. So far I have not found problems in the performance of the laptop, I wanted to test if the fans work well but I do not know how but the rest works correctly. I took the laptop to the store where I bought it and an assistant from HP checked it to see if it was static, using the battery and also the power adapter, and found nothing. Even I also touched the surface and there was nothing. When I got home and turned on the laptop, the static appeared again. What can be? Will it be necessary to leave it in the technical service area for several days? Or is it something related to the environment of my house?

    Product number : 2RJ26LA#ABM

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    This problem originally startes amount a month and a half ago when I got a pop-up saying that an update was ready for installation and that I needed to restart my computer. Of course, I immediately saved the work that I was doing and then followed the directions. When it started to boot up, everything was normal until I reached the screen where the time is displayed in the lower left hand corner, before you press any button to put in your password. At that screen, it keeps flashing on and off repeatedly for x amount time. Eventually, it stops and I am able to put in my password. After logging in, the computer runs smoothly without any issues. Can anyone tell me what I should do? Is seeking professional help necessary or is this just a windows issue?


    Thank you.

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    Hi, I'm trying to connect my HP ENVY laptop to the external LG monitor using USB C connection (Thunderbolt cable). However, it gives me the following error message  "Display connection might be limited". Please help to resolve this issue

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  • 12/09/18--10:56: Screen/boot issues
  • Hello , I’m having problems with my wife’s laptop , 

    the problem happens after I have shut the laptop down, when I go to turn the laptop back on , the screen doesn’t come back on , but everything sounds like it is running inside. If I then remove the battery and refit it , everything then works fine and the screen comes on , if i carry out a restart on the laptop it always boots up fine , it’s only when I shut the laptop down it seems to have the fault , i have tried reinstalling windows, updating/reinstalling the Bios , I have run an extensive built in HP test on all components (everything passed) , the only thing I have noticed , is that when I click the shut down button in the menu , as the display comes up with the message (this pc is shutting down) the screen turns off very fast even though the laptop is still running , I’m wondering if this is what is causing the issue when it goes to turn back on , I hope all this makes sense , and any help would be greatly appreciated 

    thanks :)

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  • 12/09/18--11:36: HP Pen Nib(Tip) Replacements
  • I've gotten my x360 rather recently, and I haven't had the chance to really use the stylus for photoshop and such until now. It was quite clear that if I need to put more hard time on the pen, that I should look into getting some replacement nibs for it, as strangely, the device didn't come with any extras. After searching all over your website, I can't seem to find replacement nibs anywhere available. Contacting Technical Support (apparently, just normal customer service/sales isn't a thing?), I've been informed that replacement nibs don't exist and that each time a nib wears out, I would need to buy an entirely new stylus.


    Sometimes for my work/projects I will end up using the stylus for a good 12+ hours at a time, and after the one day of continuous work it's already showing wear, and at this point, I doubt it would be any good to me after a couple months. So the idea that a bi- or even tri-monthly purchase of a brand new pen instead of just swapping out the easily replaceable (and completely designed by HP to be replaced) nib is just ridiculous.

    I'm sorry, but I'm just failing to understand how it would be in HP's best interest not to just offer the Nibs. Even if they covered a replacement pen under the warranty coverage, wouldn't sending a little baggy of even 20 replacement nibs be far cheaper for the company in storage, shipping, production, and even just maintaining customer satisfaction? I can get one replacement pen under the warranty, but the next time the nib wears out I have to buy a new Pen again. Even if you thought of it as a way for HP to get an extra bit of money from its customers, that's a really silly way to do it, because all this is going to mean is that I'm going to make sure me and my office removes the x360 (and likely HP) as an option when it comes to any future upgrading  of our marketing/illustrative department's equipment. It's crazy... The website even has model numbers for the different Nib replacement sets (1VY60AA, 3RV57AA, 3RV58AA). All these sets do include multiple nibs but may be included with a pen(?).


    Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Lenovo, Microsoft all include the ability to get extra nibs (for varying costs), and the pen was clearly designed for easy nib replacement... so just... why?

    Customer service last night told me "nothing lasts forever", and like "No, S@#$.", but why not just let us replace the thing that's definitely not going to last the life of the accessory. You don't have some sort of limited proprietary battery in the pens, likely because you think they'd run out, and people would want to replace them, so how does this not transfer over to another as essential part that (according to advertised battery length of the pen) will likely wear out much sooner... If the pen nibs aren't some sort of HP internal design, and the pen is just a reskin of some other company's product (which is completely legitimate and occurs all the time, no shade on that), please let me know, cause then others like myself can just get the nibs from them, because they'll likely have replacement nib options.

    Seriously though, there are quite a number of posts about this issue, and those are just the people that took the time to ask about it on your own forums...


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  • 12/09/18--11:49: Screen randomly shutdown
  • Hi

    My Probook g3 screen randomly shutdown but the notebbok still working. It stiil retro-lighted, like a sleep mode but nothing (mousse or keyboard) can wake up it. I can only force the real sleepmode with on button and wake up with the same button...


    Any idea ?

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  • 12/09/18--13:23: Tablet mode
  • Hi. 

    Last time my envy x360 doesn't turn on to tablet mode. Before that was automatic when I was changing for tablet. Now doesn't work. Even Windows settings doesn't help. Only works when you switch manually also touch keyboard works only when you turn on manually. 

    Thanks for help. 


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