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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I want to purchase a 3440x1440 external monitor and wish to know if it will work on my laptop.  I am concerned as I tried to connect to a 2560x1440 external monitor as a test and the maximum possible resolution via Windows 10 display options was 2560x1080.


    Please advise maximum resolution for my HP Pavilion X7P40AV with NVIDIA GTX 1050  (I think that is a BC200 - why does HP make it so hard to find the generic model name??).


    I found a service manual for it and it seems to suggest that it has a HDMI v2.0 and can do up to 4096x2160.  If so, what would remedy the above problem?  Perhaps it was a lack of a proper driver?

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    i have purchase 15-bs542tu and install windown 7 64-bit which driver support graphics driver,audio driver,lan driver, chipest etc please help

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    Is there a possibility to read my online magazine in portrait mode

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  • 12/07/18--00:28: Change the display
  • I just purchased this model, HP 15t Touch with Intel i7. It has an HD SVA WLED-backlit touch screen. It's 1366x768 resolution is not very attractive. Is there any way I can upgrade it to a 1920x1080 display officially, without voiding the warranty?


    It has Intel UHD 620 Integrated Graphics. So would upgrading the video card help in any way?

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  • 12/07/18--03:31: HDMI over USB-C
  • I'm trying to get a second screen working with a USB-C hub. so i only need one connection for my usb and HDMI connection.

    But i can't mangage to get the HDMI working. Do i have a some kind of limited USB-C?

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     when I turn on the computer the fan runs but the complete your screen remains blank black what can I do to make it run again can make it come back on I haven't tried anything yet 

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    Hi All,


    I have a X2 1012 G2 laptop/tablet. I have 2 monitors connected to it via a universal USB-C dock and that is fine. However when i take it into meetings I am unable to connect to the projection systems. I have brought a USB-C to HDMI adapter but it doesn't seem to recognise it. Is this laptop/tablet capable of supporting this, or will I need to carry a dock around with me to meetings?


    Kind Regards


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    My touchpad is not working. I've tried double tapping the left corner - no change. I've looked for mouse settings in settings - the touchpad does not show up. Any help will be appreciated. I'm a graduate student with finals coming up in 2 days. I really need my laptop to be fully functional.

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    touchscreen not working anymore

    product: HP Pavilion x360 - 11-k127cl       operation system: windows 10 (64-bit)

    1-I tried to uninstal and reinstal driver method to fix the problem but after uninstal, driver (hid-touchscreen) was missed forever (it is not exist in hideen drivers).

    2- i've tried to update bios and I/O intel driver but nothing happend

    3- I've tried to check if touchscreen work on bois page. but nothing again

    4- diagnosis test does not include touchscreen test at windows starting. (UFEI)

    5- It's not hardware issue. several evidences I have for this:

                       i have been able to fix problem using system retore, but after windows update touchscreen failed again.

     6- in device manager there is one driver not working

          driver name is : I2C HID device     and error:This device cannot start. (Code 10)

          this device was not present in list before.

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  • 12/07/18--11:45: Display issue
  • On my laptop screen when you will look at the boders of the screen you will notice some yellowish shade which runs on both left and right sides of the display soo please help me to get this yellowish shade to get fixed as when I open any white page the one can notice some yellowish shade on the boders of the white page and hence the boders are not complete white but they are a bit yellowish in shade please guide me to fix this issue!!

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  • 12/07/18--16:17: Either VGA or HDMI?
  • ZBook 15, connect to both VGA and HDMI, result is either-or, meaning can't have both monitors work at the same time.

    - VGA takes over HDMI

    - and seems HDMI is for simultaneous presentation only. 

    - when VGA is connected, auto-detect recongnized it as external.

    - when HDMI is connected, auto-detect say no external display detected.

    - when both connected only VGA has display.


    Possible to have multi-display using VGA and HDMI?

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    After a good installation and run with AMD Adrenalin 18.7.1 on my HP Notebook - 15-db0125au (HP Laptop 15-db0xxx) on W10 1807 for more than 2 months, W10 1809 update last evening it set it back to  17.7 .


    Error 182.png

    Note that it indicates 18.7.1 but one you access the installed Radeon settings app it displays:


    The previous steps I've done but no avail. I will try to uninstall the drivers completely but might be a pain to set it back. Has anyone experience this or found a fix.


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    Hi! This is 100% my fault. So, a couple of months ago I spilled so coca cola on my keyboard, in a little patch spanning from the arrow keys, to the enter button. Fortunately, it didn't do any obvious damage, but now my keys are really sticky and have a hard time coming up. It's not that big of a deal, but it does make typing papers a lot harder when you have to wait a few seconds to press shift at the beginning of every sentence. What is the best way to clean my keys without destroying them or my keyboard? My keyboard looks clean on the outside, so I know the keys will probably have to be removed. I'm a relatively broke college student, so taking it to a repair shop will likely be out of my budget. Any help is appreciated!! (also, I had no clue what category I should've put this in, so I stuck it in this board)

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    Hello.  My integrated privacy screen will no longer activate when hitting F2.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The HP website doesn't seem to offer any trouble shooting and the virtual assistant didn't work either.





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    I have pretty much tried every solution out there on the web - and I can not get my web cam to work. I see the Camera in my hidden but of course it tells me that I'm running the latest and it can't find it and to attach my web cam. So, getting frustrated can can't get it to work. 

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  • 12/08/18--00:08: Not usable Ram



    I AM USING HP PAVILION - 15 ba019nr

    I don't know the hotkey to access bios screen on startup

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    2 problems- 1. when scrolling through sites new windows open even if i don't click on thing I know there are many windows opened 2. when I scroll it will constantly show a circle (of sorts) and scroll fast-getting pretty frustrating when looking through pages -anyone can help?"

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    Hi, I briefly had a Spectre X360 13-ac041nd, which has a 13" , 4k screen.

    I returned it to the vendor due to screen flashing problems (tried all possible driver updates and trips found on internet without result).

    Actually, a 4k screen is a bit overkill on a small laptop, I thought it would be a nice gimmick but didn't anticipate the designflaws.


    Further it was a nice machine, now I consider a Spectre X360 13-ap0250nd.

    Still 13", full HD screen and a great battery life.


    As the screen flashing probleem seems to be a power problem, I suppose this is solved on a full HD screen.

    Is that correct?


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    This is the only thing that displays 

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