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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    When laptop is docked and idle for a while (~ hour?), the external monitors go black (power-saving mode?); Thereafter, no mouse or keyboard activity will wake them. To re-activate the monitors, must physically lift laptop lid a tad, wait a couple seconds until Windows desktop appears *on laptop* screen, then can close lid.  Windows 10 is configured to never Sleep/Hibernate while hard-powered, and set to wake on just about any event (mouse, keyboard, network).

    Never had this issue before... Previous laptop (EliteBook), Dock and Windows 7 never required lift of lid to wake monitors from power-save mode.


    Current Specs: HP zBook, HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station, and Dual HP EliteDisplay E221 external monitors (DisplayPort).

    Windows 10. "Balanced" power options.

    While Plugged-in, Turn off display: NEVER; Sleep: NEVER.

    While On-battery, Turn off display: 10 mins; Sleep: 1 hour.

    Press Power button: Do nothing; Close lid: Do nothing.


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  • 12/05/18--20:36: Screen cracked
  • Hi! I need a support to fix my laptop.


    My latptop is an HP ENVY x360 - 15t-w200 CTO I dropped the laptop on the floor, the screen cracked and the touchscreen stopped working. I would like to fix it.


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    Hi. During a recent Windows update (July 2018), my laptop (DM1-4170US) lost video output from the VGA port.  I had a projector connected to my laptop the exact moment the computer restarted to finish installing the updates.  (I was in a presentation break).  After that, no more video output from the VGA port.  This is why I am pretty sure this must be a software issue.


    The laptop’s screen and HDMI output are working perfectly fine.  The problem is just the VGA port.  It worked perfectly before the updates.


    I have already tried installing all the latest drivers available for this laptop from hp's support website (BIOS, chipset, etc.) and all Windows updates as well, and I cannot get the VGA port to work again.  This is very strange, because when I plug an external monitor on the VGA port, the laptop recognizes it, and even shows the brand and model of the monitor connected in the control panel!  However I cannot get it to output any video signal again.


    I have (of course) already tried connecting a few monitors and projectors with different VGA cables as well, with no success.


    I have been struggling for months trying to fix this issue, with no luck.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you all.



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  • 12/05/18--23:40: Thin red line
  • I have a thin red line on the right hand side of the screen.  I've checked in bios to eliminate software and itsi still there.  Will replacing the display assembly fix this problem?  Or is there any other troubleshooting that can be done?  Unfortunately, the unit is oow.

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    Can someone will be able to help me in letting me know how i can share my laptop screen to TV using USB Type C port in MT43 Mobile Thin CLiemt laptop. 


    When i insert the cable (HDMI to type C) in the laptop's type c port, it doesn't detect the driver nor it gives a response. Please help me on this.

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  • 12/06/18--00:59: Display problem
  • Hello i am brought this pc at 12-08-2017.But i can't setified on this.It has many problem in it's desplay.i can change this desplay many time but can not solve this it has also this problem..when i start this pc disply is continue off and on ....please help me what can i do for right now..Warrenty is running..

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     My HP touchscreen laptop I went to sign in this morning and it only lets me type numbers no letters so I cannot sign in 

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    Hello there, this is my first interaction with the HP community.

    I just bought a HP ENVY x360 13-ag0002na two weeks ago and at first I was very happy with the product, as it is exactly what I needed for my studies. However every once in a while I started facing some problems with the touch screen and the interaction with an active stylus pen, namely:

    -   When I am writing with the pen (on OneNote, Windows Ink, and similar) the cursor jitters, therefore making it impossible to draw/write anything. This happens even if the pen is standing still on a fixed point on the screen.

    -   After I touch the screen with my finger (while not using the pen) to drag/zoom/select anything, the input from the pen is not recognized for about 3 seconds: the shortcut button on the top still works, but everything else is ignored, which is pretty annoying for my workflow.

    -   Often the touch screen is very inaccurate, registering multiple touches all around the screen both when I drag and when I try to click something.

    All of these would happen sporadically and (at first inspection) randomly.


    Attempted solution 1: Initially my guess was that some drivers were out of date or faulty, so I followed what most answers in this forum to posts about touch screen input and stylus problems suggest, I went to many of the possible HP support pages about the topic, attempted all restarts/driver reinstalling or updating, but I was having no success.


    Attempted solution 2:  My second guess was that it was the stylus' fault. Since the ENVY does not come with a stylus, I had to buy one (Wacom Bamboo Ink),  which I was recommended by another person who purchased the same model as me. I attempted changing the compatibility settings, replacing the battery and/or the nib, but still with no success. 


    Final note and curious finding: After reading a lot of posts around the internet and doing some testing, I realized that all of the problems only happen when the laptop is charging and the laptop's metal frame is not touching my skin. That is, if while I am using the pen/touch screen with my right hand, I touch any part of the metal frame of my laptop with my left hand, none of the problems presents itself. Or alternatively, if I unplug my laptop from charging, all the problems disappear. I was starting to think the problem was that the stylus was just not compatible and that created instability, but the fact that the stylus works perfectly well when I am touching my laptop, and that the problems involve interaction with the touch screen only as well, discourages that idea. This seems to be some kind of hardware issue, albeit I have no idea what could be causing it.


    What could I do to solve the problem? Except for changing the active pen stylus...

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Since yesterday I'm experiencing display issues with my HP notebook. The screen is all black, even though I can hear that the machine is powered on (lights are on as well). Bending the screen into a specific position sometimes suddenly restores display, but after closing/opening the screen slightly into a different position everything turns black again. Is this a hardware display output problem?

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  • 12/06/18--06:45: USB-C to HDMI not working
  • I'm trying to get the USB-C port to display through my HDMI monitor.  I've purchased a HP USB-C to HDMI adapter and it's not working.  I get the following message from Windows, "Display connection might be limited", and nothing is displayed.  If I connect the same monitor using the same HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port it works OK so I'm happy the monitor and cable are OK.  Also if I look in Device Manager it says the USB-C port is working OK.

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  • 12/06/18--10:32: videoo over usb3
  • trying to connect a Asus monitor to Pavillion laptop through usb3 port, loaded softwear from asus on laptop but not working, so asked there support team who have asked me to find out can i connect through usb3 wire on Pavillion, screen mirrors laptop can move mouse to asus screen but that is all, any suggestions please.



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    I have the HP PROBOOK 6570B which has the 1366 x 768 screen too and i wanto replace i with 1920 x 1080 screen
    So i bought screen Part N°690405-001 on LAPTOPSCREEN ( and the FHD cable part N°646970-001 on HP (
    After i have installed new cable and screen , i start th laptop but same issue, black sceen with just backlight.

    I dont understand why is not working.

    Help please

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  • 12/06/18--11:39: Screen popping out
  • My laptop screen in the bottom left corner keeps popping out.  I've had this laptop fro about a year.  I don't flip my screen much and it is should be in good condition.  I am wondering if anyone has had the same issues or how I shoudl try and fix it?

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    Recently I got a home projector to connect with my laptop via HDMI, but the computer does not recognize the signal. I have tried all the possibilities so far: try different projector model/brand, different HMDI  cable, updating/rolling back/ disabling graphics drivers, updating BIOS, trying different laptops.


    I narrowed down the problem to the driver not being compatible with the signal from the projectors under Windows 10, version 1803. The projectors work perfectly with other laptops, and my laptop works great with second monitors/TVs. Bottomline, the driver is incompatible. I also requested generic drivers from Intel, but Windows 10 does allow me to use them. I need to confirm that this problem has no solution so I can move forward and return the projector. Thank you

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    I just had this issue occur. Most of the time put my laptop on 0% brightness because I'm very sensitive to light which would of course just show everything as usual but at a darker setting. Just recently however when I started my laptop it showed the hp logo on startup and then the screen would seem black. I realised that the screen backlight just wouldn't stay on while the brightness is a 0% anymore. I can shine a light on it and vaguely make out shapes which is how I know it's the backlight. Putting the brightness setting at 1 or 2% works too but this is strange and sort of unconvienent when switching between brightness settings. I'm not sure if this could be fixed using some type of setting but I'd like to know. It seems unlikely to be a connector issue as I barely moved the lid after turning off my laptop last time, and I couldn't be a sensor issue (that I think would occur) because it just works at any brightness setting other than 0%

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    Experiencing issues getting video connections to show on our newly purchased Thunderbolt G2 230W Docks. We're currently using the HP ZBook 17 G4s running Windows 10(1803) - Connecting to the HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230W. Unable to get video to work through VGA for Display Ports via VGA Direct or DVI to DP Adapter. Have updated all BIOS, Video Drivers, Firmware, etc. Have even attempted force loading the Firmware update HP has for the ZBook 15s for these docks - Still no luck. Doesn't matter what monitors I try, Dell, Acer, ASUS, etc. Haven't tried DP to DP direct as we mostly use DVI and VGA based monitors. That being said, When connected to the dock, all other features work; LAN, USB-A/C and audio port. But no luck with video outputs. Anyone else seeing this issue?

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  • 12/07/18--02:24: Probook 6570b Screen Upgrade
  • Hello,

    I have the HP PROBOOK 6570B which has the 1366 x 768 screen too and i wanto replace i with 1920 x 1080 screen
    So i bought screen Part N°690405-001 on LAPTOPSCREEN ( and the FHD cable part N°646970-001 on HP (
    After i have installed new cable and screen , i start the laptop but same black sceen with just backlight issue.


    I dont understand why is not working.


    Someone have upgraded screen on this laptop can confirm me?


    Help please thanks

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  • 12/06/18--16:47: System Test Video Failure
  • Hello, I've been having issues in regards to my laptop suddenly switching itself off when viewing video (games, youtube, flash, etc), with the event viewer showing that the watchdog timer was triggered, but with no indication as to why.


    I presumed this was an overheating issue, however nothing I have done (cleaning out the fan, reapplying thermal paste, etc) has fixed the issue. I've done all the other standard proceedures, such as reinstalling divers, bios update, reseating the memory, and even a system restore, but nothing has helped.


    However, using the Bios Setup Information and Menu Options by holding F2 at boot, I ran a System Test for video (repeat until error) and something cropped up. In the test logs I found the following code from when the test failed:




    Can anyone tell me what this means? I've been unable to find anything in regards to it, and I'd really like to know if this is related to the issues I've had when playing video, because I'm on the verge of having to buy a new laptop. Many thanks.

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    I am hoping that someone in the community has a solution for my issue described below, or that someone from HP recognizes this as a hardware defect and helps me get my computer serviced.

    I bought my 2-in-1 specifically for the purpose of teaching. I annotate PDF's on my computer's touch screen and project my screen for my student's to follow along with. However, when I connect to some (many) projectors, it seems that my computer loses all "palm rejection" functionality and renders me unable to annotate using my stylus on my touch screen. I have worked with my college's IT department to see if it was an A/V issue; but it is not. When other touch-screen products are connected through the same A/V equipment, there is no loss of touch-screen functionality.
    Likewise I have gone through ALL of the recommended troubleshooting tips offered by "HP Support Assistant", to no avail.
    Unless others in the community have had similar problems, I believe this to be an undetectable hardware issue as it only occurs when my computer is connected to a projector.
    This truly is a shame, as I had so much faith in a product that I invested nearly $1500.00 into that I spent far too much time believing that it was not a manufacturer's defect or hardware issue that I am now just past my warranty coverage.
    I can accept that I am no longer under warranty, but HP's website makes it unbelievably tasking/impossible to request service without forking out some dough just to simply speak to someone about the problem.

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    I have a Probook 450 G5 with NVIDIA 930MX and USB-C Dock G4 connected to two Z24 monitors via display port on the dock - I should be able to use my laptop screen as well but as soon as I open the lid, one of the monitors drops resolution and mirrors the laptop screen.

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