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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/20/18--13:38: Chromebook Dark Screen
  • Our school district is beginning to have the same issue.  We have about 330 HP Chromebooks and have had about 30 do this so far.  This is obviously a manufacturing defect.  HP should stand behind their product and extend the warranty.

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    I have tried different options to connect a second monitor to my HP Envy 360. USB-C is worthless because it's not a "thunderbolt." I bought an HDMI to USB adapter and that doesn't work either.


    Is it possible that you really cannot connect 2 monitors?

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  • 11/20/18--14:32: Screen cracked
  • How do we go about getting the screen fixed for this pc? Touchscreen

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  • 11/20/18--04:40: Stylus Pen
  • Can someone tell me a stylus pen that will work with my envy 360 m6-w102dx?

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    The system setting says "no pen or touch input is available" but the touch screen works perfectily when booted using Ubuntu & Android x86.


    If this is a software issue can you please guide me on ressolving this, i.e., any software to be installed to make the system Identify the touch screen? Also HID-Compliant touch screen is no longer in my device manager.





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    I want to buy a new external monitor for my HP OMEN 15-ax011ng laptop -- but which one?

    What is the maximal resolution I can use (at 60Hz)?


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    In the last month, I've been having a problem with my laptop brightness. One day it just stopped changing brightness, staying at 100%. Not the keyboard buttons nor the from the settings could change it. Looking at some forums I discovered that maybe I had to upgrade the drivers from windows update and so I did, the problem was fixed. But since two days ago the problem is back the drivers are as updated as they can be. What can I do?

    Thank you all in advance.

    Have a nice day

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    I can't turn on my laptop. When I try to do so, the light on the caps lock button flashes 5 times, in a sequence of 1,2,3, slight pause and 4,5 in rapid succession. I've only had this laptop since September 2017 and the problem occurred in early October. It happened overnight and I've had no success following the instructions provided by people on other threads. I have a HP Stream and the model number is 14-ax000na. I hope somebody can help as I'm losing patience right now. Many thanks :) 

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    I am trying to connect a HP elitebook laptop to a external monitor (Samsung Syncmaster P2270) that has a DVI-I input, but the monitor does not show anything.


    I am using a HDMI cable with a DVI adaptor, and I have tried it with the same laptop and other monitors and is working, 

    I ahve tried also the monitor and the same cable with other device (a raspberry with HDMI output) and it also working.


    Any help will be much appreciated

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    My laptop is barely 3 months old and is not used heavily. Most of my letters (and backspace key) have become extremely faint, with the Q, Z and P in contrast being very white still. Given that I am just beginning to use my laptop I find this very disappointing and can only imagine what another 3 months may bring. I see that others have reported this problem, but those posts seem to be dated; which makes me wonder why the problem still exists from over 2 years ago. I do hope that there is an acceptable response for this as I am very much a keyboard user.


    Please re-route this to the proper category as I did not find one specific to this issue. 

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    I would like to use 2 larger monitors with my Envy.  How do I do this?  I've tried an HDMI splitter but the results are not what I expected.  I see either the same thing on both or I extend and cannot move my Excel files around to see more than one.  Do I need a docker?  If so, which one works with the Envy.

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  • 11/21/18--07:10: screen clarity
  • My screen has a haze, The clarity is dependent on the position of the screen. The screen is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. I'm having to move the screen when i move closer or get farther away to keep the picture to where i can read it.  

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  • 11/21/18--07:20: Defective Touch Screen
  • My touchscreen cracked at the hinge by simply being opened, and of course, HP will NOT warranty their defective product. I have only had the laptop for 5 months, so it should be under the year warranty, but I was told this isn't warranted. This was my first ever HP purchase and will be my last. The device has not been dropped, bumped or anything. The screen just cracked as it was being opened to be used as a tablet, like it is meant to be, but I can't get any help from HP. It's really sad that I had to spend so much on a product that the company will not stand behind and support. 

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    Estou buscando o driver para atualizar minha camera integrada do ultrabook Pavilion 14-b065br. Tenho o windows 10 64bit. Alguem pode me ajudar?

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    1. I have enable "wake the computer to run this task" in Conditions of Task Scheduler.
    2. My issue is however display doesn't turn ON automatically when task starts running [ eg. start Chrome at 6 AM]. PC wake up automatically to run the task from sleep. No issue.
    6. Display remains turn off until I touch the Touchpad and when I touch Touchpad display turns on.
    Please advise how the display also to be turn on automatically without touching Touchpad.

    - Windows 10 ver 1803
    - display driver updated
    - windows upto date & no issue

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    Have you found a solution... I am also having the exact same problem.. 

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  • 11/21/18--12:12: Webcamera stopped working
  • At some point my HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 webcamera stopped working - shows just a dark  background. Installed the latest camera driver - 2016.10.16299.3 Rev.A. But it didn't help! :( Has anyone experienced similar issue and was able to resolve?

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  • 11/21/18--15:49: Pavilion 14 ce0505sa
  • I am looking at buying a pavilion 14 ce0505sa. The reason I am looking at this is it states in the spec that it has 1.2 DisplayPort. I assume that a special usb c connector is required to connect to the DisplayPort on my aoc monitor.I need 2 ext monitors and was wondering whether I could use this plus the hdmi. I need to check as I recently bought (and returned) a Lenovo 520 as I was told I could use for 2 monitors - which it can’t! Any Help would be most welcome.


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    I got the laptop since 2 days. If i want to watch anything on aps (NETFLIX, Film&TV app) my screen after few seconds of watching a video in full screen mode the color dulls and becomes less vibrant.  Colors getting more grey. Its comeback to normal always when i got subtitle on the screen or i move mouse. I saw many pepoples got this problem, and no solution. I tried watch Netflix on Chrome and Firefox and this problem dont happen. Web browses.

    On my laptop is Intel HD 620, i tried to change all options in UHD Graphic control panel and nothing.

    Please don't tell me to reinstal Drivers, change options like HDR or enchance videos, because I done that. I got last drivers, and this problem still exist even in older drivers. 

    Its any solution to this or i need to return laptop and dont trust HP enymore ? :(


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    My screen cracked how much to replace it


    Yes but we would need to know the exact model to help you find the part and the instructions. The easiest is just to replace the whole touchscreen assembly. They tend to run a bit pricey just for the part and it borders on the cost of a new laptop if you have to pay a professional tech to do it. 


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