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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I am trying to connect an Elite X2 to a HP Z27n display via USB-c. The attractiveness of this display is HPs ability to have a single cable from display to notebook handling video, power and peripherals.


    My readings suggest this should be fine without the dock, but I cant make it work.


    Additionally the notebook doesnt seem to be charging from the port (which per the monitor specs has power delivery capability). I have tried multiple cables and ensured that I have one with full latests capabilities (Usb-c 3.1 gen 2).


    Any ideas?

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    Captura de pantalla (16).pngPor favor ayudenme con este problema, cuando busco en el administrador de dispositivos el de imagen no me aparece, necesito ayuda y el micrófono tampoco funciona.

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  • 11/21/18--21:43: Active Pen For Envy X360
  • Hi,


    I have the same issue, my laptop is enxy x360 aq 200 and I was wondering if I change the digitizer, it would work the active stylus? 


    Thank you!

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     Touch screen not working and i feel my laptop is hacked please help me in recover my touch screen


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     I bought a Samsung 32" 4K monitor but i can't get the monitor to display in 4K format.  I suspect that the HDMI output of my laptop tops out at 1080p and I can find nothing in the control panel which suggests otherwise.  I've installed the monitor's software to no avail.  Is there no way to output in 4K from this laptop?

      I have another Windows 10 laptop, HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq273cl.  Will that laptop provide a 4K output via HDMI?


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  • 11/22/18--06:39: screen has been damaged
  • hi

    i am akif. my serial number of the product is [edited]
    i have replaced the screen in warranty and its only 4 months the screen has been given same issue has before. i have called customer support but they told to call authorised dealler's and i have said that i want my screen replaced and HP engineer has came to my home to change the screen so i want that service but they told to go in and tell them 

    what should i do can you please help me 

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    Somebody help me please. My display driver won't install. Everytime I try to install it BSOD comes up with tupical INTERNAL POWER ERROR code. I installed using my own driver, latest driver from HP website (old and updated version) but nothing works. It installs but right after installation finishes the BSOD comws up and I have to go to safe mode and uninstall my driver and only then does my laptop work again. It's like my laptop hates the driver. Is it a hardware problem? It's possible, isn't it? Since I've tried everything from the inside and nothing friggin works!! Please anyone answer me 

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    I broken my USB reciver for mouse HP H2L63AA  how I can order new one?

    Model of reciver: DGRFEO


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  • 11/22/18--03:02: Oleophobic covering
  • Hello anyone. I want to know, is it possible to "heal" my laptop after wiping its display with alcohol. 

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    I'm having an issue with my HP Elite X2 1012 G2.


    I turned it on this morning, but the screen is just black doesn't respond. The camera works, as it logs me in with Windows Hello, but the screen doesn't do anything. Have tried resetting and doing everything, apart from a full system restore; which I'm trying to avoid as far as possible.


    I've attached to an external monitor and it all works fine. Any help or suggestions pleeeease? The warranty ran out on the 18th November, typically.

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    i recently bought this laptop from a friend. they barely used it as they had already gotten a desktop, which was what they really needed. that being said, this pavilion touch screen is in perfect condition. except that i noticed a few days after aquiring it, that there's subtle to sometimes noticeable changes in the display. it doesn't literally cover everthing in one color (like going completely pink or something), more like the contrast or the hues keeps adjusting on it's own. sometimes there's just a light blue tint, other times while i'm working, i can see other colors glazed over, changng every couple of minutes. i asked about it, but the said they didn't have that probem. also i should mention i have an external hard drive that i've been transferring the data from my old laptop to this one. 

    is this a common problem or is this an error on my part? 

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    I connected the monitor via a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) / Thunderbolt 2 adapter
    And I have some problems. The monitor then works, then suddenly goes dead. Camera does not work. The sound works, but with noise. Ports USB which are behind the monitor work through time. Mouse single port does not recognize.


    Please, help.


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    Hello, I have looked at the service manual for pavilion 15 ab219tx and saw that it has few Full Hd display panels spare parts. So  I was wondering is it possible to replace the 720p screen with the 1080p screen as the 30 pin edp connector should be technically able to support it. If this is possible where can I get the parts from hp or third-party I am located in India btw.

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  • 11/22/18--13:30: hibrid graphix does not work
  • ran into a problem, help me solve it. I have a laptop HP ProBook 450 G3, it has 2 video cards. The first Intel (R) HD Graphics 520 and the second AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M340. The problem is that the graphics do not switch. In the BIOS, as I understand it, I configured everything correctly, the hybrid graphics is enabled, the maximum amount of memory (512 mb) is selected. But the computer is terribly slow in applications where the graphics should switch. tell me what to do?

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  • 11/22/18--16:30: Locked up taskbar
  • All of the icons in taskbar won't open, can't even open the windows icon or get into my settings or shut down, restart pc.  What should I do, it used to be a hide taskbar.

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    I got my HP Tilt pen with my HP Envy X360 13 a week ago. The pen is nice and all, but when drawing or using it in general, the pen just stops drawing. The pen won't draw and the pen cursor doesn't show up when placing it on the screen. the buttons still work, but the pen itself just stops working. I've made sure that its not in presentation mode, so i know it isn't that. Eventually, it will start working again. I'm not sure if this is a software issue or a malfunction with the pen itself. So i'm asking the community what could be wrong with it, or what i could be doing wrong.

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    w key decreases volume, backspace button cannot be held down to delete characters in a train, e key opens file explorer and project menu, q works the same as esc. please what can i do to fix this


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    Hello all -


    I have a HP M6-1125DX laptop for the last several years and sometime just after the first year I noticed the display cover was... peeling up, for a lack of a better word, from the bezel/hinge area. At the time I researched the issue and didn't find much in my search, so I ignored it and continued using it as it was... carefully opening and closing the screen while pinching both sides of the screens to put tension on the hinges and hopefully prevent further damage to the case/bezel.


    I parked the laptop at a desk for the next couple years and seldomly closed it to prevent any damage. I'm now in a position where I need to travel with my laptop. I don't think the screen and case/bezel/hinge mechanisms will last much longer if I begin to start opening and closing it again.


    The hinges appear to be difficult to open, I recall that same issue early on... My assumption would be that the hinges were requiriing excessive force to open the screen and putting excess strain on the surrounding attachment points, e.g. the screen and bezel. I can see pressure points on both sides of the bottom of the screen when adjusting the monitor forwards or backwards. The pressure points are coming from the backside of the screen, towards the user. I'm sure one day soon, the screen will become damaged.


    I'd like to have the issue fixed, as the computer operates well still. I seems unnecessary to purchase a new laptop when my existing laptop will serve my needs. However, I'd like to use it without the fear of the screen/lid breaking while traveling...or at all for that matter.


    tl;dr: M6-1125dx - display lid/case/bezel separating, hinges are difficult to open/shut putting strain on parts. Nothing else appears to be damaged, screen is perfect, no dead pixels or cracking.


    Any suggestions?


    I have my product details ready to send in a PM if necessary.




    ScottIMG_1127.jpgVisible failure of bezel/lid on bottom rightIMG_1128.jpgSlight pressure applied to monitor as if opening it - break in bezel/case visible, light from back of screen visibleIMG_1129.jpgLid "peeling" away from case when applying pressure to close lidIMG_1130.jpgHalfway closing case - no pressure applied, clear separation from case - visible arch in middle of bottom of case lid

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    Hi hope you can help, just purchased the Envy x360, and cannot find short cut key for spell check, has always been F7 on my other laptops..can anyone help please..?


    Many Thanks

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    15.6 inch: Compaq CQ62z, / HDX16t / dv6t / dv6z / G62t / G62m / g6 / m6 / 15-p077tx / 15-p001tx / 15-p005x / 15-p073tx / 15-p045tx / 15-p085tx / 15-r022tx / 15-r014tx / 15-r022tx / 15-d103tx / 15-p210tx/ 15-p209tx/15-p029tx/ 15-p028tx / 15-p207tx / 15-f233wm/15-n096sa/15-ab165us


    these models are interested for me.


    (Perhaps HP has some other laptops with the parameters described in this message?)


    ~2013 (+/-) release is better for my wallet.


    if I understand correctly, the processor in these models can be replaced by a more modern, energy efficient.


    I would like to know which of these models the screen is 1600x900 or 1920x1080 and is matte.

    It's hard for me to look myself.

    Thank you, you are very kind.

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