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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/19/18--03:11: Active stylus pen skips
  • Hi

    I bought Spectre X360 ,13.3" , I7 few days ago and i noticed that the active pen is skipping from time to time and stop responding for few seconds and before start working again.

    I updated the driver and BIOS And frimware to the latest version but stil the problem.

    Before This machine i had Surface Pro and i did not face this issue before.

    Is it normal or is it software or hardware problem ?


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    I can not find information about battery life in mix usage and video playback. Can somebody help me?


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    I used to play games on my laptop plugged in as the performance on battery power was not that good and it was perfect when plugged in. My battery got failed recently, So laptop works only when plugged in. Now even though it is plugged in I am getting frame drops every 5 or 10 seconds which never happened when the battery was fine. I've tried changing power plans. No change. What's the reason? Is there any way to overcome this?

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    I bought my laptop less than a month ago and I've been experiencing issues with it ever since.

    At first, it was overheating after just a few minutes of work, but the problem was somehow resolved by itself and now the temperature is normal, in my opinion.

    But now, it started freezing out of blue, no warning messages or anything. The display just freezes and I can't move the cursor, I can't use the touchscreen, the only thing I can do is force shut down and restart it. This happens a couple of times in a day.

    I ran some check ups for hardware malware and it passed every test. I turned off the battery saving mode because I heard that it can cause freezing in Windows 10. All the drivers are up to date. I don't know what else to do.

    Thank you in advance,



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    Unable to select/set resolution 3440*1440. The custom resolution option in the Intel HD Graphics control panel is not available. Tried to roll back driver but did not help.

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    This laptop only has 1 USB-C port to which I connect today one of my external monitor.

    However I need to connect to my 2 external monitors.

    My previous HP Envy had 2 USB-C port so that was not an issue.


    How can I connect to my 2 external monitors? (both monitors have VGA and HDMI ports).


    Today I use the provided USB-C to HDMI adaptor to power my first external monitor.



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    Hi, I have an HP 15-ba559ur laptop, the R5 M430 does not use all of its memory (instead of 2 GB, only 0.5 GB is always the maximum). I wrote to AMD and they said that this is a laptop problem and you need to somehow increase the memory. How to do it?

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    No warnings except 'Battery low". Everything still functioning. Wondering what will happen if/when I reach 0% battery power?

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    I have 2 - 840 G4's that had various damage. So I took parts from both and made 1 working notebook with no damage. However the now working notebook didn't originally have a touch screen panel. It had the 1366X768 screen. I put the FHD touch panel in and it plugged in and it works, but the touch device option is missing in the bios. It should be under Advanced, Built in Device Options, Touch Device; right under the Fingerprint Device check box but it's not there.


    I flashed the latest bios and also reverted to a previous version but it doesn't show up. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but thought I would ask if it's possible to get this option to show up.


    The connector for the touch panel is on the motherboard and it plugged in just fine. I wonder if a chip on the motherboard might be missing.


    Any insight on this woudl be helpful. The tocuh panel worked on the notebook it came from.




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    I am seeing faint horizontal lines on my laptop display. The PC came this way out of the box. I updated all drivers and BIOS information and the problem persists. 


    More concerning, when trying to contact HP support, I get the following message for my product:


    This product is no longer serviced by HP. You may search for possible solutions on this support website.


    Can a moderator please create a case for me or someone provide some help? Thanks!

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    For years, I always used my VGA output to connect to an external monitor.  For my birthday, I got a portable monitor that connects with USB to USB.


    The multiple display section of the display settings does not have "duplicate" in the dropdown option:




    It IS successful to extend the display or to display on the 2nd monitor only.


    I have updated the video driver to the most recent version.


    Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

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    I can't get slide and sign to work on my computer anymore for processing credit cards. It used to work but doesn't anymore. Did a setting get changed? How do I find the setting for my touchscreen? It works if I click and sign with the mouse, but doesn't work to use the touchscreen to sign. Help!

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    i have an af104ne notebook

    and from the day I bought it i im using linux (opensuse) and  opensource drivers ...

    but now i want to use amdgpu PRO driver or old amd catalyst for more gpu power , but i cant find my  gpu model  to choice best matching driverimage.png




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  • 11/19/18--16:29: No signal via HDMI
  • Trying to attach a Huion GT191 Pen display via HDMI. No signal getting through.  Cannot duplicate display

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  • 11/19/18--18:33: touchscreen
  • Well i purcahsed a touchscreen computer and the touchscreen doesnt work or i cant get it to work, if someone anyone could help thatd be great. I tired calling customer support and they told me they couldnt help me.

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    A few months ago my touchscreen stopped working. I did everything possible to get it fixed and I even had the Windows store completely reinstall everything to no avail (the windows rep told me the hinge type on the spectre is famous for pinching the wires for the touchscreen).


    I have suffered without the touchscreen for a few months, and just tonight noticed that my hinge on the left is coming loose and having some issues opening/closing.


    I am now at a loss as to who to turn to (my warranty is up, purchaed computer from the windows store) and was hoping someone on here could help me.


    Thank you

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    I've had my hp notebook since Feb of 2016 and it has worked perfectly until a couple of days ago. On Thursday the screen became pink while I was watching a film and taking notes, not only did it turn pink but my screen also froze. Nothing would work, the only thing that did work was pressing down on the screen. It's been doing this a lot more frequently now, it'll just turn pink or black and white. The only way I can get it to stop is if I touch the screen with my finger. I have updated my display drivers and BIOS. But I'm not sure what else to do. I have college finals next week and I'm afraid of dropping off my laptop for a repair and not getting it back on time so that I can study for my finals. Can someone tell me what else I could do? Or if the laptop could run like this for two more weeks until I can drop it off to get repaired?


    Thank you!

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    There's no Intel Graphics Control Panel for the integrated GPU (Intel 620) when I right click on my desktop (nothing in the systray or program group). There are no Intel programs/applications installed. I have the latest driver from HP support installed. When I try to install the latest driver from Intel for Intel 620 it says that "The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." Could this be because the 8565U processor is too new?

    I calibrated the monitor and things still look "washed out". Adjusting the brightness doesn't help. I'm trying to adjust the saturation through the Intel Graphics Control Panel to see if it helps.

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    I am trying to fix a HP Envy 17 inch Laptop with a touch screen. It was purchased in November 2014. And the hinge on it broke

    I discovererd that this is fairly common problem for this laptop and a manufacturing defect. Because of the faulty hinge the laptop touch screen has also been damaged and has a huge crack above the hinge.  Other than this major problem the laptop works fine. Any help fixing this problem would be appreicated.

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    Lap top goes to sleep after 2 minutes of inactivity.  Windows power and sleep settings do not appear to change this.


    Very annoying.

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