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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/11/18--23:42: function buttons do not work
  • Functional buttons do not work, after the cat has passed through the keyboard. Do not work with the fn-button, do not work without the fn-buttons. How to enable function buttons? Please, help.

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  • 11/12/18--00:49: Replacement screen
  • I am trying to source a replacement screen for my Envy Notebook 13-d-009na Product No P0R95EA. Can anybody advise where I can obtain the part number for this screen to enable me to order one? Thanks. Steve

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    So my laptop didn't work last night when I started it because there was a black screen for a minute or two and then the arrow in which you can "control" with your mouse showed up on the screen. I shut down the PC and thought of fixing it in the morning.


    I have tried the BIO, pressing ALT + CTRL + delete, as well as pressing esc when starting my laptop to run a check through the hard drive and memory. Everything seems normal, and thus I don't see what the issue is. 


    What should I do to remove this black screen? 

    I'd appreciate your help. 

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    the pc was slow and I formatted it. but now I can not adjust the brightness of the screen with fn + f9 / f10. I already try to download all the drivers. can you tell me what to do? thanks

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    I came across an issue while playing HD videos in 15q-ds0010tu laptop. The screen has an amazing HD resolution , however while playing high res videos the videos doesnt look refined and looks all jagged and grainy. Surely, it doesnt look like a high res video and the quality is really poor. 

    Has anyone come across this issue with video playback on their HP 15q-ds0010tu.?? 

    Any tips or help or any driver related update is much appreciated.!

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    Hi, I would like to connect external monitor (4K resolution @60 Hz on DisplayPort) to Spectre x360 15-bl102nc via Thunderbolt 3.


    I bought cable on this link and supposted it to work. But I can not get image on the monitor.




    Is this wrong cable or should I try some settings?


    Thank you.

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  • 11/12/18--04:18: prt sc button
  • hello, my prt sc button is  off. Does someone know how i can put this on again?





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  • 11/12/18--06:58: fingerprint
  • Is there a fingerprint reader in this device I have downloaded the identification and fingerprint program but says that there is no reader fingerprint I want to make sure that there is a reader fingerprint in this device

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    I have exactly the same issue and try as I might I cannot find how to re-install the missing touch screen driver. Most odd to only be offered an 'uninstall' in order to get the touch screen working - which then is unfindable to actually re-enable!

    Any help gratefully welcome.

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  • 11/12/18--10:26: HP Envy Webcam Not Working
  • My computer no longer recognizes that I have a built-in webcam.  When I try to run any sort of webcam software (incluidng Youcam), I get an error message that says no camera is detected.  The device manager does not show any imaging devies.  When I select "show hidden devices" it only shows printers.  Please help!

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    Firs time it's happened 6 monts after purchase laptop. Keyboard worked only after completely discharged. After second one i gave the laptop to the service and then changed the keyboard but the problem did not go away. I have tried to change drivers (delete and set back), wait some times but i found the only one way - discharge battery for 0%, charge again and all will be work. It often happens when laptop cools down (for example: in my car 10 degrees and it stays there about 30 min - 1 hour). But it can happens for another reason in a normal temperature. I don't know what to do. Very sad use laptop for 1000$ with another keyboard. Thank you in advance!

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  • 11/12/18--13:33: brightness keys not working

    I recently changed Windows  to10 64bit. After that, the brightness hotkey is not working. 


    As I searched on this forum, I find that other people had simulair problems with other hp notebooks. The solution that worked for them, didn't work for me. and i cant find hotkey driver for my product.

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    I just got my new ZBook Studio x360 G5 workstationwith NVIDIA Quadro P1000 hooked up to my new Thunderbolt Dock G2 with Combo Cable and connected my two monitors to the two DP ports on the docking station.  The laptop's screen is displaying and one of the monitors is displaying but the other is black.  If I unplug the monitor that is working then the other monitor starts displaying but turns off as soon as I reconnect the other screen.  I have rebooted, updated drivers, and all that stuff.


    I have spent a rediculous amount of time trying to resolve this,  Any help would be greatly apreciated.



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    Hi, My touch capabilities stopped functioning. HID touchscreen was not available in my device manager and only appeared under hidden devices. No updates were available so I uninstalled the driver. It did not reinstall after a restart. Does nayone know how to reinstall it?

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    I've been having a fan problem where sometimes I just open a browser and the middle of the computer gets very hot, almost to the point where I can't touch it long before I have to pull my hand away.

    Also for the hinge, they've been a bit crooked, and have been getting more crooked ever since I've started flipping the screen to use in presentation mode or tablet mode.

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    I'm also having this issue, with both the HP pen and the Microsoft Surface 2018 pen. In the past, I noticed that I had the "most" problems when the screen was at 100% brightness. Setting it to 75% or less seemed to help. In fact, for a while, I had pretty consistent performance at 50% brightness, with the laptop unplugged.

    However, lately since the latest updates, it's skipping again consistently, probably 1 out of every 10 letters.

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    Hi Here

    I was looking exactly for that notebook that bought today. During setup the laptop I noticed this "high frequency" noise that appears when I make display brightness less than 100%. I like everything except this noise.

    The question is: what to do? 

    A. Is this covered by warranty and can be fixed?


    B. Should I ask online shop to change the item


    C. This is common for each product' items and there is nothing to do with this? In this case I'll have to return the laptop and buy something else.


    Thank you for your advices and opinions. 

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  • 11/12/18--18:19: How to Disable touchscreen
  • Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with a google search on this topic. My screen cracked and made the laptop nearly unusable. I contacted HP tech support and they insisted I could not disable it and had to have the screen replaced. For $600.

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    I just bought a brand new HP Spectre x360 15t laptop. The ones that just came out this november. The touchscreen is choppy. Most of the time it stops scrolling and then starts again. It basically jumps ahead. Most of the time it takes a second to start scrolling. vI calibrated the touch screen which had no effect.

    This laptop is brand new and i havent added anything besides chrome browser. Im very dissapointed.

    What can i do to make the touchscreen responsive. I have an older cheaper hp laptop that responds better to touch.


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    I cannot seem to find how to reverse the scrolling of the touchpad of the laptop. I have searched other threads and don't seem to have the same driver setup. I do not have the clickpad settings in the mouse properties window, nor the registry paths to change that some articles mention. I have fully updated both windows and my touchpad drivers.


    HP Envy x360 - AMD Ryzen 5

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