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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I’m trying to put in a support ticket. The clip snapped off a three month old tilt pen but I can’t find the serial number. I no longer have the packaging. Is the serial number discoverable on the pen itself or in some device configuration on my connected spectre notebook? I purchased the extended support for my hardware direct from HP.

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  • 11/10/18--10:58: driver display adaptor error
  • windows 8.1 blue screen death when I install display adapter driver for HP Envy M6

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    I have a dv7-1000eg, which made the following:

    It is working fine, for over 8 years, but one day the screen got darker and darker, and it went completely dark. This took about 30 seconds.

    Connecting a screen to the VGA port works fine, the GPU is good. When I shine a light to the screen I see silhouettes, so I assume the backlight is out. I have taken apart the whole device but saw no obvious damages. What could be the issue? What do I need to test / check / change?

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  • 11/10/18--15:49: Resolution Issues
  • I'm having issues with my PC's resolution. It keeps defaulting to a (from what I can tell) 1280 pixel resolution when it should be at 1600. I tried uninstalling the Display Adapter and it was at its normal resolution when I turned it on but went back to 1280. Any way to fix this or is my PC just messed up? 

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    I have a laptop that is about 4/5 years old and the screen recently broke on it. Its not the glass, rather the underneath bit that I couldn't name if I tried.

    I've been using my laptop no problem by using my tv as a monitor through a HDMI cable. I started up my laptop today and was checking the news when the whole system shut down unexpectedly. I tried turning it back on but now the screen doesn't display on my tv or any others in the house. I'm not sure if there is possibly an update or something stopping me from logging in and the screen showing. 

    I can't tell as the screen on my laptop is completely screwed.

    Would appreciate any help whatsoever 

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  • 11/10/18--18:15: HP Pen Compatibility
  • I have a Spectre x360 13-w0xx and recently bought a HP Pen so I can take notes in class. It doesn't work. Is the pen not compatible with my laptop? 
    Is there a stylus that would work with it? 

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     I brought a new hp spectre x360 15¨ and when I was watching a video in 1080p60 HD the image started to shake and the brigtness was changing less and more. It is not a really notice aspect, but you can see it if you are watching a movie or a video. Is it a software probrem?

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    When recording my speech using the inbuilt webcam (HP True Vision HD Camera) and the Camera app, the screen freezes and I get the error message VideoCaptureStartTimeout.  Before I start recording the webcam can track my movements in real time.  So the problem occurs when the recording starts. I downloaded another app in case, and that shows my that I start with 30FPS but on recording, it drops to 1FPS, and scuppers any recording.  I've updated the app and driver.

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  • 11/11/18--01:21: Light spot
  • There are several light spot on the display. 

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  • 11/11/18--02:16: Skype cannot detect camera
  • In both Skype for desktop, and Skype for Business, my camera is not detected. See screenshots.


    I've tried a few things as suggested in various places, but nothing's changed. I'm just going to list some details now, any help greatly appreciated!



    My camera works, and I can use it with the Camera app (from Microsoft Store).


    Under Device Manager, my camera is listed under "Cameras", however most support articles assume that it should be listed under "Imaging Devices". I do not have a section called "Imaging Devices".


    I have tried to update drivers.

    I have used HP's drivers page to install the HP Universal Camera Driver:


    This package contains an HP Universal Camera Driver to support the integrated webcams in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system."



    2015.10.16299.3 Rev.A

    Operating systems:

    Windows 10 (64-bit)

    Release date:

    Mar 15, 2018





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  • 11/11/18--02:20: Touchpad
  • I have HP Spectre X360 Windows 10 X 64.  Touchpad all of sudden stopped working. So I do not have mouse now. I use an external mouse and it works. I have tried everything.  Updating the driver, downloading HP driver, reinstalling windows.  I am not sure whrn but for a short moment it works and then gone again.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • 11/11/18--04:05: usb-c g4 docking system
  • Hello all


    I have a HP envy 13 and a usb-c G4 docking station.

     I want to connect 3 hp w2072a screens with a display port to dvi converteer cable.

    I tried it with one monitor and no signal

    The dp port is dp++ and the cable is passive dl to dvi

    THe HDMI port works if i connect HDMi to vga.


    How to do the connection?

    Must I get 2 active DP conversters or instead 2 dp to vga converters ?






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    Does HP pavillion Power Laptop15-cb011nc supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode?

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  • 11/11/18--06:47: Screen distorted and jumpy
  • My HP Spectre 15t-bl100 has been having screen issues for the past month. Sometimes when I turn on the computer, the screen gets jumpy and distorted like in the link helow. Sometimes it goes away logging in and other times it doesnt. The problem also happens in the BIOS screen. Over time the problem has gotten progressively worse. I have tried  downgrading and upgrading drivers however, the problem still persists. My warranty also expired in April, so if I were to send in this computer, how expensive would it be to fix, assuming its a hardwire issue?




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    Whenever I open a programme, be it the internet or word etc, my laptop immediately scrolls to the bottom of the page. It then won’t let me scroll up the page. 

    I have trouble shooted the mouse pad and there are no apparent issues


    I have also just tried to use the arrows with the same result. 

    thanks for your help

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    I have an HP Pavillion laptop (15-cd099nia) with primary AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Chipset and linked AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M340 Graphics Chipset. you can see in these Images :


    I use windows 10 and I have chosen the high performance in the AMD panel for my games:



    but its still trying to run the game on primary graphics chipset as you can see:




    I also checked all options in crossfire menu, and also tried to disable dual graphics in the panel, and also tried to disable primary graphics cards driver, none of them didn't change results. can anyone help me?

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    My HP Pavillion laptop had an old battery, so I replaced it and it worked fine. Until one day I turned it off and when I was trying to turn it on again, it won’t start. The power button blinks once and that’s it. I read a thread earlier and someone had the same problem as mine. The thread suggested to discharge the CMOS battery. In my model I couldn’t locate the CMOS battery, then I figured it must be inside my actual battery for the laptop. 

    It worked once, and then when I put everything together and tried to turn it on. It did the same thing, the power button blinks once and that it.

    Note: I have tried to reboot BIOS but it won’t display it.

    Any help would be grateful. Thank you. 

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    had new hard drive installed everything that i know works except for my hdmi port . Im unable to view video to my tv as I did at one time. furthermore missing hp coolsense. Am I missing drivers  or i s programs missing ?

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  • 11/11/18--18:42: hp spectre x360 creaking
  • I made a short video of what mine sounds like.  I am thinking I should return this one for another model - unless, that is, they all exhibit the same issue.  Can you tell me if this is what yours sounds like?

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