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    Hello HP Community, 


    I noticed that the latest driver version for the Radeon Vega card is much newer on the Intel website than on the HP site.


    HP Site: Driver Version 23.20.792.1280 Rev.A from 13.Feb.2018

    Intel: Driver Version 18.10.2 from 8.Nov. 2018 Beta, Driver Version 18.6.1 from 13.Jun.2018.


    I was trying to have installed the Vega driver from the Intel website, but ended up in blue screens or driver not assigned (Code 52). So, I am back to the latest driver provided by HP website (Driver Version 23.20.792.1280 Rev.A).


    Is it really the case, that we have to use the drivers provided by HP and not directly from the component supplier (in this case Intel)? The Intel processor, HD 630 and Radeon Vega is one chip / device, isn't it? No hardware change by HP, but why must then the driver provided by HP (if this is the case)?

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    I just recntly bought a Pavillion x360 14-cd0004nj laptop and the screen randomly flickers from time to time,  its fast but you notice it . at flickers at the side,middle... and its like moving from one side of the screen to another.

    what can i do to fix it ? or should i return the laptop and ask for knew one.

    im running :

    windows 10 (64-bit)

    256GB SSD

    and thank you.


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    When I try to use my pen to write/draw, it works fine if my hand is not touching the screen, but if it is, any time I try to draw/write it registers input as jumping up and down the screen creating a very jagged line 

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    I've had my HP for about a year and half and I have experienced no problems until today. I used the device last night to watch a movie on netflix, I fell asleep and am assuming the laptop went into sleep mode. When I went to turn on the device this morning, I was horrified to find the screen was covered in pink/white horizontal lines. The background looked black and I have no access to a cursor. I tried restarting my computer but the same pink lines popped up.


    Is there an easy fix for this? Please help! 



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    Does anyone know if it is possible to map a touch-hold event to the left-button-hold mouse event?

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    This is a recurring issue with several types of Docks, Laptops, Monitors throughout my support areas but here I will focus on one specific Laptop/Dock/Monitor combo that seems to be unsolvable.


    The laptop/setup is: an EliteBook 1040 G4 connected to a HP Thuderbolt 3 Dock 120W G2 with Dual EliteDisplay E243i Monitors both connected by Displayport.


    The issue is: one or both monitors will intermittently flicker, blink, or lose signal for anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes or until a restart.



    In this specific case I gave the user a temperary loaner laptop of a different model (EliteBook 840 G5) and the issue STILL happened. I've also tried a different style Dock (HP Elite 90W Thunderbolt 3 Dock with firmware fully updated) and the issue still happened. I also tried a known working pair of EliteDisplay E241i (older model) monitors and the issue still happend.


    I've attempted to troubleshoot every component of the setup. Here is a breakdown of what I tried:

    Windows 10 64bit Enterprise 1709
    Updated to the latest BIOS (01.23 Rev.A - Release Date Aug 17, 2018) 
    Updated to the latest of every driver using HP Support Assistant including Thunderbolt 3, Chipset, Graphics Drivers, Audio, Network.

    I also sent the Laptop in to HP and had the motherboard replaced. I tried reinstalling Windows 10 and all of the above BIOS and Drivers
    Issue remains.


    1)Updated HP Elite 90W Thunderbolt 3 Dock Firmware
    2)For the HP Thuderbolt 3 Dock 120W G2 - I Couldnt find a firmware update. Only found a Audio Driver and a Ethernet Controller Driver which were both installed.
    Issue remains.


    Installed HP E243i LCD Monitor Driver (1.00 Rev.A)
    I tried setting the monitor settings DP Hot-Plug Detection - Always Active.
    I tried setting the Default Input to DisplayPort
    I tried Turning "Auto Sleep Mode" off
    I tried Turning "Auto Switch Input" off
    I tried brand new Displayport cables
    Issue Remains.


    I tried Plugging the Monitors and Dock into a new surge protector/power strip and also directly in the wall
    Issue Remains.


    After troubleshooting this issue with this specific laptop/setup I've exausted every option and am now asking if anyone else has been able to solve this issue.


    Like I said at the beginning this is happening with several models of HP laptops and Docks in my support area including Elitebook 840 G3, Elitebook 840 G5, EliteBook 1040 G3, EliteBook 1040 G4, HP UltraSlim Docking Station, HP Thuderbolt 3 Dock 120W G2, HP Elite 90W Thunderbolt 3 Dock. The above is one of many instances that is really important to resolve as quickly as possible. Any solution or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


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  • 11/13/18--06:49: screen dead
  • My hp spectre is a little over a year old and the screen died on me. I have not dropped it and have not done any damage to it. I can not find hp's email to contact them. I am very frustrated considering my computer is only  a year old and there is no email contact number

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    I have "HP Omen 15-ax020ur" notebook with a broken display.

    I disassemled it and found out that the display was "AUO B156HAN04.1" with "EDP-30P2L-020A" connector.

    Display cable has marks "G35LC001", "DD0G35LC001" and "LXP3A6D136".


    Now I want to replace the broken display with a new one. I could buy the same display model, or I could try to buy a better one.

    However, I'm quite new to this sort of things and have some questions.


    Will my display cable work with all "EDP-30P2L-020A" connectors?

    What if a new display has higher power consumption?

    Will it work with "EDP-30P2L-020Q" connectors?

    Is it possible to use new display cable to connect 40pin display? If it's possible, how can I find a suitable one?


    Any help and advice would be appreciated!

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    no error messages

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    How do I stop cursor from moving constantly all over my desktop and apps opening randomly.  It's like someone else is controlling my computer. Can't get my work done.  Geek just updated and fixed it for me a week ago.  It's doing same again.  This is a business laptop only 1 year old

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    I have the same problem, and this is my second x360, the first one had the same problems, i thought the problem persisted.

    it still occurs with my second laptop now.

    It would be a shame if i have to send it back again.


    is there a solution, over 6 months later?

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    When I connect my 4K PC to a FHD TV via HDMI, the PC only outputs a HD signal. When I try to change the display mode on the TV from HD to FHD via Settings, the PC drops from 4K to FHD. Why can’t I get 4K on the PC and FHD on the TV at the same time?

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    Without warning, I can't click on anything with my touchpad. I did not install anything new or update anything. I was hoping I just clicked something off, but can't seem to find it. I have uninstalled driver, restarted laptop twice. Updated driver to latest version. Set touchpad to default. The strange thing is that when I try to do the steps in support, the options shown are not listed when I open up Symantec touchpad settings. There is no box to click for clickpad or no click settings to change. I have attached a USB mouse and it works fine. 


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  • 11/14/18--03:11: Grainy webcam video
  • When using Skype the video quality from my webcam is grainy/fuzzy.. simply terrible. It's worse than my old laptop!! I really regret buying HP.  Does anyone know if there are better drivers or a specific driver to improve the quality of my webcam.

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    After update of Windows 10 ---- not work button F1 or Fn+f1 for expand display

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    Recently bought a HP Pavilion G15 laptop with dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.

    But apparently it is not detected. In Task Manager I see this GPU is always 0%, and I ran a test, which says "could not find any compatible direct3d devices".  The program GeForce Experience also didn't detect the dedicated graphics card.


    So far I have tried:


    Upgrade driver

    Roll Back driver

    Delete driver and reboot.


    Online I came across a solution to update my BIOS,

    but I am not sure I want to do that because I know nothing about that.

    My current BIOS is: F.08-06/11/2018 (6th November 2018)


    Can someone help me please?


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    My daughter has an HP 14-bs057sa and in the last few days the touchpad buttons have stopped working. The touchpad works as far as moving the curser around the screen but neither the buttons or tapping the pad works to select anything. I have updated the drivers, rolled back the drivers, uninstalled and re installed the touchpad. Nothing seems to work.


    The operating system is Windows 10. I am a bit of a novice at this sort of thing so I'm hoping it's a simple fix.


    Thanks in advance



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    The screen will be black after login then it says your Windows licences will soon expire. You need to activate Windows in settings. After I close that message it’s just a black screen. I don’t know why. Please some one should help me 

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    Good day community, 


    trust this finds you well.


    I do not seem to find video card drivers that work.


    I have given up on my battle to find appropiate video drivers for my computer, i have tried intels website aswell as the hp website with the link and no success.


    serial no: CNF0103N26

    hope you may help

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    Hi, I have some problems with the touch pad of my laptop. When I use it often it doesn't answer to my touch and the flash cursor moves alone in another place of the screen, usually down where there is the menu bar.  There is not a rule of that. Sometimes it happens very often and other times not at all. If I use the mouse i have no problem with the cursor.

    Since I bought it, it's working in that way, so I was using it not very often and with mouse, but I would like anyway to solve this priblem.

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