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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    my laptop not working i think bios problem i need bios for this

    model  hp 15-bs234wm   

    prodid   3tt19ua#aba


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    Please recommend docking station(s) that will work with HP Notebook Model 17-ca0009cy (17").  I want to use my prior desktop's monitor and keyboard, and not have to deal with a lot of cable movement/unplugging when I take laptop with me.  Thanks!

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    i've treid connecting my elitedisplay S14 to my 840G4, however it says:


    on the elitedisplay S14:

    USB-C video: inactive

    Input signal not found - check the video cable and video source


    on my laptop I get a windows notification (translated from dutch):

    Monitor connect may be limited.

    Check if the Displayport device with which you are makeing a connection is being supported by your PC.

    Click here for more info. 


    Anyone who knows what's going wrong?


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    I’m trying to bend my hp computer into tablet, it doesn’t go, so can u help me

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  • 10/31/18--10:08: touch screen not working
  • my touchscreen is not working please help I have fun the diagnostics tests, i have done everything that i could find to do. please help i am losing my mind. 

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    I wonder if outer display is meant to be used with notebooks in general.

    I have connected VGA display with USB-C - VGA adapter, but the display does not recognize the laptop. The status of the VGA port is "No display" when the display is starting and scanning display ports.

    Kind regards

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    I have contacted support and upon inspecting my laptop they have determined that the damage was my fault. The screen unit had been protruding from the laptop frame and closing the laptop lid caused the glass to crack. I believe the issue stems from poor adhesive connecting the screen to the frame, which to me, seems like it should be considered a manufacturing defect.


    What are my options?



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    I just bought a new laptop and after unboxing it I noticed that there is a lump in the center of the keyboard and on the back. Everything seems to work but I am worried that it will cause a issue later.

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  • 10/31/18--14:40: Touchscreen or not
  • I like to know if this laptop/nootebook has a touch screen, and if so should it work under windows 10

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    i keep getting this warning and am not aware of how to fix it the warning states as follows " The AMD VISION Engine Control Center is not supported by the driver ve update your version of your enabled graphics adapter  please update your AMD Graphics driver or enable your AMD adapter using the displays Manager"   I cannot find the adaptor in my device manager and dont see the displays Manager

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  • 10/31/18--19:48: Screen Colour
  • The screen colour is off, seems saturated, too dark, whites washed, defintaely not good, pretty frustrating for a new laptop.

    Color calibration wont solve it.

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    I have a serious problem about HDMI output. 

    After I formatted my laptop, I installed WIndow 7 64bit. 

    I downloaded and installed graphic drivers from this website (for dm4t-1100), but graphic drivers doesn't work.

    It causes BSOD or black screen. I downloaded drivers from AMD website, but they don't work.

    I think the reason that HDMI is not working is due to graphic drivers. (My monitor and cable are fine)

    Graphic drivers for dm4t-1100 on website are not for Radeon HD 5470, but for Radeon HD 6370.

    Does anybody know how to solve this problem? 


    My OS: Window 7 64bit

    Laptop: HP Pavilion dm4t-1100

    Graphic Card: Radeon Mobility HD 5470

    What : BSOD or black screen when I install graphic drivers. HDMI doesn't work.

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  • 10/31/18--20:17: Key Backlighting
  • I'm wondering if my HP Envy Laptop can change the back lighting on the key board? I've seen videos on other Envys but i would like to know if mine could?

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    BSOD in SPUVCbv64.sys when waking from hybernation reporting SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in two laptops: HP Elitebook Folio G1 and HP X360 1030 G2, both with IR face camera

    Both are with IR face login camera and issue happens randomly from hybernation.



    This is IR face camera driver and I see many people complaining without any actual real solution that works (other than people being misled as the nature of the issue is random or they just give up).


    I did all windows troubleshooting and reinstalled driver and any other reasonable suggested "walk up and down" suggestion. Both systems are very clean, fully updated with windows 10 update as well as HP driver updates.

    This issue looks to have long history and PLEASE HP, instead of walking people arround with useless misguidance, FIX IT once for all as your reputation is at stake. If you still have IR driver development team, contact them to reproduce and fix! If your team is subcontracted, contact them and either demand to fix per support or pay to fix. Either way, please do not ignore this as it is getting very bad for HP reputation!

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    hi  all,

    my laptop (HP 250 G6 Notebook PC) mounts the video card "Intel HD Graphics 620"


    it does not give me the chance to go beyond the resolution: 1366 x 768


    do you know if there is a way to set a higher resolution?


    thanks, bye


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    I have an issue with my Zbook 15G4 with used with a hp thunderbolt Dock 230W G2.


    The problem is related to the dock, and whether I connect to dock from a running laptop, or boot from powered off.

    If I power the notebook up when already docked, there are no issues, and both screens work.

    But if I connect the dock to my notebook already runinng (coming back from a meeting), then only one screen will be active. If I then try and restart the notebook I still only have one screen. But if I power the dock on and off, and restart I will now get both screens.


    Anyone have an idea what is going on? Its rather frustrating the amount of extra booting needed. The Zbook is fully updated, I have not see updated to the dock of relevance.

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    hello All

    i am an designer and i want to use pen/stylus to draw and make sketches on my notebook so i want to know what pen/stylus work for hp envy notebook m7-n109dx ?

    does anyone try it and how was the experience .. dose it worth it ?

    can i use any of wacom (bamboo) pen .. are they compatible ?

    what is your recomendations ? and what software to use ?

    thanks you 

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  • 11/01/18--06:51: screen damage
  • My laptop currently is in warranty.

    Last day, when i opened the cover  i saw that the screen was broken.

    I know that  never drop , no strike, and no any stress apply on the screen.


    Service told me that this is a customer induced fault and we do not repair it without any payment.


    I accept to pay app. 160 $ for repair. They gave me back the faulty screen 

     When I examine the screen I understand that the broken area is the out of my reach , I means beside the hinge, inside the cover.

    Now I ask community:

    İsn't this a manufacturer defect ?

    İs there any user induced fault when ı open and close the cover of laptop day by day


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    Serial: 8CG71412DY

    Product: 1BQ14UA#ABA

    Model: 17-x116dx

    Trying to figure out for sure if this laptop has a touchscreen, was listed in an ebay ad as touchscreen and after much troubleshooting, starting to think this laptop doesn't come with a touchscreen. Can someone please verify this.DeviceManager.pngHP Assistant PC Info.pngOS Properties.png

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  • 11/01/18--11:36: Hp Tilt Pen
  • Hi,


    I have recieved a gift which contained a HP tilt pen, unfortunately it is not working on my HP ENVY x360 -15-ar052sa (ENERGY STAR), I was able to connect it via bluetooth but it does not write, the button on top of the pen seems to work after pressing it, the windows ink space comes up, can anybody assist me further? 


    Kind Regards.



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