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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I bought Microsoft Surface Pen with Tilt support. 
    Drawinig and pressure working fine with my HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ae0xx
    but, how about recognizing tilt? 
    Spectre x360 support tilt from Surfuce Pen? I try varius drivers but nothing working :(

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  • 11/01/18--13:52: Active pen issue
  • Hello,

    I've bought a Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-cd0xxx one month ago. when I'm working with OneNote, the pen doesn't work well: sometimes it track a horizontal lines, isn't fluent. I've tried to calibrate the pen but it didn't resolve the problem. How I can resolve? Can I update others drivers?

    Thanks for the support



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    I am having this same issue, to a lesser degree. Is there any way I can get in contact with hp support? I have had this laptop for about a year and am well outside of its warranty, so I need to find a fix instead of a replacement.



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    I recently (1 month ago) purchased the HP Envy x360 15-cn0700ng. The problem that I will describe has been present since day 1, so it's not due to any installations or changes I made.


    The laptop has a "Synaptics SMBus ClickPad" with driver version from 26.06.2018. Usually, it works just fine, however, sometimes it spontaneously starts to fail. Specifically, the two finger scrolling function will be affected - all other gestures like pointing, two finger tap (to right-click), three finger swipe down (to minimize all windows) etc still work perfectly. The scrolling function, while normally smooth and consistent will start behaving erratically: Taking a long time (and fast finger movements) to register any scrolling at all, which will then be extremely slow and jumpy. In short, highly irregular.


    This problem goes away when I reinstall the driver (and, I'm pretty sure, when I simply restart the laptop), however it reappears after a certain time at unpredictable moments. Usually I'm simply scrolling down a page when this behavior suddenly starts...


    Any suggestions for a permanent fix are welcome. I'm happy to give further details if needed.

    Best regards

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  • 11/01/18--21:31: My screen is black
  • My screen is blank

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  • 11/01/18--22:35: HP Envy calibration
  • When I calibrate my just-bought HP Envy laptop, the shown percent of the sRGB gamut is 97%. A 2017 review of the Envy states this:


    "The panel produces an impressive 209 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is much better than other desktop replacements that hover around 100 percent, like the previous model of the Envy 17 (111 percent)"


    What can account for the difference?

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    I attempted to fix the rapid phantom touch I have been experiencing by installing the firmware for my touch screen on HP's website. I searched for the updates using my model number but I'm not sure how to find the correct one and I believe I've installed the wrong software. Now the touch screen has stopped working completely! My model number is 13-4197ms.

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  • 11/02/18--02:08: battery time from % to hours
  • I would like to change the setting of the remaining battery time from % to hours and minutes. Where  can I do this?


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    Elitebook 840 G5: since October bios update (Q78 Ver. 01.04.00) system no longer connects from HDMI to external monitors under Win 10 64bit.

    Question 1: is there a specific bios module that I can roll back?  if yes, what is the SP Nr.?
    Question 2: how do I roll back the entire bios update (if needed)

    Question 3: which overall bios pack version was prior to the one now installed (from HP)?


    (I am travelling so I have not yet tried the docking station).





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    my hp envy x360 screen glass is cracked, how do i replace the glass alone? the screen is working perfectly fine. from where do i order the screen glass? 

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  • 11/02/18--03:59: Display replacement
  • My notebook has recently developed a white bright spot on the display. It is very distracting especially on white background.

    So I am planning to replace the display, The notebook is out-of-warranty so I would preferrably do it myself.


    I was looking through some reddit threads and many people there say HP whitelists parts in BIOS, so a component not in the list wouldn't work. That is pretty scummy if that's true and very incoveninent.


    I do not wish to get the same display again because it's a very dull and mediocre display. Very low brightness, poor color gamut.


    The panel it's using is B156HAN04.1

    I wish to replace it with B15HAN04.2 or B156HAN04.5


    Would these work? Has anyone replaced the screen on this model of notebook, and if yes which display did you replace it with?

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    My laptop screen will gradually fade into a grey screen with grey circles but when I turn it off and on again it is fine. This has happened about 4 times over the year and seems to be at random times. Does anyone know what could be the cause of the problem? I have inserted a picture of what it looked like the last time it happened.

    IMG_7852 (2).JPG

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    Issue: laptop's on-board discrete graphics card (AMD radeon 7670m) is only detected as 'Microsoft Basic Display adapter' - attempting to install drivers prompts that windows finds the current driver is most updated, does not want to install the 7670m card drivers on Hp support site



    HP envy 6-1118tx sleekbook


    intel hd 4000 integrated graphics

    AMD Radeon 7670m discrete graphics

    Windows 8.1 updated to sometime october this year

    All drivers are off of the HP support site found using my device code


    Problem description:

    So far, the intel hd 4000 integrated graphics works normally but the discrete graphics card is only detected as 'Microsoft basic display adapter' despite my best attempts at telling windows otherwise.

    When did the problem start?

    over the past 2 years I wasn't able to use this computer often, but I did update to windows 10, after which a great many things didn't work, but updates and other fixes managed to fix them - except my being able to play games that needed to switch to the discrete card. I googled a little, saw that there weren't going to be win10 supported drivers for this card, so I made the choice to downgrade to win8.1 Ever since, I haven't been able to get this card going.


    Attempts to fix:

    Reinstalled the whole OS, about 6 times first using HP recovery, when that didn't work, wiped everything (recovery partition and all) and got an 8.1 ISO off of the microsoft website and installed that.

    All driver installations and updates work until attempting to install the driver for the discrete graphics card. Installing that promptly causes BSOD and the failure prompt for ATIKMPAG.sys.


    Forced attempt [1] to install the 7670m discrete card driver:

    1. extract the corresponding driver from hp Support site to a directory

    2. right click 'microsoft basic display adapter' > update driver

    3. Choose from ..

    4. point to extracted directory, 'next'

    This prompts windows to say that the microsoft basic display adapter is already the most updated version


    Force attempt [2] to install the 7670m discrete card driver:

    1. extract the corresponding driver from hp support site to a directory

    2. run setup file in that directory

    This causes the setup to execute. BUT windows doesn't seem to think that's a driver.

    3. right click - update offending adapter > choose from.. > choose the installation directory of step 2.

    This makes windows recognize a 'AMD 7600 series display' with a yellow ! triangle, code 43.


    referencing these resources:


    I attempt to follow this 'expand' command. however, unlike the 'atikmpag.sys' mentioned in the second link above, I have:

    2 of atikmpag.sy_ and 2 of atikmdag.sy_ (from different root directories) originating from one installation.


    the atikmpag.sy_ is 500+ KB wheras the atikmdag.sy_ is 10+ MB.


    I try following the instructions one by one.

    expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmpag.sys

    expands into a 27MB file which I place in the system32/drivers folder and restart.

    This doesn't work - doesn't throw a different error, nor does it cause a BSOD. just error code 43.


    expand.exe atikmpag.sy_ atikmpag.sys

    gives me a 650KB file and an error message: cannot expand atikmpag.sys onto itself.


    I ignore that and put that file into system32/drivers/ and restart.

    This time, it works! Sort of. the 7600m series does not show a yellow ! sign, says the device is working normally.

    BUT intel hd4000 throws a code 43, yellow !.

    dxdiag shows my display to be only a microsoft basic display adapter.

    so no, it doesn't work.


    Now, I'm at my wit's end trying to fix this. Any help would be most appreciated.

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    brightness hotkey not working , and vloume hotkeys is already working , and i update the last update of all drivers

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  • 11/02/18--06:51: pen suport
  • What pen is compatible with the spectre x360 13-4051na?

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    Hi Support Team,


    My laptop not connect multiple displays. I did checked all plug, it was fine. It just showing that didnt detect another displays.

    Please advise how to fix them.


    Thank you,


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  • 11/02/18--09:02: Broken hinge
  • My daughter went to open her laptop and the hinge busted through the screen.  Since it's only ten mounths old it should be under warrinty. Right?

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    I have been trying to get the touchscreen drivers but i can't find it anywhere, where do i get them?

    my computer is: HP 250 G5 NOTEBOOK PC

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    I started my laptop yesterday and suddenly I noticed that my screen seemed brighter than usual. I realized that there is a white layer/fog over my computer monitor, and it is making the display very hard on the eyes. I have tried a factory reset, recalibrating the display and I reinstalled the display driver, but thay did not solve the problem. I noticed that whenever I reset my computer, the display will look normal for a second, and then the white layer will return. I went into BIOS mode and the display looks Normal there, so I am guessing that it is a software or setting problem. Any suggestions what might be causing the problem? 

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  • 11/02/18--17:39: PC Webcam is not working
  • HP TrueVision HD Webcam (front-facing) with integrated dual array digital microphone is not working properly for skype, youcam, camera. Device Manager has the device status as working properly for PC Camera. Update Driver option resulted in the best drivers are already installed. The 'Events' tab has a message, "Device USB\VID_1BCF&PID_0B09&MI_00\6&ef07ea2&0&0000 requires further installation." How do I install this?

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