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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I want to be working with this laptop using 3 screens at the same time, the laptop screen would be the main screen, the other 2 should be an extended screen.



    Is there someway to do it through the OS? I know that people with Linux can do it. I could only get it using an external USB to VGA adapter which is not giving the perfect result, as I get quality issues with the information being shown on that screen.


    This laptop has a VGA display belonging to an internal ATI GPU in the computer and the HD 4000 Graphics integrated in the mainboard, with a HDMI connection but I have no chance to run that config...



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    The "night light" option is greyed out on my displays setting and the quick access button is also greyed out.  I found this when i was trying to troubleshoot my camera.  I cant find the driver or where to download a new driver as well for teh camera.  none of the apps that use teh camera will do so, i tried checking the security and firewall but that all seemed to be how it was supposed to be.

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  • 10/24/18--11:20: No graphic driver updates
  • Hi,

    I wonder why there are absolutely no recent graphic driver updates for the envy x360 15-bq101ng. Since this model uses the amd 2500u mobile apu, the drivers are provided by the oems (hp in this case) only. 

    The last update was in 2017 and there are much newer driver versions for this apu out there as I can see on other models and other notebooks of other brands that use the same apu. I've bought this notebook about 2 month ago and I am very dissapointed that there are no updates. 

    A lot of vulkan extensions, fixes etc. were added in the last few month in the driver, which aren't usable in the old driver versions hp is providing.

    I know that it's possible to just download and install the driver from one of the other models, however it's not my job to find workarounds to install updates for a model which is still sold and is rather new. 

    Is this model already EOL or something? The quite similiar envy x360 models still receive the updates while this model isn't. Also that models already received 2 new bios versions (F19 & F20) while this model is still stuck at F17 with the same errors that got fixed in F19&F20. AMD fixes a lot of stuff with the AGESA updates which are provided with bios updates.


    I don't want to get rid of this notebook since I acutally really like its design and internals, however, with that bad update policy and the non-existent linux support (touchscreen not working under linux without patching the kernel to workaround bios bugs, and lots of acpi errors) the notebook is basically unusable.


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    I want to know which HP Pen is compatible with my Laptop...?

    My Laptop is: HP ENVY m6-aq100 x360 Convertible PC


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    I noticed a round pattern with dollar signs/ S letters in the background of my screen. You can see it under the right light whether the screen is on or off. Does anyone know how to fix this or what causes this? 

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    MY DISPLAY HAS SMALL BLACK SPOT OF PIN SIZE AND NW IT STARTED TO EXPAND DAY BY DAY SO wts the solution for that if i need to change it hw much it may cost approximately 

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  • 10/25/18--00:14: touchscreen driver missing
  • touchscreen driver missing

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    AMD Radeon HD8400 /R3 Series and 8600M Series mouse lagging after last update in windows 10

    if you downgrade to first update or you disable one cart graphic in device meneger so working perfect but when you do update your graphic cart or enable graphic number 2 in device meneger so your mouse lagging after 5 secound

    pavilion 15-n018so

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    Good afternoon!
    Please, help me with understanding what the problem may be with the HP Pavilion 15-p100nr laptop (2014th), which, while charging, demonstrates the following miracles:
    - while using the touchpad, the mouse cursor twitches across the screen like a crazy one
    - a loudspeakers, connected to another computer at the other corner of the room, make loud noise when I connect the laptop with a charging socket
    All current drivers are installed, including Bios
    Plus the laptop seriously overheats: the temprature without any opened programs is about 45-50 C
    Thank you in advance for your response
    Respectfully, Nataly

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  • 10/25/18--01:40: Display upgrade
  • 39.62 cm(15.6) diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768)

    can this display be upgraded to full hd IPS ? and does this laptop have graphics driver for ubuntu ?

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    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 16.25.57.jpeg


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    I had a problem with my HP envy m7 j010dx motherboard as a result of bios update failure, which kill the motherboard and I have bought a replacement and install it but when I turn the laptop on I get the black screen and caps lock LED flashes 3 times and then stopped for about 10 seconds and flashes again. The LED light is white and is very dimmed(not bright). The flashing of the LED caps lock is not the same as that of memory module problem. Please anyone with idea of what's going on help.

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    I have a USB-C Video adapter that says it needs the USB-C ports to be capable of Display Port Alternate Mode. It doesn't seem to work with my ZBook 17 G5.

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    This did not work.  I can’t use my actual keyboard although the touchscreen keyboard is off in settings 

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    I am trying to help one of employees who has a HP ProBook 450 G5 and is using it with a docking station and using Dual Monitors connected to that docking station.


    The issue is when she initially boots her laptop the displays show a blue light but the display remains black. She can eventually pick up the displays but she always has to reboot the laptop. There hae been times where it took up to an hour to pick up the display.


    I have changed out the docking station with the same results.

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    I just update my Windows 10 on my HP 15-f337wm and the touch screen has stop working. Windows device manager does not even recognise it( As if my device does not support touch screen ) but it was working fine before the update. Please help me.

      Thanks in advanced

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    I recently received the laptop back from HP because of screen issues--freezing, ghosting, flickering. HP replaced the screen--I  had a QHD and it was replaced with the same. I have seen the thread with a workaround, with (found on page 7 of the thread here ) to install an older driver version (ver. Rev.A).  instead of installing the latest HP update.


    However, this only seems to work for a machine running Windows 10. I am running Windows 8.1, and when i tried to install it, I received a message stating that the driver version was incompatible with my version of Windows.


    So my question is, does HP have an official solution to enable tablet mode in Windows 8.1? Or does the community have at least a workaround? I'm certainly tempted to send the machine back to HP, but after being without it for several weeks nd having just gotten it back, I'd prefer to try a quicker fix if it is available.





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    Hi! Could anyone tell me please if there is any possibility to use external GPU with Pavilion 11-n004ej? As far as I know there is a mPCIe that connects with wireless card. Can I use it to connect with graphic card? Thank you in advance for your reply! ;)

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    Need Active Stylus for HP ENVY x360 13t y000. Digitized Screen. Intel (R) HD Graphics 620 3200 x 1800 59 refresh rate. Windows 10 PRO 64 bit. Aero Status Enabled. Windows Ink Compatible. Wireless, VPN and Lan capable. graphics Mem 4148 MB. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, System Board 82B7 05.11, Bios F.14.

    Have tried the HP tilt Pen. It will connect to Bluetooth, but no response.

    Any suggestions on compatible Stylus is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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  • 10/25/18--16:01: LEFT SHIFT KEY DOES NOT WORK
  • Hi


    I recently updated my HP DV7 3030EW , Windows 10 64-bit and upon completion of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 suddenly  neither of my shift keys are working.

    I have plugged in an external keyboard and the functions work fine as does it using the virtual keyboard.

    Caps lock works fine but it does not allow me to use the uppercase special symbols such those using shift+1 through = and the others. But that is normal I believe, as the caps lock does not allow me to use special characters using virtual keyboard either.

    I have tried the various suggestions made by others in their posts and replies, such as external keyboard, turning off 'sticky keys' , changing region and language settings, uninstalling all keyboard drivers restarting and reinstalling new ones.

    I have even fully upgraded Windows 10 and reset the BIOS to default status.

    Now I am completely stuck as where to go further. Please advise.

    Thank you in advance.



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