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    I have a problem and would appreciate any help.


    I recently updated my HP DV7 3030EW , Windows 10 64-bit and upon completion of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 suddenly  neither of my shift keys are working.


    I have plugged in an external keyboard and the functions work fine as does it using the virtual keyboard.


    Caps lock works fine but it does not allow me to use the uppercase special symbols such those using shift+1 through = and the others. But that is normal I believe, as the caps lock does not allow me to use special characters using virtual keyboard either.


    I have tried the various suggestions made by others in posts/replis, such as trying an external keyboard, turning off 'sticky keys' , changing region and language settings, uninstalling all keyboard drivers restarting and reinstalling new ones.


    I have even fully upgraded Windows 10 and reset the BIOS to default status.


    Now I am completely stuck as where to go further. Please advise.


    Thank you in advance.




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    My laptop can't recognise Blu-ray discs, whenever I insert them into the BD-ROM drive!!! Back in August, I downloaded and installed a patch update for my CyberLink PowerDVD 10 (HP's OEM version!) app. Then in September I put a brand new copy of a Blu-ray movie into the drive (I was playing a DVD until this point!); it began to load-up as usual, but before the app was finished with loading, it generated an error!!! At the time this happened, I didnt bother to take note of the error message, because I wasn't aware of the seriousness of this problem! 


    Since then I've contacted CyberLink, but they suggested I contact HP ".... for further technical support to sort out the disc drive's Blu-ray movie disc reading condition first." Therefore I'm at this community forum. 


    I've spotted a couple of posts in this forum, by users with the same problem. I went through each of their solutions, and I tried every bit of advice they were given, and applied it to my laptop. Unfortunately it didnt solve my problem!


    I hope my problem could be resolved, without having to repair my laptop.


    Kind regards.

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  • 10/25/18--16:51: Brightness of display
  • Hi, how do I know the screen brightness in nits or kd/m2 on laptop models? And what there a matrix?

    Screen 17" 

    НР Pavilion Gaming 17-ab319ur 2pq55ea (Intel Core i7-7700hq 2.8 GHz/8192MB/1000Gb + 128gb SSD / DVD-RW/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti 4096Mb / wi-fi / bluetooth / Cam / 17.3/1920x1080 / Windows 10 64-бит)

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  • 10/25/18--17:46: CAP'S LOCK BLINKING 3:5
  • Hi I was using my laptop when suddenly my screen went black. It was so sudden than I restarted my Laptop but after that I figured out that the led is not responding and my caps lock key flashing 3:5 Pls tell me the suggestion

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    So, I got my hands on two 32" tv screens.
    My laptop is an HP Pavillion, 12GB ram with a Nvidia geforce 940m, windows 10
    the laptop has only one hdmi output (no dvi or vga output)
    so I purchased a two hdmi adapter (1 hdmi to 2 hdmi )
    But for some reason..both monitors act as one monitor, the second monitor isn't being detected
    unfortunately upgrading the laptop isn't an option
    Anything to do? I have read about the USB 3.0 Port Replicator Docking Station, eGPU (not sure if egpu will work on my laptop)
    but I don't wanna spend over 150usd without getting results
    Help ?

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    Is there a way to activate FreeSync on HP EliteBook 745 G5 (Vega 10)?

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    I have a HP Elite book 8560p with windows 10 64bit . Its brightness keeps on changing when working on darker pages it goes low and on lighter pages automatically goes high. This is so disturbing while working. I ve checked the Adaptive brightness option in Power option both for plugged in and on battery it is "off" . I am checked on many forums but couldnt find the answer.


    Please Help.

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    Hello! I have a HP Spectre x360 laptop, and the f5 function button that acts as the backlit keyboard button does not work. The button stays lit, but upon pressing it, my entire computer crashes and has to restart. Any suggestions?

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    I need a source or alternate part number for a 701825-001 touchpad for my Spectre 15" Touchsmart laptop. HP no longer carries the part of offers a alternate replacement part.

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    My barely one year old HP Pavilion Power - 15-cb091nd has today started to show flickering stripes in the screen. The mostly occur when logging in or when the screen position is altered.


    As the laptop is barely 1 year old I was wondering what action I can take at the moment. The problem is not constant, but I would like to prevent it from becoming so possibly even out of it's warranty. It seems like a loose cable or something as such.


    Hope to hear from you

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    Hi all!


    I am very disappointed in a very expensive 1-year-old purchase I made - wondering if there is something that I can do to fix this (although, I'm thinking there won't be)...


    I have a top-of-the-line Spectre x360 convertible 15" (SKU 1EL88UA#ABL) that I bought last October (2017)'s an i7-7500 w/ 16GB RAM and a discreet NVidia 940MX graphics card - I spent the extra bucks on this device so I had the pen and graphics/ processing power for PhotoShop and Illustrator work...not to mention I did kind of fall in love with the colouring of the device as it stands out from other laptops out there.


    My issue now is this godawful "ghosting" that is happening with any windows I have on the go...hopefully the picture I snapped below shows what I'm talking this the screen that is shot? Am I going to be on the hook for a full screen replacement now even though it's *JUST* barely out of warranty (HP Support Assistant says 2018-10-26 warranty end date - that's TODAY)?


    Spectre Screen.JPG


    I'm hoping that someone can think of something I can try before contacting HP support...




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    I have the same issue and the Windows 10 October update did mess with the Intel graphics driver. The below link for the driver and version listed will fix the problem!! :)


    Download the Intel driver from here: 

    Intel driver version: win64_25.20.100.6323.exe

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  • 10/26/18--12:46: Hip spectre x360 touchpad
  • Hello everyone!

    I am experiencing a really strange issue with my laptop and have no idea if I have to reinstall my windows or fix my touchpad panel. Could someone help me, please?

    I attached the video with my problem.




    tnak you.


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  • 10/26/18--13:39: Laptop not turning on
  • Hello sir

    My ho laptop not turning on, yesterday night it was working absolutely fine and I shut it down properly.

    But today when I started it didn't start  although battery was full but I plugged the charger but surprisingly there is no charging indicator led light.

    I tried many times by removing charger and holding power button for 15 seconds but nothing helps.

    Please help.


    Thank you

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    Hi, I have purchased a hp pavilion x360 laptop and I was wondering whether a stylus is compatible with it  and if so which pen is most suitable for writing notes.

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    I cant get rid of this keyboard and its messing me up when I'm writing papers for collage idk why its showing up upside down in the picture 15405908995674587495167579739213.jpg


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    When I use my laptop, the screen flickers on and off randomly and sometimes flickers so much that the screen just goes black and I have to hold the power button to turn off my laptop. Any advice on what I can do to get rid of this flickering because it is really annoying,

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  • 10/26/18--16:44: Amd HD 7400m
  • Hi I have a pavilion g6 series with amd hd 7400m and intel hd 3000 i try with many different drivers for my amd graphic card but i always have the same problem (amd display stop working and recovered successfuly . I need help to find a solution for this problem plz am using windows 8.1 x64 and it was working perfect but when i reset my pc it show me this problem and no app work correctly 

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    I recently bought HP Spectre and I have question about the way the Stylys pen is supposed to work.

    I am able to use the stylys only basically once after every charge. For example, if I recharge the pen during the night, use it for 20min and the shut down the computer and put the pen away, it will not work again the next morning. I have to recharge it again. After recharging I again can pair it and buttons etc will work. Even without charging it, it will be recognized for writing in the screen, but no button actions work.

    Is this how it is really supposed to work? I read the manual and there was no mentioning about any off-button for the pen. I went to the nearest computer store and they said they can't even remember when was the last time they charged their on display Stylys for the same model of Spectre I have. But the Stylys they had was different model so can't be sure.

    So how is it, is the charge in this stylys really "one time usage" and always charging after that, or is there somethingy fishy going on with my product?

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    I bought a unit 2 weeks ago. There were so much installed that decided to deinstall alot of stuff HP had loaded onto the machine. Now, probably, i deinstalled the drivers for the quick launch buttons for the brightness on the unit. There are like 20+ files that are on the download site, its not reasonable from a time perspective to go through them all and try to see which one will make the quicklaunchbuttons work.


    Can anyone guide me to the exact file that is needed to download to make the brightness quicklaunch buttons work?


    Thanks alot

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