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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    My HP backlight refuses to work; it neither reduces or increases and it started when I downgraded my PC from Windows 10 to 8.1 pro. I've tried to download the driver in but it's all giving me Windows 10 drivers which is not cpmpartible.

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    Different online stores provide different information: does actually the model HP omen 17-an101ng has 144hz display or just 60hz?

    If nobody know, is it any way I could contact HP directly and ask that?

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    Hello all!

    i hope someone can help me with this issue.

    so i have an hp elitebook 840 and for the past month or so i've noticed that my screen goes black for a couple of seconds while watching videos. i can never really finish of the videos i watch unless they're on netflix because when my screen goes black, it usually refreshes my whole page. or when the screen returns to normal, the videos say error and are green.

    sometimes this happens when i'm not watching videos too. sometimes i'll be surfing the web or doing homework and my screen goes black for a second but this time it doesnt refresh anything, thank goodness or else i would lose all my work.


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  • 10/22/18--07:14: 2 external displays
  • Hi! Is it possible to connect 2 external displays simultaneously to HP 15-cs0006ur: one to HDMI, another via USB type-C (DisplayPort) ?

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    This device cannot be started. (Code 10)

    A required I2C connection and/or interrupt resource was missing.

    Where to find the current driver for Intel ELAN EzTouchFilter for Windows 10 build 1803?

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    Доброго времени суток, проблема такая. Разбита матрица, захожу всё время через внешний монитор, но он загружается вместе с windows. Как мне зайти в биос чтобы он был виден на внешнем монитор?


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    When I try to use skype for video calls, the screen flashes on and off non stop. This doesn't occur in any other programs, not even youcam. I tried removing skype and reinstalling, issue persists. All drivers are current based on support assistant and hp driver/software download page. I do not hve a fingerprint reader, so it's not simplepass related.

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  • 10/22/18--09:03: Flickering Display
  • Where can i buy a display panel replacement for my current one? I have shown my laptop at two HP service centres and they say I need to change my laptop dsiplay panel. Any small vibration causes my display to stutter with coloured lines and I have to very carefully align the display so that it works. I need to know where I can buy a replacement and how much will it cost. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My display is most probably a FHD 15.6" IPS LCD LED backlit display

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  • 10/22/18--09:51: Graphic card
  • My laptop  does not turn on, the screen is black and the wifi ligh is blinking, a engineer told me that the graphic card does not work and he can hit it but it is not a permanent fix, it is just for 3-7 months,  can I buy a new grapgic card to fix it? where? how much it costs?

    Please I need it and I cant buy a new one now, it is not fair, I am the first and unique owner.

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  • 10/22/18--10:10: Touchscreen not detected
  • Hello everybody! Today I reinstalled windows 10 on my HP X360 310 G1 after about 4 months of not using it, my problem is that the touchscreen driver did not get installed and the laptop doesn't detect any pen or touch input, the screen is working perfectly fine, but the touchscreen isn't detected therefore the driver cannot be installed, any idea how I can fix this? Thank you!

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    Pretty much as the title says:


    I'd like to disable to touch functionality of the screen but keep the pen functionality in operation. Drawing on the device causes problems if my hand touches the screen, and I'd love it to ignore my hand and only focus on the pen. Does anyone know IF this is a possibility, and if so, how I can do that?



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  • 10/22/18--13:34: Graphic Chip
  • Hi.

    I have HP Pavilion g6 2212et. A year ago my display card broke down and my product was out of warranty. HP authorized technical service said the only solution is motherboard replacement. And I wanted to do it at HP Technical Service. But since the cost is too much, I did not build the repair in the authorized service (It was a big mistake). But I have a bigger problem. The new motherboard is missing a piece. Video card chipset... (It's not a joke. I checked the motherboard and the chipset wasn't there.)


    Now I'm looking for a new video card chipset on the internet. Because HP-authorized technical service in Turkey is no longer doing the repair of my product. Is the following chipset compatible with my product?



    The video card in the same model and features as the original graphics card. However I would like to upgrade it. Can I use a better video card chipset that is compatible with my product?

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    I spilled milk on my laptop keyboard yesterday and a few of the keys havent been working since. I have a HP 15 and was wondering how do I proceed with cleanin it so that the fews keys that stopped working will work again. I dont really want to have to take it to a professional if theres a fix

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  • 10/22/18--18:12: Broken LCD
  • Hi! So recently I’ve accidentally broken my LCD on my HP 15z Touchscreen Laptop and I researched and I know how to fix it. I just have a few questions.

    1.) If I change my LCD will I still have all my data.

    2.) What is the LCD model so i can find a replacement one on Amazon?

    3.) How much do the replacement screens usually cost?

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    I want to hook up to a HP external monitor w2338h. I plug in the hdmi cable to both the monitor and computer and it says check video cable. It also says no hdmi or vga input signal. I tried 3 cables. I googled and the problem is the hdmi port on the computer isn't registering. I go to playback on the volume menu and it says AMD High Definition Audio Device Not Plugged In. I tried some of the computer fixes listed online for windows 10 that I feel comfortable won't wreck my computer (I know little about computers) (like reinstalling the driver) and they don't work. Some of the fixes listed apply to Acers or to windows 10 or are for windows 7 but don't seem to apply. I have an assignment due and I need both screens.

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    I have a strange issue with the Pro x2 tablets using the USB-C to DisplayPort adapter:


    A cable that has DisplayPort on both ends works just fine without issue, however, when I use a cable that uses DisplayPort on one end and HDMI on the other, which I can't change due to our meeting room setups, the tablet is unable to connect to the display.


    I'm unsure of what the cause is, but I've been able to replicate this issue on every tablet in deployment as of now so if anyone could give me some insight as to a fix or a cause behind this, that would be awesome!

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    I have the same issue and it is the pen that came with the device. Is there a solution to this? 


    The pen will pair with device and the end buttons will work with single and double-click settings. No response to the pen when touching the screen.

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    I have a craked screen on a HPProbook 440 G5. Need replacement and install

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  • 10/23/18--10:32: DVD Player
  • I was watching a DVD on my laptop, and now that the film is over I can't eject the disc from the drive. Can someone please assist me with this?

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    I just bought this Chromebook. It has no HDMI out or any other display port I know of. However it has two USB 3.1 ports.

    Can they be used to cable up with an external monitor with its HDMI port?

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