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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Display is not working well (cannot change resolution, bright level, text size, cannot project through HDMI). 


    Video driver setup shows the following:

    Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5916&SUBSYS_822E103C&REV_02\3&11583659&0&10 requires further installation.


    I downloaded the latest video driver from HP site for HP Probook 440 G4  (SP82394.exe), but it cannot be installed, saying "The setup program fail to install one or more drivers"


    Windows update section on my "Settings" shows "Your device is up to date. Last checked: ‎11-‎Oct-‎18". 


    Please help to solve!


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    I have the same issue. Bought my Omen back in August 2017, so it’s over a year old now... It has always done this for me from the start, fresh out of the box. I always thought it was just the screen adjusting, or so to speak, “warming up” to the brightness. Beyond the initial light flicker that lasts the first 5 seconds after you turn up the brightness to the max, I have never had any issues.

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    Hello,My HpEnvyTouchSmart 1103ea Ultrabook does not have touch screen.In device manager there is an error with an uknown device without a driver and i can't fix it.Could you please help.

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    Hello,My HpEnvyTouchSmart 4 1103ea Ultrabook does not have touch screen.In device manager there is an error with an uknown device without a driver and i can't fix it.Could you please help.

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    Hi all,

    Simple question I think, but not 100% sure. I have a laptop as stated above.  I need it to control 2 HD screens (non 4K) because I very often need to adapt one piece of work (mainly layouts) to another. With the sourcefile on the right screen and the work to be done in front of me it`s a very comfortable and timesaving setup. I tested with one screen, works fine.
    On the laptop I have a HDMI port, also on the two screens. I presume I need something like a switch/splitter/multiple-port connector but not quite sure how and with what kind of product.

    (I use an older desktop @ home, that has mulitple videoports and can perfectly handle 2 screens (split, extended etc.). The new laptop needs to be used @ work and @ home and the setup at both locations differ, hence the question).

    Suggestions, experiences and/or tips welcome. Thanks!

    Kind regards,


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    I have a Spectre x360 (Model: 13-4009na) and it thinks it's in tablet mode sometimes. It happens almost every time when the lid is closed and the reopened. The keyboard and touchpad are both unresposive when this happens. Waiting for a few minutes or closing/opening the lid a few times would eventually help. I believe this is a hardware problem, but I was wondering if there is a way to disable touchscreen from BIOS (low level). Disabling touch input devices on Windows doesn't help.

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    Recently bought a Pavillion 15-cw0509sa laptop with Ryzen 2500u CPU, which can also be used for light gaming. The vast majority of games I've tried however are locked to 1080p and won't let me lower them to 720p for a decent frame rate.


    At first I thought this was an issue with the CPU/integrated graphics, however I connected the laptop to an external monitor and the options appeared.


    So the problem is now narrowed down to the monitor on this specific laptop. I've tried messing various settings in windows, adapter properties, attempting to update drivers etc but no dice

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    My duaghter's HP Envy 360 had the left hinge break.  The plastic mounts that the screws mount to have sheared off.  Of course it is out of warranty by 3 weeks but I have looked online and the hinge has been an issue that has been documented on many forums.  Has HP come up with a fix for this? 

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    On my Envy Laptop (which has touchscreen) whenever I touch the screen my cursor disappeares and is gone until i apply a new cursor in settings. How can I get it to stop?

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    Hello All,


    I have an HP Notebook - 15-ba052wm and I believe that the screen needs to be replaced on it. A few months ago, the screen started having an issue where it flickers. It doesn't go fully off and on, but it is a constant flickering in the background. Recently it has been getting worse. I have checked all the display and resolution settings including refresh rate, but nothing changes it. It used to be that when the screen was tilted at just the right angle, the flickering would stop, but now it happens regardless of screen position. I have replaced the screen cable and made sure that all the connectors are fully seated. The only other thing I can think of to do at this point is try to replace the screen itself. This particular model has a touchscreen. In looking at the user repair guide for this laptop I believe that the model for the screen is "847654-003" as thats the only touch screen listed in the manual (


    Here is where my question comes in. I see 3 other non-touch screens listed in that manual and was wondering if it is possible to replace the touch screen in my laptop with one of those non-touch screen. It would be a much cheaper alternative and I can live with not having a touch screen.

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    Connected Spectre to older external monitor without issue. Connected Dell laptop to the ACER monitor without issus . Spectre sees monitor in settings but cannot not detect. Monitor display says no signal.

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    Fresh out of the box laptop and the screen displays no light at all. I can hear cortana issuing startup instructions but cant see anything.

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    PLEASE HELP ASAP >>>My Screen shows half with higher contrast than the other half is normal .It is split Vertically . I Did a Fresh install of Windows 7 and reinstalled Graphics Driver also Flash with the original flash.STILL SHOWS THE SAME WAY .There are two updated flash files to the one presently installed . So i was thinking if i should try The other flash Updates ??? 

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  • 10/21/18--21:48: Touchscreen stopped working
  • My laptop DOES have a touchscreen. It's been working just fine. Suddenly, tonight, it's not working. I went through all the steps in the virtual assistant. Windows doesn't even think I have a touchscreen, now. I'm not happy, to say the least.

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    Your HP information page tells me this is a  USB 3.1 Type-C™ Gen 1 (Data Transfer up to 5 Gb/s).


    Windows tells me the connection might be limited. I've been trying 3x different USB-C to HDMI/combo adapters (incl USB3, HDMI and USB-C extension output):

    • USB-C to HDMI directly
    • USB-C to DisplayPort
    • USB-C to Moshi USB-C, HDMI, USB3.0 output
    • USB-C to Moshi USB-C, HDMI, USB3.0 output, Ethernet output

      Regardless of what I'm connecting it gives me the error-message about "DisplayPort" and not HDMI, which I'm actually trying to connect. Is this relevant? Is there a known bug to the HP software/hardware for this specific model? Or have you made these port compatible ONLY to HP USB-C adapters etc?

      There's no icon around the USB-C port, telling what kind of display it might output.
      All other functions from the USB-C adapters work (like USB-C extension, USB 3.0, and more), and I've confirmed with other computers that they are fine.

      I've also tried connecting this with, and without the HDMI connected in combination with the USB-C. 


    I've done quite a bit of googling on this issue, and cannot find that this is a persistent issue with HP or this model specifically. I've also updated the BIOS, with no change.

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    I just bought my envy yesterday. Today i plugged my laptop to the power source. Once I unplugged, the screen keeps on flickering/blinking. I have updated, restarted and done everything but to no avail.

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    I want to output resolution greater than HD to a 4k samsung tv.


    I have fully updated driver and windows. I am using a displayport to hdmi cable.


    I am only offered HD resolution (1920x1080) but I need to have the 4k and I know the intel 520 dsiaplay can drive this resolution.


    Any help? I have already done a lot fo searching




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    The keyboard in my laptop has stopped working.   Touch pad doesnt work and light on caps lock does not illuminate when pressed.   I downloaded and installed HP UEFI boot diagnostics.   Hooked up a USB keyboard,   booted up into the diagnostics.  I then unplugged the USB keyboard and was able to use the laptop keyboard to run extensive diagnostics.  I also ran the keyboard and touchpad diagnostics.  All ran with no errors found.

    Oh, I have uninstalled and re-installed keyboard drivers from the device manager about 20 times.  THIS DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.   Befoe I shell out $70 for  a new keyboard, I wan to make sure its not a Software glitch.   And yes, I have pressed andheld the power button fro over 1 minuted to do a hard reset too.  This did not solve problem.

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    I've had this laptop for about a week now and the pen used to work just fine. But now when I try to connect my pen it doesn't connect to my laptop. It stood under my bluetooth connected devices but when I tried using the pen to touch the screen it did nothing, I then removed it from the bluetooth list so that I could try to reconnect but it didn't even show up when I tried to pair it.


    (Im not sure what the model of the pen is, it came with the laptop.)


    Any tips? Thanks in advance.

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    According to the product specification page for my 15-cw0509sa the USB C port supports displayport:



    However both the user manual and maintenance guide only mention data transfer for this port.  And after purchasing and plugging in a displayport adaptor (before I'd spotted this discrepacy between the specification page an manuals) I think it may well be just for data transfer.


    Can anyone confirm if this is the case please?


    Many Thanks



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