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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Today i tried to plug my HDMI cable into the tv as i do every day and my notebook isn't projecting on the screen. I've tried different cables which did nothing also tried removing and re-downloading the display adaptors. 
    I did notice when i go on my projected screens it's automatically selected on 'PC screen only' and when i try to select  either 'Duplicate' or 'Extended' or 'Second screen only' it doesnt let me select them and reverts straight back to the PC screen. 
    Anyone had this problem or can give me a soloution? 

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    I've broken my laptop touchscreen by mistake, so I need to buy a new ones and I can't find it.

    I need your help.


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        I have a problem with this type of laptop model. i Always get fps spikes inside games and shuttering. i've tried almost any online fix that i can think of. I also have updated drivers and bios version. But it still works horribly. From what i've seen, when i start a game, the cpu is at 100% when it shutters. There are no overheating problems, since i tried it right afer powering the laptop.

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  • 10/18/18--01:37: Active Stylus won't work
  • I recently purchased the newset HP Envy x360 15 inch and the pruchase included an active stylus pen. When I tap it there is no response. The battery came with it and it is the right way in. I have no idea how to get it working! Please help!!

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    After only 18 montsh of use the screen had mostly gone a shade of pink. I have tried dowmlaoding a driver but no change

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    Streaming stops when headphones connected.

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  • 10/18/18--05:47: Keypad backlight on/off
  • I am unake to do keypad backlight on off,kindly acknowledge to do key pad light on in HP make 15Q amd series 9000e ?

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  • 10/18/18--06:02: NOTEBOOK SCREEN PROBLEM
  • My screen on my laptop (not a touch screen), The left 2/3rds of screen seems normal and the right side is overly bright. Helpe me understand this problem!

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  • 10/18/18--08:44: Scratch on laptop screen
  • Hi, I purchased an HP Pavillion laptop in August 2018 and just a few days ago I noticed a tiny mark (Just like a little crack in the glass surface). On contacting customer service and two hours of exhaustive chat they told me that the UPS will come and pick up from my place and the service will be free. Just after that, they asked me how this happened? I said, "I have no clue it is so tiny it could have been there when I purchased it". Then the guy told me to pay $577 for the repair stating it is an accidental damage and need to be paid for the service. I refused to pay this amount for my 2 months old laptop which I purchased in $450. The laptop is working fine but my only concern is this crack might progress and harm later. It never fell or mishandled. 

    What should I do?


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    Replaced original keyboard with backlit keyboard, no video out. replaced with original keyboard and still no display. Tried external monitor, no joy. Removed battery and held power button for 30 seconds. still no joy. Removed RAM and get standard beep codes. installed 1 stick and no beep codes, tried other stick and still no beep codes. Power light on AC only is steady light, no hard drive light and fan only starts for a moment then off.

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    Automatic repair led to press restart? Pressing restart led to same process again and again?

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  • 10/18/18--11:21: Ubuntu
  • Hello everyone. How can i install drivers for amd-radeon-520-2GB video card on ubuntu? I couldn't find any informations in either official sites or youtube. Please help me! It would be great if someone answers to my question to my e-mail:  [personal information removed per Rules Of Participation] Thank you beforehand!!!

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    Our notebook has a light spot on monitor. Something wrong with matrix. We asked to fix it in garantee period, but theyrefused, saying that its is normal. spot on the screen.jpegresult from servise.jpeg

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    Odd issue.  On my Pavilion DV7-1279wm I did a fresh install of Windows 10 64bit.  Now when I first power the laptop on, the display is blank.  Laptop is online and working fine, I can RDP into it from another machine.  If I do a reboot through the RDP session, then the display is fine and everything works normally.


    Tried connecting an external monitor via HDMI on power up and both the external and the laptop display came up fine.  Then on the next power up the laptop display was good and I thought my problem was solved, but no the next power on went back to blank.


    Tried toggling the monitor display from external to laptop when the screen is black to no avail.


    Verified BIOS and video drivers are up to date.


    Any ideas on how to get the laptop display to be the default when it first powers on?  It's just a minor annoyance for now, but it's getting old.

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    Hey everybody 

    i have a problem my  laptop screen,  there is a white line blinking in the screen , (in the same place : top left), it not permanant, its blink in alateary frequency   , for exemple in two second then disappear for 5 and reaper again.  

    when i restart my computer ( or i put it in sleep mod) it stop completely for 15 to 20 min then start blinking again. 

    I installed the latest graphic card driver but always the same,  unfortunately i am not home and i cant try with another screen to verify if its hardware or software problem 

    thank you for helping

    82987C18-1A2A-4B8F-A1D8-D7274DD513E4.jpegThe problem


    07214B53-BA73-440F-B873-DF3F4113CAB2.pngThe screen without the line


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  • 10/18/18--16:14: Graphic card problem
  • I need help. I have a pavilion g6 ga-2290sv i have changed hard disk and when i install the drivers black screen. If i started in safe mode and disable the one of the two graphic cards it opens.i have check it and it hasn't any problem on video card.. I have seen the same on vaio after upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10 but when i find the recovery it works perfect any ideas or the recovery if someone have the same laptop??

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    I tried to reset using the option I am keeping my homemvy touch screen laptop and the reset was interrupted. Now I can’t get it to restart at all just a blank screen

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    My computer about three weeks ago developed two one-inch cracks in the screen, I didn't start a repair inquiry online with tech support because I read that it would cost around $700  to repair the screen which is about 85% of the purchase price that I paid for the computer. And because I previously paid about $400 dollars to have a battery issue replaced less than 2 months ago. But now that the cracks have begun to spread throughout my entire screen. I would like to know exactly how much the repair would cost because if it's over a certain amount of money I would just rather buy a new device from a new manufacturer because I have not had a favorable experience with my HP. Or if someone could suggest some cheaper alternatives that would be great. 


    Product Name: HP Spectre X 360 , 15 inch screen 

    Product Serial Number:[edit]



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    I have the same problem on the same laptop it is so annoying it happens even on the small game with low quality graphics we need fix for this i know it is not gaming laptop but still i should be abul to run some games even the old games plz help us with bios update or fix patch or anything 

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    HDMI Port is not working, unable to display using projector. HDMI is not detecting.

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