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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Hey all, I brought my new Spectre x360 back in May, and so far I have had no problems with it, overall it's been an amazing device so far. 

    There is only one problem that is really annoying me, mainly aesthetically. Despite no excess use, and very good maintenance, the bottom rubber protection strips under the laptop have began to fall off. I have attatched a photo to show you. This is happening just from simply moving the laptop on a surface and once its began, it is just getting worse. Is there any way to replace these strips, and if so can anyone give me any reccomendations? (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, i couldnt find one for general queries)

    Many thanks,



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    " Screen Sketch" functionality under "Windows Ink Workspace" is not working.

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    My HP laptop model is 15-g206 AX Rev: 22ce 120

    When I try to adjust screen brightness by pressing f2 and f3 keys then onscreen display works but brightness remains fixed at high level.




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    Has anyone managed tp fix the camera issues, Is there any driver that can fix the problems with the camera on the Pavilion laptops, I couldn't find any driver for that camera. The solution proposed by HP (using the you cam software doesn't seem to work.

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    I noticed the other day that when using programs like OneNote or Word that my active stylus was drawing even though the pen wasn't touching the screen. It would start making marks about 5 mm above the screen at the maximum thickness (i.e. changes in pressure or angle no longer changes the thickness of the mark that the pen leaves). Nothing has changed about the operating system and the MIcrosoft Programs themselves have not also not been updated, so that could not have caused the change either. I did notice, however, that the tip of the pen seems more extended than normal, but I cannot really tell nor figure out how to push it back in. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    MY hp elitebook 8460P SCREEN is white what can be done to fix it?

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    Couldnt find the driver anywhere.

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    My wife has had her HP Laptop for about two years. All of sudden, the "h" and backspace keys stopped working and whenever she types spacebar, it also types "m". I've tried unistalling/reinstalling the keyboard and that doesn't work. An external keyboard works just fine. There was no trauma to the computer and no keys seem to be stuck. Any suggestions for what's going on  and how I can fix it?


    Thanks so much for any help.

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    Hello, again :)
    We're on updating again.

    Now we've 1809. BSODs.

    Juss can't understand what it needs (windows) after that update it change video drivers to smth new, I got BSOD with thread_stuck_blah-blah I changed drivers to latest AMD, more BSOD. More! I reinstall all of drivers from HP 17 y021ur again BSOD, just reading some sites - blus screen, see smth in a folder - again.

    So which of AMD-HP drivers are working now?

    Now I'm on 8 25.20.14003.1010 (10.10.201)


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  • 10/19/18--19:33: Control keys not working
  • Can someone help me? My control does not work, I uninstalled, I have done the sticky keys.  I thought maybe the toggle keys had something to do with it.  It is like your life is lost without the control keys.

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  • 10/20/18--01:35: Lightning sign near USB
  • What does lightning sign near USB mean? 

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    I have recently formatted my g6 laptop by installing Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit). However, AMD Radeon 6470M grahics driver cannot be installed. I have tried everything (downlaoding drivers, HP support assistant). But the problem still persists. Whenever I run "dxdiag", the following information pops:Untitled.jpg

     Please help!!!!

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    Hello everyone,

    I could not use Nvidia. I treid to fix it by myself. I did uninstall Nvidia driver and did new installation but it didn't work. 

    When I installed a new intsallation , I could only this version of driver (416.16-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql). Please recommend me the best solution. I would really want to use it.

    Thank you in advance :-)


    Nvidia control panel.pngerror.png

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  • 10/20/18--05:55: display showing problem
  • they are colored dots appearing on my display and they disappear automatically. 

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    Hello, Tell me when the driver

    Synaptics SMBus TouchPad Drivers

    will be adapted to the system Windows 10 build 1803?

    Or suggest which driver is compatible with this version of the system. Thanks!

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  • 10/20/18--07:51: Curser gone!
  • The curser on my screen has disapered I can not use my mouse to control the computer at all HELP 

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  • 10/20/18--09:44: Laptop screen flickeringi
  • My laptop screen is flickering right after i tried to mount hdd on lineage os ( android x86 ) following this tutorial :
    My laptop model is Hp Probook 640 G1 . I have reformatted the laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit after the problem occur . I made a full wipe on the hard disk expecting this to solve . I then update the display driver which is intel hd 4600 graphics driver but the problem is still not solved . Then i update the bios to the latest version . I downloaded the hd 4600 driver on hp website . I have downloaded and tried 2 graphics driver available for my probook on the manufacturer website . Still the same . Not solved .

    This is the picture of the screen :

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    Hi everyone,


    last week, my notebook got repaired. The notebook wouldn't turn on and hp replaced the motherboard. Everything is fine now, except for what I just found out. The texts on google chrome become blue or violet. I did all kind of tests to check if something was wrong with my screen but everything seems ok so I dont know where the problem is.


    Has anyone encountered this kind of issue?


    kind regards,



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    Hi HP Support,


    I have an HP Spectre 13 (2018) - af018ca and I tried to connect it to a monitor via USB-C without the HDMI adapter but every time I tried to extend the display, it would always revert back to single display on the laptop. I have tried updating all the drivers (firmware, BIOS, ThunderBolt, Serial IO) but to no avail. 


    The USB-C monitor in question is a Dell 27" Ultrathin Monitor S2718D, which I know works through USB-C because it is connected with my Lenovo X1 Carbon this way. 


    I have the same issue as this user but it was left unsolved:


    Please help, thanks

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    Hi there,


    can anyone tell me whether there is a stylus that will work with my Spectre notebook, I bought one from the HP store and it does not work. I read a review that support for styluses was coming for my notebook but I cannot find anything on the HP support page that references an update

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