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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 10/06/18--06:07: High pitched noise HP Envy
  • I bought a HP ENVY x360 - 15-cn0007na yesterday and have an issue with the display.
    If it is dimmed, there is high pitched noise, loudest at 20-40%.
    Sound present even at 100%, no sound at 0% if on battery; no sound on 100% or 0% if on charger.
    Happens with changing brightness via keyboard, via taskbar, via power settings in control panel and via windows display settings.

    Attempts, all of which failed:
    0. Applied all Windows 10 updates
    1. Update driver with GeForce Experience
    2. Uninstall GeForce driver and reinstall (416.16)
    3. Tried changing brightness in colour settings in Intel Graphic settings - somewhat helps as it turns down brightness without the noise but it's not a system change of brightness
    4. Installed sp91844 - Intel graphics - made some loud noises when cmd window was showing, stopped after installation
    5. Installed sp91482 - NVIDIA graphics - squeeky noise present from motherboard
    6. Tried installing sp91755 - BIOS - states it is not compatible
    7. Installed 89047 - BIOS
    8. Did system test and component tests - display, battery, touchscreen... - all passed

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    Hello, as in topic object i have a Envy DV6 7320el, windows 10 Home edition. After some recent windows updates i can't use the fingher print sensor, once i did, now not...

    I've deleted all .dat file under C:\Windows\System32\WinBioDatabase\, uninstalled and reinstalled the device (using hp original driver and windows update one), rebooted the win services....but nothing worked!

    Now all is managed by windows hello, but it says that my device is not compatible...also that is strange...because i've used that manager before!!! Why now not?

    And more, deleting the .dat files under WinBioDatabase i can start the configuration but in the second step, soon after i've slided the finger, it says "there was a problem" and i can't go over...

    Any suggestion?

    Tnk so much!


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  • 10/06/18--09:20: GTX 1050 Code 43
  • My laptop has been working fine and I have had it for about 2 years. About 2 weeks ago I was playing CSGO and an error came up saying ":( Something went wrong, we'll restart your laptop for you". Ever since then I went into device manager and it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". I have a GTX 1050 and I have tried uninstalling the drivers using DDU, reinstalling, older versions, power reset etc. Once I got the error to go away but i tried to load up a game but it crashed and came up with the same error. 

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  • 10/06/18--10:34: external monitor won't work
  • Can anyone help me to get my HP laptop to recognize an external Dell monitor? The monitor says it will go into Power Save Mode in 5 minutes, and otherwise does not work. I have hooked the monitor to my laptop with a HDMI cable.

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    Hi. I have an HP Spectre I bought new in 2015. I've never dropped it, thrown it, hit it or have been otherwise cruel to it. I love this laptop. I haven't had ANY performance/bugs/virus issues at all since buying it three years ago. I've used it almost every day until a few months ago. 


    Basically, one day, the screen started freaking out and it went darker and fuzzy and faded to black -- then came back for a second -- then did it again -- then repeated that -- then completely stopped -- then the screen flashed kinda subtly for like ten minutes after that. 


    It used to be just a "once in a while thing" that I brushed off for a few months, but now it happens every time I turn on my computer, and it happens so much to the point where I usually just give up and don't even use it at all. But I NEED a laptop, so I really need to get this fixed.


    Also, it happens no matter what I'm doing. Sometimes it happens right when I turn it on and haven't opened anything yet. Sometimes it happens after 20 minutes of using Chrome. Sometimes it happens when I'm in my file explorer and notes app; sometimes when I'm watching YouTube (annoyingly enough -- the videos always continue to play once the screen begins to fade.)


    Whenever I have applications open, there's vertical white lines that appear across the length of the display that override the app icons. And then stay pure white even if the screen dims completely to black. See pictures: 




    I took it to the Best Buy where I bought it and all they could do for me was a bios update and hope for the best. (of course, that did nothing.) 


    Also, I see on here that my warranty is expired. What are my options? About how much will it take to fix -- can it even be fixed??? I also saw on here that it costs money to call costumer service when your warranty is expired, so, uh, yeah, I'd rather not get charged for a phone call, especially if there's no way to fix this anyway.


    Someone please help. 

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    Hallo, I have bright corners on my hp Pavilion 11-n075eg x360 PC, the problem persists in BIOS and during boot as well?

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    I tried to connect two external monitors to my laptop, i connected one with the HDMI port and it worked perfectly.  Since there is only one HDMI port on my laptop, I brought a USB-C adaptor, (USB-C to HDMI), and connected the laptop with the second monitor, but it didn’t have any response. The monitor kept showing as no signal. (My monitor only has HDMI and VGA port)

    Does my laptop not support two external monitors, or I should try another way to connect the second monitor?

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    Just recently Google will not minimise of maximise screen by touch.   It works on every other program.   I was told it was a goole issue - can anyone help.    It has only started recently.



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    streaming video playback over wireless internet is choppy. Wireless speeds are around 155.5 download and 5.84 upload. Drivers are all current. Computer check is good. Too fast for my internet? Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Nancy

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  • 10/07/18--04:30: Notebook Screen and battery
  • Hi, my laptop (HP 250 G4) is out of warranty and I have 2 issues... first, the display's LCD is damaged and it was never a good quality screen to begin with, so I'm wandering if anyone knows of better quality screens I can replace it with? I know it may involve replacing the connection cable/ribbon, but I'm sure I can manage that (although would prefer not to, simply because of cost and because repairing this laptop is a low priority task for me). So any suggestions with any known part numbers or ebay/amazon/online shops (UK) links to recommended ones that I can purchase would be greatly appreciated.


    The second is an issue with the battery, which I'm also looking for an upgrade for, as this was also poor in performance and is now capable of lating about 10 minutes with a full charge. I'll post this issue in the relevant section, so if you could please find my post there (or answer here if no one's apposed to that) and let me know of any upgrades which would work as direct replacements, with part numbers and/or online links where one can be purchased, that would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I purchased HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-cd0xxx notebook that came with an Active Pen


    However, I am unable to find the software for this pen to archive and there is no program for it isntalled wither


    secondly, how do i change what those two rpund buttons do on the pen?


    third:  why is this pen not availavle in the HP store online




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    I setup windows 10 but my touch pad tow finger gesture not working that's why I install Synaptics driver but I Cannot install Synaptics driver

    show like picture that I attached

    what can I do?

    today morning my keyboad don't work alsoerroresynaptics.PNG




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  • 10/07/18--05:25: Multiple monitors
  • Can I use USB-TypeC splitter to connect two monitors to my notebook (HP Envy x360 15-ar003ur (Z5B74EA))?

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     my notebook doesn't turn on when I try to turn it on I don't hear anything 

     the screen is whole time blank like in the photo IMG_20181007_143717.jpg

    J .K  


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    Sometimes when i use my laptop I notice that the touchscreen does not work. This problem fixes itself when i restart the computer.


    When it doesn't work :

    - in the "about your pc" section it says "no pen or touch input is available"

    - The HID Compliant touch screen driver disappears


    When i restart the computer however, the touch screen capabilities return.


    I want to update the drivers but i dont see anything in this list that would help:


    If there is another solution to this problem please let me know. 

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    My laptops display turns off after 15-20minutes use. That time the power button light Bluetooth light and the speaker button light stays on.if I press the power button and turn the laptop off and start again, the display doesnt come but the power button light ,speaker button ligh turns on. I installed new windows but after installing the drivers the problems started again.

    Is is any hardware issues related to motherboard or graphics unit?? If anyone faced the same problem please let me know what's actually going on.


    Thanks in Advance.

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  • 10/07/18--09:11: Mouse Pad dead on HP Envy
  • My mouse pad suddenly stopped working. I am able to use an external mouse but I would like to know how to turn the pad back on.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • 10/07/18--09:58: Cannot adjust brighness
  • I am using laptop Lenovo T470s with Windows 10 64-bit. I used my S140U as extended screen.  I have downloaded the driver and utility already, but still I cannot adjust the brightness of this monitor with the "+" & "-" buttons at the back of the monitor. Neither I can find any app/software/icon (after the driver & utility were installed) in my laptop to adjust the brightness.

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    Favor indicar si existen drivers para esta laptop probook 450 G5 en WIndows 7. No me funciona el puerto HDMI ni el VGA, la pantalla no es touch y pierdo algunas funciones de los botones del f1 al f10.



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    My HP ProBook 4430s has a strange problem leading me to believe possible hardware failure. So my left and right click both act as a right click(context menu). Within the software for the device, It reads correctly though. As in, it says left click is primary, and right click is context menu. If I make both primary, then the context menu issue stops. So I think my left click is somehow always acting like whatever right click it set to. I did a TON of troubleshooting. I tried every single windows driver to do date individually on windows 7 64bit and on Windows 10 64bit. I also tried the newest driver available on Linux. I got the driver and software installed on linux but would crash when i opened it. This is the most frustrating issue. Is there anyway I can flash the firmware or something to reset it? Are these known to fail in this way? If I had to replace something would it be the touchpad or just the little left click/right click board. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, Bios revision is fully up to date and on top of that I have reset the CMOS. Nothing worked. Thanks


    Bios revision is fully up to date

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