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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    The edges on my laptop are fading white. I don't know what caused it. It was left unused for a while and when I turned it on the problem was there. It definitely looks like a hardware issue. And drivers and BIOS on my system are updated. 

    Is there any way to solve this problem?





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    Lately I feel like my trusty 5+ year old Pen tablet is finally on the verge of retirement.
    So I'm thinking of buying a new Pen Display Monitor that with a Screen so that Ican drawing directly on it .Since I used to work on a graphics tablet without a screen. Now I need your experiences with it.

    I was able to sneak peak upon the XP-Pen Artist22E Pro ... and I just fell in love.
    The precise workflow, the details on each pointing, the big 21.5" IPS Screen ,the regular multitasking possibility with the shortcuts . But hell ... the price. almost 600€, that's waaaaaaaay... well, it's not affordable for me at the moment, not at all.

    So, I was just aiming for the neat 11.6" Artist 12 Pen Display, which, on some reviews, seems to cause a great experience to newbs and advanced / professional artists (working with photoshop and co. for more than 5 years, and it is just about time getting that thing).
    But as reviews might be "manipulated", how is your opinion about the graphic Display tablet?

    Please do post the pros and cons.
    Like screen tearing, quality of screen, quality of colors, quality of AA, (does it have a battery inbuilt? if yes, duration/day or hour, lifetime), pen quality, pen options (besides of the 2 buttons and the erase-nug at the other point), pen-"nibs" and what kind of nibs they actually are and the usage of them, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    I know that the 11.6" is quite scatty to handle, like about the icons, applications and such, but I don't mind that.

    Oh, and here the tablet itself: .

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    Hi Guys, 

    I have a bought a brand new HP Spectre x360 13-ae005nn, which did not come with a pen and I am thinking to buy one.  Which one do you reccomend. I have read the new  HP tilt pen has an annoying issue with uncharging as it has no off button. 

    Should I consider the original tilp or stylus pens from HP or should I better buy the Surface Pen?



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    Hello everybody! I beg you all for help. So the situation is as follows:
    I have a laptop hp pavilion dv6. It was Windows 7. Then I wanted to put 10. Put, everything is fine, but then I noticed that I had lost a discrete video card, since the FPS in games was almost 10-15. Well, I decided to put 7 back and return the laptop to a working state. And then the problems started. I installed Windows but there is no video card. It is not displayed in the device manager. I put all the firewood, zero sense .. I shoveled a bunch of information in the net but did not find anything sensible. But personally, what I discovered is that when I flash the BIOS from one version to another, then the video card appears, but it’s worth restarting the laptop as it immediately disappears .. I already thought that if it was a hardware failure, then it would not appear and did not work at all .. What is it and how to deal with it.

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    I updated to the Windows 10 October update two days ago, and have been having really odd trackpad issues.
    I can usually use/see the cursor in the Windows login screen and it works more or less, but it may work normally within an account for a few minutes or immediately stop working. This never happened before the update. 

    The two main issues are as follows:
    At first, the trackpad will work for everything but clicking, click inversely (when not pressed), or click+drag everything
    After a few minutes or so, the trackpad will stop working completly (but usb mice and the touch screen work normally)

    The result is the trackpad being completely unusable past the first minute or so of booting up. 

    I've uninstalled, reinstalled, installed drivers straight from HP, straight from synaptics, etc, all with similar (but slightly different) results that end up doing basically the same thing, not working.  

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    Hi, Did any of you had problem with using one cable conection, ie. using USB C for display,charging and periferals, on Spectre x360 15 Vega? Out of the box it didnt work, after updates worked on one port only, but the nest day its ded again. I blame the BIOS update, cause I even restored factory windows, but still nothing. The cables and monitor all alright. Any hint how to make the both thunderbolts work with display again?

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    HP Pavilion 15-au123cl 
    is model.
    15.6 screen size with a 40 pin connector.

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  • 10/05/18--11:50: HP OMEN 15 CE006NE
  • Why can't I find much about this product also when it's made ? Nor I can find it in any comparison sites.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I've got the same problem as described in the previous messge  on my laptop HP ENVY TS Sleekbook 4 Windows 10 (64 bit). The touch screen has stopped working. I've tried everything to repair it but it didn't work. Could you please help me to solve this problem.

    Best regards,


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    I would like to know howto reduce the sensitivity of the Elan touchpad. It is inclined to dismiss a window or page at the slightest contact.

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    Changing the brightness stopped working using the FN keys, changing it through system settings.

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    I recently brought the Hp envy x360 laptop, however a lot of performace problems have been happening. First when on the already installed Netflix app the screen will randomly freeze and the sound will go off so i have to resart my laptop each time, I've uninstalled and installed the app many times, also this screen freezing doesn't happen when not on netflix. it isnt beacuse of network connectivity either.

    Also when using the laptop generally like youtube the screen will glitch a lot. These problems seem to happen after ive been on my laptop for an hour or so or even immediatly when using the laptop after some time.

    Any suggestions on what I should do? e.g take it to a hp support store. Thank you.

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    My "HP Support Assistant" notified me of an update for my Synaptics Touchpad and i installed it. Completely messed everything up and now my Notebook won't enter tablet mode/tent mode anymore.
    re-installing the driver isnt possible, since the version it installed was newer that the one on the website and you cant actually download that one anywhere.
    Whenever i open the Synaptics Clickpad config window in my Control Panel it completely slows down my mouse pointer and it only moves sporadically every few seconds.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver didnt work, so i went to the Hp support chat, who then tried to update my graphics drivers by downloading the regular AMD installer.
    I told him those dont work for ryzen mobile chipsets and you only get those drivers from the manufacturer.
    He got angry and wanted to do a bios update. I told him it was already the latest version... so he told me to reinstall windows.

    Since that person obviously had no idea what he was doing at all, i thought maybe someone here might.
    thanks in advance for any help offered!

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  • 10/05/18--16:37: HDMI 4k?
  • Hi 


    I have an HP ENVY - 17-ae051na. I would like to know if I connect the laptop via the HDMI to an external 4k monitor whether I will get 4k resolution. Will the HDMI port on this laptop output 4k resolution, or only HD?



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    I have an Envy laptop with a Windows 10 OS.  Recently it only displays a blank screen on start up, and nothing else.  

    I have looked through the forum and the solutions suggested for similar problems did not work for me.  The only useful indication is that my caps lock LED light blinks 4 times, then pause, and keeps repeating this pattern after I tried to get into the BIOS recovery screen.  However the screen remains blank all these while, with the fan noise going on louder than usual, and I could not get into the BIOS recovery screen.


    I would greatly appreciate any assistance on this.  Thank you! 

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  • 10/06/18--01:18: black screen
  • Note book screen is ok but the external screen connected through hmdi is not functioning.both external screen and cable tested error code.  The screen in quetion is LG26G300 which was functioning with the same notebook earlier.


    Please help

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    there is no display while powering on the laptop


    only the power led lits up for 8 to 10 seconds and that's all


    no beeps , no sounds , no error messages


    the screen remains black


    no noise of the fan also that gets started while powering on


    checked with other power adapter, power cord, but still the same issue

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    I recently got an issue regarding to some horizontal lines those are popping up on the display screen just after starting my pc

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  • 10/06/18--04:47: Problem with videocard.
  • I already wrote one topic, really did not help me with nothing. I have no patience.]

    I reinstalled all the drivers, even reinstalled the BIOS. Nothing helps!

    I put on high performance to use a discrete graphics card in AMD Settings. And it puts on integrated.

    I have two video cards on my laptop.

    Discrete: AMD Radeon TM M340

    Integrated: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics

    Buying a laptop for the price I hoped that I could play games. I am unchecked. Please, please help.


    I am from Ukraine and communicate through a translator, the translation may be incorrect.

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    Number keys along top of keyboard aren't working - they bring up symbols. Number pad on right hand side is working fine. Laptop is brand new, picked up today. Any suggestions? 

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