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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Pls HELP!

    I've tried all options I could in order to find my web camera listed. Initially I tried to "revive" the camera going through the HP Troubleshooter. I could not find the drivers for this camera at the HP site. Not listed in the Device Manager (even under "Hidden Devices"). "Unknown Device" shows under "Other Devices" but cannot find a driver for it either. I have also done several resets to no avail... Sites I found on Internet dealing with this error # did not help.

    Please offer a way to go!

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  • 10/07/18--15:55: Screen replacement
  • Just wondering if hp does screen replacements for hp spectre x360 for a 15” screen. The bottom right corner of my screen spidered and I was looking to fix it and how much it will cost. 

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  • 10/08/18--03:21: Touch screen broken
  • Hi all,


    Anyone have the sparepart number for the touch screen for a Spectre 13?



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    I'm connecting 4K UHD display to internal Probook 640 G1 DisplayPort and then I can achieve 3840x2160@60Hz resolution. When I connect this display to Docking Station (A7E38AA ) DisplayPort the refresh rate is only 30Hz. Is it possible to get 4K 60Hz on docking station DP output?


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    it all startes a day ago when some of the keys of my laptop were not working.A day later,when i tried starting it,the screen appeared blank and the caps lock was blinking 3 quick times followed by a pause.PLEASE provide a solution.

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    The screen keep turning off after about 10 minutes, even if I disabled that option for both On battery and Plugged in options. I also disabled the hybrid option, but the problem remains. It's very annoying, especially while watching videos. Does anybody know how to solve this? Thanks!

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    I have two video cards: 1.Integrated(AMD Radeon R7 Graphics) and discrete (AMD Radeon (TM) 535DX).For simple work I use integrated, but also when playing games, this video card is also used.Tried to switch through AMD Radeon Settings, but nothing happened(maybe I'm doing something wrong).Tried to switch through BIOS of UEFI, did not find function of switching of the video card there.If I'm doing something wrong ,please tell me and give answer.

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  • 10/08/18--06:28: Video Card Noise
  • I'm living in Turkey. I gave my notebook to the HP local service 4 times and they didn't help me to solve my problem at all. I just couldn't use my notebook for 3 months and that's it. My video card fan is making a weird noise. It is giving me headache. I can even hear it using headphones. It is really annoying. It's been 20 months since i bought this notebook. I was happy in general but lately the sound became unacceptable. I don't want to contact local service anymore. They are just careless. I need some other solution.



    This is the issue i am having but it is much worse than this. I will never buy any HP product ever again but can you still help me about my final HP product by any chance? I have the same product which is in the video.

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    My HP laptop's screen turns purple/pink and freezes when held at the wrong angle. This has been occurring since about two weeks. A friend of mine suggested that there might be a cable fracture in the hinge mechanism, but I thought I would ask here. If I change the angle of my screen, it freezes abd turns purple/pink. If I then apply pressure to the top or side of the screen in a certain way, it unfreezes again and works properly. If there was a cable fracture in the hinge, would I be able to replace that myself? How would I got about getting the right parts?

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  • 10/08/18--08:09: split screens
  • Hi,

    I have an envy laptop (15-u050ca) and Im trying to setup dual monitors.  

    so basically, there would technically be 3 monitors. laptop + 2 hp-compaq la2205wg monitors.


    what Ive done so far with nosuccess:

    -bought an iogear docking station  and connected the monitors to it.

    -1 monitor goes to the hdmi to display port (not recognized by laptop)

    -1 monitor goes to dvi to vga (that 1 works and is fine, so I have laptop monitor + this 1)


    I need both monitors to be split and if possible even all 3.


    can this laptop do that?  if so,  how, what am i not doing



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    my laptop display pixels are  converting into black pixels and day by day they are increasing. and now it coverting into black patches ,how i can repair those black pixels.plz help me 

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  • 10/08/18--10:04: faulty laptop screen
  • really just need help to get into HP's system here, i've tried virtual agent, i've spoken to them on the phone, i don't know how else to come at them.


    Basically i bought a laptop last tuesday at alocal argos store, took it home used it that night, shut it down, plugged it in to charge and went to bed, came down next morning and it was in exactly the same place still plugged in, yet the screen was white and ghostly, with a small black patch in the top left corner, i live alone, no pets, noone and nothing could have touched that screen, yet it was broken, this is a computer fault, not customer induced, all i'm after here is either a replacement HP laptop, or at very least some kind of recompense so i can have the screen mended at a local computer experts, but i cant even get through the impenetrable technological barrier HP have thrown up between themselves and their customers.  If anyone on here can be any help about my next step i would appreciate it, as i do not intend to let this lie, i forked out a lot of money on that laptop, and it didnt even live 24 hours.  Please help.  Andrew Z

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    I need a screen replacement for my pavilion x360 convertible 14m. The current screen is cracked

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    I recently bought a HP ENVY x360 13 inch with a 2700u. I bought it mainly to use the touch screen with finger and pen for all my university notes. Unfortunately the touch screen stops working after a bit of use and a few transformations between tablet and laptop. The screen starts to not recognise finger input properly and splits swipes into multiple rapid taps making scrolling impossible on all the apps I use including chrome, Office and file explorer. The lack of scrolling whilst in tablet mode makes it pretty much unusable for making notes or browsing the web or powerpoint slides - the primary things I do on this device. The touch problem also makes the upper portions of the screen completely unresponsive to touch input. Not in a regular way. I tested the extent of the problem using the sketch pad when it did occur. I coloured the whole sketch pad in with the tilt pen in blue...worked fine. Then I tried colouring it in using my finger in red over top the blue. This was all whilst the computer was folded all the way round and flat on the table in tablet mode. The results show the pen working completely and the finger working terribly and failing to colour the whole screen. Please note I was doing smooth long strokes with my finger and yet on the whole screen it turned swipe gestures into loads of rapid taps making it very hard to fill in the parts that were partially responding. The picture of the sketchpad is below. The parts of the screen coloured in red don't work with finger input properly and the parts in blue don't work at all and don'r even register! The pen works fine though which is weird.broken touchscreen.png

    FYI: I have already reinstalled and updated all the drivers related to the touch screen and display with no success.

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    I hope someone is able to assist me. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 Home 64bit on my HP Convertible x360 (see specs)


    and now my touch screen is not working. Everything else is spot on. I went to the HP website to look for driver and it's not listed.


    I also used the HP Support Assistant tool and it's not helping either. Does anyone happen to know a work around for this? I had Windows Pro Before but I wanted to go with Home because of the lack of space in the SSD that it comes with. I would greatly appreciate any help!

    Thank you and have a great day!


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    Hello! I'm not sure what model my computer is, but I just got it a few months ago and it's been working amazing until the latest Windows update!


    I hear other people are having the same problem with this "Error Code 43," but whichever posts I see don't really apply to the situation that I'm in.


    My problem lies in the display driver- at least, that's what my device manager is telling me by putting a yellow warning next to it.  The biggest issue I have is that my brightness adjustment won't work! I see the little bar going up and down that shows that my buttons are working, but the brightness itself never changes!


    The "Microsoft Basic Display adapter" is fine, but whenever I try to update my "Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620" it says that Windows has stopped the device because it's reported problems Code 43.(The little brightness adjustment bar disappears when I do this, so I updated the basic display adapter and now the bar is back but i still can't adjust the actual brightness).


    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it hasn't worked and I'm desperate to find a solution! Please help!



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    I see a variety of views on the above.


    Simple question.


    Will the usb c port on the 15-as100 support 4k at 60HZ?


    The laptop itself has a 4k display, so I assumed that the usb c would support it as well.


    I am currently using the hdmi and getting 4k at 30 Hz, but would certainly prefer 60 Hz.





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  • 10/08/18--17:45: Touchpad software my model?
  • Hello All, I have big hands and remember an option on touchpad settings to disable the corners or the whole thing while typing (keep buding the cursor, scrolling etc...)


    There is nothing listed under my device as far as drivers on the HP Driver section.


    Windows doesn't have the options I'm looking for in the control panel "mouse".  I have a K12 machince that I reformatted with an Old retail 7 64bit disc, so not much in the way of software from the manufacturer here. I refuse to enable automatic Windows updates due to bloatware effect


    I'll research the issues on the Windows side as well. TIA

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    I would like to purchase a replacment pen, are the pens in the HP store compatable? 


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    Hi guys, I bought today a really nice Envy x360 13-ag0xxx. It comes with a HP pen on the box, and I bought this laptop just for the pen input, cause I want to use it for illustration and digital art.
    Sadly I can't even draw a straight line at a normal speed because the pen input have a terrible jitter problem. If I draw diagonal lines the jitter is even worst as you can see in the image. I know this device comes with N-trig technology, that's the same tech that microsoft has used on the surface and there is a bit of jitter when you draw very slowly too. But this is just an unacceptable level of jitter, even if I draw the lines at normal speed this happens.
    Boceto.pngPen Jitter
    So, maybe is a driver issue? I don't know. I contacted HP CS and they will send me another pen, but I don't think that resolves the issue. Anyone have this problem too? I just bought the laptop today so maybe I should just return it.

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