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  • 10/02/18--11:09: dying pixels
  • Hello,


    More and more pixels are dying in my screen, but since I have my laptop almost three years now, there is no garanty anymore. On the site, I saw an article with a maximum of 5 pixels, and if you have more, HP might help you. Is there a possibility this can get fixed for me? 



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  • 10/02/18--10:59: HP Envy x360 m6
  • Wow, my first HP and after a little over a year, the right hinge is defective, as the unit is coming apart and cannot be opened all the way without damaging the screen.  I paid $800 and now told I have to shell out another $400 to repair this and still no recalls as I see a lot of people have this same issue.  Truly dissapointed in this product.  If you purchase, then spend the money on en extended warranty, BUT...this issue should NOT happen in such a short time.  

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    My camera is not working and showing an error that i need media feature pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10. IDK what is this happening

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  • 10/02/18--12:04: Randomly Cracked screen??!
  • Hello,
    I purchased an HP spectre 360 2 in 1 notebook. The product works great and is an ease to use. Tonight, I opened the laptop to find a crack in the corner of the screen. The laptop is well maintained and I am quite a careful person with any technology. I was quite surpised by this. It appears the crack is widening and I am quite worried that this may be a defect with the screen. Is there any advice or guidance you can offer on how I can have this repaired?

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  • 10/02/18--13:01: GPU low performance.
  • I bought the hp pavilion 15 cw0509sa laptop in October / 18 and since then I have verified that gaming performance is not compatible with your specs.

    I would like to clarify that I am aware that this is not a gaming laptop. However, its specifications allow it to be used in certain games. The performance I'm having in games on my laptop is much lower than that found in benchmarks of laptops of the same configuration. I can cite the example of Fifa 18 game that set up in full HD and low quality runs at 35 fps on average. Other laptops of the same configuration and with the same configuration of the game and executed at 80 fps. My performance is 1/3 of the expected performance.

    Using CPU and GPU monitoring software I could see that the game starts with a compatible performance of what was expected, however after two or three minutes the frequency of the GPU drops drastically from approximately 1,000 MHz to 200 to 300 MHz and stabilizes. The frequency of 200 to 300MHz is much lower than the frequency reported in the specifications of AMD that is 1100 MHz.

    When I take the laptop out of the socket and it runs on battery only, the GPU frequency increases to 400MHz, improving performance a little. When I turn the power back on, the performance again worsens and the GPU frequency drops back to 200-300 MHz.

    Another problem observed is when turning on the laptop. Most of the time the laptop does not recognize the SSD stating that there is no hard disk in the computer (error code 03F0), I have to restart the computer so it can connect normally.

    Below I describe all my attempts to fix the problem:
    Change the power modes (any option chosen the result is the same).
    I updated the BIOS to the latest version available from HP (F.13 Rev.A from Aug 21, 2018).
    I upgraded the video drivers to the latest version available from HP (23.20.826.1792 Rev.C from Jun 29, 2018).
    Turned on and off HP CoolSense (any option chosen the result is the same).
    Windows updated via Windows update (version 1803).

    The same problem occurs in every game I've tested. There are reports of numerous cases on the internet like mine, I would like you to inform me how to solve this problem, remembering that AMD does not provide specific drivers for the Ryzen 5 2500u.

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  • 10/02/18--13:14: USB Type-C & HDMI
  • Hi, I have a few questions about this notebook.

    1) Judging by the characteristics, it has USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1. Will the monitor work via a Type-C to HDMI adapter?

    2) Is it possible to use 2 (3) external monitor + main laptop screen

    3) Will it normally support 4K from both an adapter and an HDMI connector?

    4) Is it possible to charge via Type-C?


    P.S. sorry for my English=)

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    Hi everyone,


    I just installed VMWare and restarted the laptop sometimes after the installation. It went fine.

    But this morning,  I turned my laptop on, the screen is black and the key boad is light.

    But now the status becomes: the screen is still back, no more lights for key board., but there is light at power button.

    What should I do now. Actually need help.

    Thanks for advice.



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  • 10/02/18--14:29: Mouse is lagging
  • i have the same problem. i have even reset the laptop back to factory defaults using the recovery. its still happening. i have updated EVERY driver from the HP website and even tried manufacturers drivers. its still happening. its really annoying as its a great machine. have you any other solutions i can try please ?

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    Anyone knows how many monitors (with extension mode) can I add to my laptop (and how to do it)? (hp pavilion laptop 15-ck0xx). Right now I have one monitor added, but I will like to add another one, I bought I couple of cables but I couldn't make it...



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    how do i keep my display from sleeping ? i have all my display settings in advance power settings and power/sleep modes set far out as far as time goes. Sometimes the display will sleep as soon as i look or walk away or sometimes the display would be on all night. i'd rather the display sleeps after an hr of inactivity so how would i fix ?

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    Up until two days ago my digital pen was working fine. Now only touch is active on touchscreen and no stylus or pen will write or move the screen. I tried re-pairing the pen and obviously restarting the computer but nothing has changed the touchscreen.

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    Hi, my HDMI port suddenly does not work, no audio, no video, nothing. I try using the detect display feature, "no displays detected." I tried multiple HDMI cables that I know work and that did nothing. I tried those multiple cables on multiple displays, that did not work. After some googling I came across the many posts on here about people having the same issue. I proceeded to then update all the drivers, chipsets, BIOS etc... I then retried all the cables on multiple displays to no avail. This laptop is barely a year old and quite unacceptble to say the least. to add to my frustration, the mouse constantlu double clicks on its on, and the audio does have hiccups from time to time. Those I can live with, but the HDMI port not working, I cannot live without. After seeing many posts about this issue, it appears this is a common problem. Please advise.




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    I get pink squares randomly on several window tasks or  missing text (partially)    randomly.


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  • 10/03/18--05:14: Display colour doesn't match
  • Hello 

    Colour profile and colour setting being the same when compared to other laptops, the display colour still doesn't match.

    For instance, if the colour is blue in HP Pavilion, then it'll show purple in other laptop/mobile screens.


    Being a graphic designer it's hard for me to get the exact colour I'm looking for. 


    Please help me out in resolving this issue.

    Thank you 

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    I turned by notebook on this morning and all I get is a black screen on the display (doesn't get to the bios screen) and can hear the Fan whirring round constantly at high speed.


    The LED power lights are on.


    When RAM is taken out, the devices beeps to notify that no memory is present.


    When attached to an external dsiplay, nothing display either.


    I have tried new RAM, a different HDD, checked the heatsink, tried the olf fashioned trick of holding the power button down without the batetry in but i can't sort this. The laptop isn't very old at all. Any suggestions would be greatly received!




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    Hi there, need some help with my buying decision. So, I am looking to buy a new LG monitor this one , I just need to know if my HP Pavilion x360 14 cd0055TX will be compatible with the LG 4K monitor? I have listed the specification of my machine below. I need to add the LG monitor as the secondary screen to my machine. 

    HP Pavilion x360 14 cd0055TX FHD Specs

    • 8th Gen i7-8550U
    • 8GB DDR4
    • 1TB HDD
    • 16GB Optane
    • NVIDIA MX130 4GB Graphics
    • Win 10

    My concern is about the 4K resolution of the monitor. Any help would be appreciated. 

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    I've got an HP Pavilion 10-e019nr. Running great, except the battery is dead and the "system" process is driving the CPU at about 30% on average during idle.


    I narrowed the problem down to the Radeon 8.1 display driver. This driver comes from Windows Update. The HP site lists no display drivers. When I uninstall this driver, CPU goes down to ~5%, which is fine.


    I found an AMD driver 15.7.1, but after installation it didn't register. The generic microsoft driver is still being used.


    May I should continue using the MS driver. But I trust I would lose performance by doing so. But at this point, unless an alternate AMD driver is available, it's my only option. I can't throw away 30% of CPU on this little unit.

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  • 10/03/18--09:47: VGA port stopped working
  • I purchased a ProBook 3JJ41UT on 8/26/18. I have been using the VGA port for a second monitor until yesterday when it stopped working. If I right click on the desktop and click 'Display Settings' it says 'Didn't detect another display'. 


    I have tried another laptop with the same cable and monitor, that one works fine so that seems to isolate the problem to this laptop. Anyone have any suggestions to diagnose the problem?

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    I am trying to connect Apple Cinema Monitor which had max resolution of 2560X1600 using my Spectre's USB-C port.


    I am using an adapter, which is an USB-C to HDMI that supports upto 4k resoultion. Bewtween this apater and my montor, I also have an iogear HDMI to DVI_D adapter which also supports upto 4K resolution.


    But, when project to this monitor with this set-up, I am getting only upto 1080p resoulution. My laotop gives me an option to switch to higher resolution in extended monitor mode, but only 1080p is recomended. If I ignore the recomended value and switch to higher value, my Apple Cinema screen goes blank ( I selected an option that mathces with Apples Cinema's native of 2560*1600).


    So, my quesiton is, does Spectre X360 support anything higher than 1080P for extended monitor through USB-C? Is there a specfic USB-C port I should be using ( out of 2 available on Spectre). Or, can I use USB connection after I get a USB to DVI-D adapter for this purpose?






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    HP Envy x360, 15.6, Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8, Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit), AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Processor

    I have had this laptop for about a week and haven't been able to make the screen auto rotate. Tablet mode works fine. I have checked other q&a's but nothing is quite relevant. 

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