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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    HDMI option no longer shows up as a sound playback option with HDMI Cable plugged in and attached to my HDTV.

    Could a Windows update have caused this problem?

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    I have had loads of trouble with my Pavilion x2 since about a year ago when it started to fill up with Windows updates. I mounted an SD card and uninstalled all unnescesary apps. But it didnt help and before long the notebook ground to a halt. I couldnt even do a factory restore as there was not enough space on the tiny 32gb hard drive to do so. 

    So I ended up restoring it using install media on a USB from another laptop. This worked fine and the notebook is working much better. However it came at a cost.

    The touch screen no longer works and it doesnt seem to be able to read my SD card. This although not the end of the world renders the 2 in 1 aspect of the notebook useless and not being able to use an SD card will severely limit the longevity of the device as there is already so little storage.

    I think that I missing some sort of driver software that would fix these problems, but i cant seem to find them in the Driver section of the HP website.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Brightness up and down keys are not working. I tried installing sp71260 through driver pack solution but it shows device not supported. All other drivers are up to date. Please help.

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    help me please my brightness key are not working after formatting window 

    suggest me how to repair this problem.

    thanks you

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    Can I upgrade the video card of my HP ENVY x360 - 15-bp143cl?

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    Hi, there is a crack on my laptop screen. It is an x360 so has a touch-screen. It's only a couple of months old and I'm so disappointed. I think it is just the surface glass layer because there is no distortion in the picture. However the touch-screen only works in a few places.


    Can this kind of problem be fixed? I can't afford very much, the laptop was expensive enough to begin with.


    Can anyone find the relevant part number please, I have not been able to find it online.


    Many thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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    Hii, I have been using Hp envy x360 fro 2 mounths now and it has started having problems. 

    Until now the pc was working perfectly, but from last few days I am not able to use it as a  tablet. After analysing I figured out that the display is not rotating and tablet mode does not turns itself on when the screen is lowred. 

    I was looking fo r some solutions on this site, but I am not able to find anything useful as in my pc's display settings the option for autorotate is not shown. The display setting menu looks like this. 

    Also there is no option for screen rotation in the tablet mode also. The clt+alt+up arrow doesn't work. 


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    Hello, So I've bought this laptop secondhand which in all in all works to somewhat good. However my problem lies with the HP official drivers who way back to 16.6 and it's too old for some of the newer games and some games wont even work with them. I've managed to get 17.4.3 to work without any errors but it seems to forget that it has a dedicated card in this laptop and only use the intergrated R5 graphics instead of the R7 M440 (M445x for dual in 16.6)

    This is a mid-range laptop and is not a gaming laptop but I do expect to have official drivers from either AMD or HP to work. If I try the latest drivers (At this time, 18.5.1 WHQL and 18.9.3 BETA), I get CODE 43 and nothing works. The laptop wont even recognise them properly. 

    So I've done these three things. 

    Official HP drivers 16.6 - Installs properly and shows graphics properley I.E R8 M445x for dual graphics. However some games, such like WoW does not even start. 


    Offical AMD WHQL 17.4.3 - Installs properly and shows graphics incorrect, R7 M340 but only uses R5 Integrated graphics in games and lowers performance greatly compared to the games working in 16.6 from HP.

    Official AMD WHQL 18.5.1 and 18.9.3 BETA - Installs incorrectly and shows graphics randomly between R7 M340 and R7 M440 on different install, Gets CODE 43 all over the place. 

    I've done a complete reset of computer and I've even done a complete fresh install with USB with Media Creation Tool. I've also used DDU to make sure there is no trace of old code. 

    As far as I understand this is a problem HP needs to deal with. Last update is from 2016 for drivers. Two years later and a lot of improvement has been done from AMD on drivers but I cannot unlock it's true performance due to HP's inability to update the drivers. 

    I'm well aware of the limitiations of laptops, but let me tell you, this does not happen with Nvidia/Intel based laptops. I also have a older Nvidia based latop but it has no problem running the latest drivers from Nvidia itself. 

    So why is this? Clearly AMD has the drivers ready accordning to their website but somehow a OEM profile or whatever it is, is limiting the ability of this Laptop who has a good amount time to use to this day and future.  

    P/N: P3T81EA#UUW

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    I have an HP Spectre 360 and an HP Tilt Pen. I cannot get the Tilt Pen to do anything. I charged it for an hour. When I press the eraser button for five seconds, it looks as if the (VERY, VERY DIM, BARELY VISIBLE) light is flashing blue, which supposedly means it it in Bluetooth mode. I cannot find that it has been paired with my Spectre -- I never saw the menu appear (as it says in the minimal instructions); when I click on the Bluetooth symbol in the task bar to show the bluetooth devices, the pen is not there; if I click Add a Device, it cannot see it, even if I hold my finger on the eraser button.


    And, of course, I cannot get it to do any of its functionality, such as draw from a distance, change slides, etc. via Presentation mode. I can't even tell from that dim light that I am in presentation mode.


    No one on the Spectre support line, including Tier 2, seems to have ever used this device before. They had me push different buttons for an hour, and nothing ever happened.


    There must be a simple explanation. Can someone walk me through, step by step (baby steps, please). It has been so frustrating. Between HP's tech support and instruction manual, this has been a nightmare.

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    Hi All,


    I have a habit of watching Youtube with my laptop sideways on my bed before sleep.  (Imagine opening a book V-shaped and standing it upright.)  When I do this, the physical keyboard turns off. And I can't type.  How do I enable it again?  I have searched here and tried turning off tablet mode but the keyboard still turns off on its own when i turn my Envy sideways.


    Thank you for your help.



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    My laptops bottom right side gone black

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  • 10/01/18--21:10: Srcreen black spot
  • New laptop from Best Buy 449.39 shipped on 8-13 delivered 8-15. Used 1 week. bottom center of display developed a black spot the quickly grew to about the size of a quarter. contacted HP support 9-1. NO problem send it back they said. They got it 9-10. Now I finally got somebody on chat as I was trying to find out where the laptop was. HP Rep says Oh the "advanced tool" we have says you caused the damage. the repair will be 481.49. REALLY!!!  30 dollar upgrade to a non defective screen? Wow HP.

    The computer is at our service center.

    10:05 PM   [edit}  Our service center have found some induced damage on the laptop screen.10:06 PM   Me  What does that mean?10:06 PM   [edit}:  LCD is damaged and we need to replace the entire LCD part.This is not covered under the warranty.So the repair is in hold and it will be done on a chargeable basis.10:07 PM   Me  WOW Really. It is brand new. No contact. was it just going to lay there until whern10:08 PM   Me What is induced damage?10:10 PM   [edit}:  It means damaged done by a user.10:11 PM   Me  How is that determined? how much is the repair? 10:11 PM   [edit}:  The cost for the repair will be 481.49 USDMe:  That is as much as the d## thing cost. What a rip off. Send it back. [edit]10:12 PM   [edit}:  We have advanced tool in our service center to determine if it has occurred due to normal usage or a result of accidental damage  Is anyone else experiencing the same problem with these screens?  Are they weak at the midpoint? I see some older posts with similar issues getting repairs. brand loyalty may have got me this time.

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    I received from my work a new laptop. Before this I was using a Hp Elitebook Folio 9480m(windows 7) with the docking station Hp 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station. In this Docking station I have plugged one VGA monitor and a second monitor with DisplayPort adaptor(hdmi).
    With my previus laptop this is working fine. But with this new laptop the HP Elitebook 850 g5 with windows 10 the monitor in the DisplayPort adaptor doesn't turn on.

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  • 10/02/18--03:38: Laptop screen flickering
  • Hi there, my laptop screen starts to flicker at random times, i dont really know how to describe this problem except to send a link to a video, i have not dropped it. After contacting hp support twice and providing them with remote access to my laptop, my drivers was updated but this problems was not fixed. Is there anything that i can do? There also another video which shows my screen flickering when the brightness is at a certain level, and not flickering when the brightness is at a certain level also.

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    When I press the back key the laptop goes to sleeping mode. Please advice what to do

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    I am trying to connect a BENQ monitor to my laptop. I bought a USB to VGA cable and it's all connected up properly. I've tried using F4 to switch between displays, but the laptop does not detect the monitor at all. I have tried to get it to detect manually. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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    My screen started flickering (internal, not external) about two days after the warranty was over . The flickering happens more often when scrolling on web pages and doesn't really happen when watching videos so it seems that the video card driver may be a culprit. 


    Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix? 


    I have tried updating my graphics card drivers and have made all the critical updates available for both Windows 10 and for my laptop in general. My external monitor seems fine, just the laptop display is flickering. 

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  • 10/02/18--07:45: Rotation & Keyboard
  • I have tried searching the forums and internet everywhere for a solution. So far, nothing has worked!

    Please help!


    My screen is automatically rotating to portrait. I cannot move it back. I cannot change any of the settings in graphics as they are greyed out.

    Also, my keyboard and trackpad have stopped working at the same time, making problem solving even more challenging.


    yes, I’ve updated with the most recent window and driver updates.

    yes, I’ve applied necessary windows patches.

    yes, I’ve tried resetting and restarting etc

    im 1 week out of warranty, and don’t know what else to do. Please help!

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  • 10/02/18--08:54: Pavilion dv4 screen shrinks
  • On booting, I noticed my screen had shrunk with height and left side intact but the right side had gotten about 2 inches narrower. Readjusting screen resolution does not fix it. Anyone with useful information should please assist. Thank you.

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    Please help me find this information or contact the HP. What's the screen color coverage in SRGB and Adome RGB of these model: HP OMEN 15-ce018ng (regular screen) and (144HZ screen)? Thanks.

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