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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 09/30/18--03:01: birhgtnesskeys do not work
  • My brightnesskeys f3 and f4 are not working. Help?

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    I would like to filter the blue light on my display.  I have tried using the night light feature.  I dont' have a blue light switch in my settings.  I have reduced the brightness, but it does not reduce the blue.  If the screen is upright, the brightness is worse than if I fold the screen back a little.  I think it is the the screen itself.  Any help??

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    Vertical lines are appearing on my HP envy's monitor.  I have connected an external monitor and the display is fine on the external monitor. The virtual HP assistant directed me to either post for help in this forum or call for HP support which I will have to pay for. My warranty expired earlier this year.


    What can I do? Is this a a hardware problem I can replace easily enough on my own>

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    I need to replace a screen for a Pavilion 15 au030wm laptop, 5cd712bq6f.  The Service guide lists 5 relacements and the HP order page lists 2 model screens for this serial #. I would prefer the non-touch over the touch screen. can 

    i do this ? Any help will be appreciated

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  • 09/30/18--11:53: Pink tinted webcam
  • Hello, For the past 2 weeks my camera has a pink tint at the bottom of the image. Either when I am on a call on skype or to take a picture.

    I have looked for all posts I couls about this and tried every sugested link but most of the links don't open for some reason! 

    As well as the above mentioned problem, I also have a problem with really loud fan noises. Which I have also looked for all posts I could find and even bought a compressed air spray can to clean it and still makes theses noises. that really annoys me when I am trying to read and write.

    I went as far as doing a full factory reset last night and both issues are still occuring.

    I am not living at home at the moment. I have a scholarship for my Masters and will be moving every 4 months so I can't afford to be without a computer.

    Please help.

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    Sometimes the Hp stream 11 Boot up blank. Press the Cap Lock and Mute Show lights when pressed and it goes away when pressed again. If I leave it off for a while and then try to boot it it either continues to be blank or , it acts normal until it enters sleep mode. Then the cycle might repeat. When the screen is blank can not see to enter  any restore, bois, or  os. At the moment the screen is blank.

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  • 09/30/18--11:38: how to use keyboard
  • Im using the  hp pavilion x360 14-cd0803no. There is a key on the keybord under the button f12(flightmode-key) which has a blue line on it (absloutvalue symbol).  What should i do to write that symbol?


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    Turned my computer on one day and for some reason the touch screen is not working. I have tried every solution I can find online from cleaning my screen, to a whole system reboot. When I open my device details it say no pen or touch input on this device however it is designed to be used as a tablet. 

    I have updated BIOS,  tried a system restore, ran HP diagnostics, used Support Assistant to update drivers and pretty much anything else I could find as solutions on the HP forum but nothing works! Turning the device to tablet mode renders it useless and  when I open device manager it says that I2C HID device '

    This device cannot start. (Code 10)
    A request for the HID descriptor failed.'. For somereason my laptop does not recognise any touchscreen or that it should be available. I'm a student who just started university last week so I dont really have a chance to send it away to be fixed so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I bought the laptop and the tilt pen  one month ago.  I only used it to write on the display in the passive mode, using OneNote, and now it doesn't work anymore. The touch screen works so I really don't know what happened.

    Thank you in advance.


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    I recently bought the Bamboo Ink Pen, it is connected to my laptop but will not write on the touchscreen. How do I fix this?

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    Had to replace the LCD screen on a HP Envy x360 which included disconnecting the battery. That project by itself turned out to be disastrous but to make matters worse, the keyboard and touchpad stopped functioning after re-assembly. I do not believe it to be related to the screen swap however because both input devices still work in BIOS mode so it does not seem to be related to a hardware issue. I have searched similar issues on this forum and have tried various proposed solutions such as re-installing the device drivers, hard resets, disabling and enabling keyboard features, etc but nothing has worked so far. Wondering what other solutions may work at this point. Any insight would be helpful.



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    For some reason, my EXPENSIVE Spectre x360 is slow to react when I press the keys to adjust the brightness ONLY after it wakes up. During use it responds fine, but after it wakes up, the brightness adjust keys do not work for a good 20 seconds. I would expect better from a 1300 dollar laptop. HELP!

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  • 09/30/18--23:45: Touch Pad not working
  • My Touch Pad not working...........what should i do?

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  • 10/01/18--01:48: Shadow on screen
  • Hello guys, i am new here and i was just wondering if this have a remedy or it needs to be replaced. I do not know waht happened but it seems there is a shadow on my screen that is shapes like the palm rest and touchpad. Trued cleaning and wiping it already but no luck. Any suggestions?






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    Good morning.

    I hope someone can help me.

    I work in a school and bought 32 probooks. When connected to the projector (with vga or hdmi cable) it happens that they go du desktop extended even if by default I have set that they have to go on the clone screen. It also happens that by using powerpoints, they pass individually extended. I would like them to always remain on clone screens what can I do?

    thank you

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  • 10/01/18--02:26: ENVY x360 Display Question
  • I have an HP ENVY x306, 15-bp108ng.

    This has a USB-C port like here:, as well as two USB A ports like those in the picture and an HDMI 2.0 port.

    I want to connect two 1920x1080 monitors that run independently of each other without using the laptop monitor. I was planning on getting a port replicator to connect both monitors to. Would this work? If yes, is there any recommendation as to getting a USB-A or USB-C one?

    Alternatively, would getting a USB to HDMI cable, then connecting one monitor there and one to the built-in HDMI port work?



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  • 10/01/18--03:14: Active Pen doesn't work
  • Hi everyone


    I have an HP Spectre 360x and recently got an active pen (SPEN-HP-03). It connects, the button on the back of the pen works and opens all the programs as it should, but the laptop doesn't react to the rest of the pen. I can hover it around, click on the rightclick and play around in the settings as much as I want, nothing works or moves. Could you help me?


    Thanks in advance!

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    HP LAPTOP 255 G6 with Windows 10 HOME 64 bit 2015 Greece core AMD E2-9000e RADEON R2, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G 1.50 GHz + 4GB RAM... when i open any browser like firefox after 1 or 5 minutes it pop up blue screen "video TDR Failure atikmpag.sys" please tell how can i correct this my client brought me 2 same laptops for fix... thank you for your time.

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  • 10/01/18--04:53: Backlight inverter
  • Hello. Anybody knows where to get a new backlight inverter for the 8560p, or if there are other models that use the same converter. Have tried to find one but to no avail.

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  • 10/01/18--04:58: brightness key not workin
  • FN + F3 and F4 dont work for brightnes but the volume can use. I have a new update driver from Display Adapter a monitor adapter on Device Manager and hotkey support does not work and also after new updates

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