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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I would like to replace touch screen in my HP Pavilion x360 14-ba100na.

    I already disassembled the screen but i wasn't able to find exact number of the touch screen (to find spare part that would be compatible with my laptop).



    Is there any way to determinate what kind od touch screen I should buy?

    Do I need to give more information about this laptop?

    Or should I contact local HP support?

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    yesterday I was using laptap working fine and I see battery is low I connect the charger ,it was not charging the battery and after some time switched off, there is no charging light near charging port, I connect the charger to other laptop it was working fine. I try without battery also not working .with another charger also not working.what may be problems.


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    So I am confused. Are you saying I do not need this docking station:  ( , USB 3.0 Docking Station with Power Adapter (and Dual Monitor Function) and that I can use this adaptering USB32HDES Slim USB 3.0 to HDMI External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter - USB Graphics Card - Portable USB Video Card - 1920x1200 ( instead I jut have to plug it into the lightning port?

    Or can either be used? 

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  • 09/29/18--07:21: Flickering HP 27es monitor
  • I noticed what seemed to be random flickering to a black screen for a second. After a process of elimination it seemed it was a specific power brick, likely not supplying enough voltage/amps. I even got HP to send me a new power brick (that was a Origin  nightmare). Audacity 

    However today broke that theory. I then was able to reproduce the issue by scrolling through Facebook quickly using the scroll wheel on my mouse. I then installed the specific drivers from the HP site, which still didn’t fix the issue.Find My iPhone 

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    Я не могу писать на английском языке, я его не знаю!! Но ваша продукция продаеться и в России и В странах СНГ. Мой ноутбук в играх очень сильно грееться до 91С. Это нормально??? Как снизить его температуру, почему он очень горячий!!!! Идет износ, Ноутбук новый, купил один месяц назад! Или посоветуйте как ограничить нагрев? Я переживаю...

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    I have problems with my HP Pavilion Notebook 15. The screen has turned pink in all white areas while the black turns green.Then the screen has become semi-transparent.

    What can I do? I have all the new drivers but that didn`t helpDisplay.jpg

    Is the screen broken?

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  • 09/29/18--06:32: Replace lcd screen
  • Hello,

    I need a new lcd for a hp pavilion 15-au173nb but I have now idea which one i should look for, can anybody help please.

    The owner is still using the laptop.


    Location: Belgium


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    Hi all,


    I'm currently trying to add a monitor to my laptop to make working at home easier. I bought a Samsung monitor which has a VGA connection and so I also purchased a VGA -> USB converter to attach to my laptop.


    I've installed the required software for the converter and updated the Display drivers on my laptop but I still can’t get this to work. Each time I attach the monitor and select 'Extend display' the monitor does not receive a picture. The options in the display panel show a second monitor but it doesn’t really seem to be detecting it. i.e. it won’t allow me to alter the resolution etc.


    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here? Very frustrating as this should be easy!






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    I am having problems trying to find a replacement screen for the 27-a010. The unit was laid face down by one of my employees and it now has 4 dents in it and the touch wants to act one those 4 spots, I did mange to turn off the touch screen and use it as a regular screen, it is out of warranty and just want to replace the screen, tried going to HP Parts Surfer to locate a part number to order, but it's not even listed. If I have to take it apart I will just to look up the part number, but rather get it from the source..

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    Hi, I recently bought a laptop.

    Installed OS Windows 10(at first I tried windows 7).

    When I play the game she sees the integrated video card I have two video cards.

    First: AMD RADEON R7(integrated) and Second: AMD Radeon TM M340/AMD RADEON TM 535DX(With different versions of the driver writes either this or that, discrete).


    I reviewed the whole YouTube, reinstalled all the drivers that are there,

    I also installed one driver from HP.

    Help me, please.

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    After not being able to change my brightness anymore, I re-installed my Intel graphics driver. 

    I can now change the brightness again at the battery icon, but my brightness keys don't work anymore.


    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I logged into my HP Spectre 360 and withot explanation all my cons and taskbars are extremely small.  The display is set to 100% which it was the day before but the icons, taskbars and headers are almost unreadable.  If I increase the percentage icons get larger but the taskbar and other web headers stay small.  No idea and not aware of any updates or other changes made.  Any thoughts on how to fix?

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  • 09/29/18--13:54: dual extended display
  • How do create a dual extended display on my device using hdmi? apart from sotware download how else may i connect

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    Hi Hp !


    Thanks for the Spen delivered which has come out quite well. The only thing I'm facing is syncronising it with my lap (BT pairing). There's not even a sign of solution to pair it with your hardware.

    Do guide me with ease.


    Waiting for a +ve reply from your end.


    Thank you !

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    The forcepad on my 1040 G2 laptop for some reason stops 2 finger scolling after 2/3 mins of use. Appears to work perfectly fine eitehr after reboot or starting from sleep mode for 2/3mins then stops. I've also noticed that it stops complety for a moment before working again (almost like a 5 second lag). 


    I've checked that I'm running the latest version of Forcepad software (


    I am running Windows 10 32 bit.


    Hope someone maybe able to assist.

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    HP Pavilion g7-2247us Notebook PC Touch pad not working. No light. Have tried touching the upper left indent on pad. Does not work. Tried installing driver and get error message that the driver could not be installed. Have tried going to the hardware and Sound link, then to Mouse, but the Synaptic tab is not there only shows hardware tab. Have also tried hard reboot, but this also did not work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Hoping not a hardware issue as I do not know how to replace the touch pad.

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    first of, if this is the wrong forum, feel free to move the post accordingly.


     Hp Spectre x360 15 inch touchscreen 4k screen 512 gb ssd 

    When scrolling with Chrome, Firefox the performance is absolutely inacceptable for me (for Edge, there was absolutely no issue. pdf scrolling worked fine and scrolling webpages felt very direct without delay):

    Problem was that, when scrolling through pdf files in the integrated viewer, the scrolling of the page was very stuttery (laggy). I got the worst experience with Chrome; however, Firefox is still nowhere near acceptable. For normal webpages, there was no direct stuttering, but scrolling pages with a lot of content (like a lot of pictures) did stutter and when scrolling your "regular" webpage, the scrolling still felt somewhat delayed. 



    Please help me to fix this, as it is very annoying. 




    Best regards

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  • 09/29/18--22:10: Half screen is Blur
  • Hi Support,


    Please check the enclosed sanpshot where my screen got problem with half blur. Please do let me know the issue with screen or settings issue. I checked the warranty status as well which is expired. Please help on this regard...123.jpg

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    Just bought a used HP Envy 17-j053ea.


    I have noticed that the screen doesn't seem to look as clear as my 10 year old HP Pavillion!


    The backlight seems a bit uneven, so on a white background like this page, when scrolling, you can see a lighter area of the screen, like a bar that goes across the whole screen, about 1/3 of the way down. It's subtle as you can't see it when the screen is still, but it's very noticable when scrolling documents and webpages.


    I've also noticed that the pixles are very easy to see as there seem to be quite wide black vertical lines between them, resulting in a fine mesh look to the screen. (bit like the screen door effect).


    My eyes seem to pick this up at exactly 'laptop' viewing distance.


    Does this model just have a poor quality screen or is there a fault with the backlighting?




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    I have problems with my fn-keys and touchpad using Linux. ACPI Errors seem to prevent correct function. The function keys for brightness up/down and microphone all have the same scancode/function (microphone on/off). The touchpad only works with acpi_os="Windows 2017". How to solve this Linux issue? The Notebook is advertised with Linux compatibility. However, first problem I ran into was nvidia graphics with Linux. This one I could solve though.

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