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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    All red colours on the screen appears blurred pink. It is very annoying. Should be bright red.

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    I'm looking at a Notebook 15 ba022nf that works OK with an external screen connected using an HDMI cable but whose screen is dead.  Is this a known problem with this series of Notebook?    I'm assuming the WLED screen has died for some reason..

    Would anyone have a link to the Service Manual for this model so I can check the part number instead of taking the PC apart


    Thanks in advance

    Lyon, France

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    Hello All,


    I recently bought a HP Pen 1MR94AA#ABL (SPEN-HP-01) however I cannot make it work on my Envy x360 15-u483cl.


    I downloaded the HP Pen Control and it cannot find the device.


    Either it's not compatible with my laptop, or it's not working and need to be replaced.


    Perhaps an alternative pen for this laptop model?


    Thanks for your help.



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  • 09/27/18--07:42: Brightness Change Auto
  • Hello. I have bought the HP 250 G6 and the brightness change auto! How can i change this setting? I see that happen when i go to a website with dark background!



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    On my HP Spectre x360 – 13-ae035ng there are several spots (right edge and centre axis (vertical)) that dont allow a touch input. They are like 2-3 mm wide. When i use my stylus for writing it tracks the tip in these areas but it doesnt recocignize a input. I feel like when the laptop is hot down for a while and i boot it up, it works for 20 minutes but then the errors occur. 

    I testet it in multiple programs -> same error.


    Should i use my warrenty oder is this error a software issue?




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    My screen flickers momentarilly when chaning from one programe to another.  I tried a BIOS update as requested which seemed to fix the problem for a short while but the flashing has returned

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    I've purchased a new Samsung E28E590D and I can't get my laptop to acknowledge the monitor.  The Samsung "Easy Setting Box" and driver installation utilities from Samsung are quite lacking and they're not plug-n-play either.  The monitor acknowledges the HDMI connection on either the HDMI1or HDMI2 tv port from my laptop when I plug it into my usb HDMI/Ethernet/USB connector.  However, windows 10  hasn't connected with the monitor.  I know my usb connector and HDMI cable are good because i returned a TV that I was trying out before buying this monitor.  I'm stuck and need some help/advise on what steps I might try.


    Thanks in advance for any constuctive suggestions!

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    I've had my laptop for about 2 years and it's never glitched out before, but it is now. 


    -tried updating drives

    -tried scanning for viruses

    -tried rebooting


    I'm not sure what's wrong with it and I already searched online for help, but without luck. It really starts glitching on youtube.  That's it's bad point. But my laptop has been doing this for a week now. It looks like the whole screen shifts quickly and then lines flicker across. Any ideas or suggestions please?

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  • 09/27/18--23:50: Ноутбук
  • Hello everybody !!!! I bought myself not so long ago a laptop in it installed two video cards, one of them is discrete. So here's how you can switch video cards to one of them: Radeon R-4 and the second one is Radeon 520. At Radeon P4, the laptop brakes I want to switch to the second card but I can not. What to do? Help!!!

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    my hp laptop screen is suddenly become hp 30year warrnenty is over just a month there any way to get onsite support for it i will pay the charg for it

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    2011 Pavilion DV7-6c00TX uses a dual/switchable graphic mode setup : integrated is Intel 3000 HD, and dedicated is 2gb DDR5 AMD Whistler XT.


    Hi, as the title suggests, it is still happening, if i leaave the laptop idle for about 15-30 mins. Here are actions i have taken since setup :-


    I have the perfect, latest  precise oem Graphical driver (2-in-1) installed. I am convinced this is the most applicable driver for this oem-unique legacy switchable system. not last cataclyst, not crimson beta.


    At BIOS, my Display Mode is set to DYNAMIC


    I have already specificied my own custom high performance power scheme, where

    i. the screen should never dim

    ii. screensaver set to disabled

    iii. laptop never sleeps

    iv laptop never hibernates

    v. disks never turn off

    vi. ATI (AMD) Powerplay is set to MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE


    At Intel Display Control Center, settings as set to MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.


    At Catalyst Control Center, Power Play is DISABLED.


    Other Stuff around Windows : Screensaver set to 'none' true off/disabled.



    BUT IT IS STILL HAPPENING. My screen dims after avbout 15-30 mins.

    Appreciate experienced users with specific knowledge of this common issue to give advice.

    Any HP Staff please do not copy & paste huge chunks of preset replies or autiomated responses asking for irrelevant questions, date , telling me to reformat my OS etc. Please, no more standardised autiomated response. if you wish to help, please helo me on individual basis thanks.

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    Hello there! So I noticed that issue that my m430 graphic driver is detected as m330. I tried to go to the device manager and update from there but it take me to an old version then I re dwnload and updated from amd website which turn out to be the same problem once again. I hope you will understand the problem and come with an solution. I am not from a coutry where english is the language we use to talk or write so forgive me if there is any problem understanding me or I did some grammatic problem. Thank you.

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    it has no error mesagesit just freaks out when i conect it to a monitor and try to change it back to its original lcd screen

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    My video adapter is diactivated. When i restart my notebook, sometimes everything work correctly. video adapter enabled, but when i restart it again i can see only black screen. Then i restart it AGAIN and there is no video adapter. 
    Also when my adanter is not working, my battery shows that notebook isn't working from the electricity mains.
    [sorry for my bad english]



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    Hi everyone, I have a problem in brightness adjustment using the fn+f9/f10 buttons. It doesn't work.

    I tried updating the driver but I found that it's already  up to date 

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    I am wondering if any active pen will work with my HP ENVY x360. The product number is T5K66AV.  

    Thanks in advance

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    How do I use the webcam for my chromebook?

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  • 09/28/18--11:35: Srgb values hp pavilion 14
  • How many percent of the srgb color space does this screen cover? 

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  • 09/28/18--13:05: Graphics Card Problem.
  • Hello.
    I bought this laptop almost 2 years before and I want to ask a simple question.Where is the drivers for R7 M440?
    The Graphics card(R7 M440) does not work as I intended and even tho AMD's drivers lags soo much comparing to HP's drivers.
    Fİrst,Its name wont show up on no game and dxdiag.I can only check its name on msinfo32 and it says R8 M445DX which is combination of R5 and R7.
    Games only detects 1/8 of the R7 M440 and all of the R5 Graphics which is 512MB (1GB total)
    Why this happens and how can I fix this?Buying a new computer is not a option.I can't afford it and the affordables are worst than this laptop in specs.
    And I don't want to switch to Desktop because of portability.So what should I do now?
    Windows 10 1803 lags so I use 1607 which is older and I want to use the new features of 1807 which will come next and after months there is no drivers for 1803 already.
    Edit: Laptop is HP 15-ba010nt

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  • 09/28/18--13:31: Video driver
  • Hi. I installed windows 8.1 64bit and I cant find drivers for it. All I could find are the drivers for windows 10. Can u give me a link for it ? At least the video driver. Thanks 

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