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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I have been experiencing problems with my laptop screen/touchpad and/or mouse.  I keep getting faint white circles on my screen which will not allow me to use my mouse, touchpad or touch screen.  I've tried many diagnostic test on my laptop, and there is only one that has failed.  The code is 94HWXR-8AA985-PXPK7G-G1SQ13.

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  • 09/18/18--11:06: Flicking screen HP 250 G5
  • Hello,


    i'm trying to resolve the problem of the flicking screen sometimes i can work without problems and some days the screen is flicking a lot, the newest drivers don't helps.
    Sometimes the notebook will go into the sleepmodus while flicking, when i'm installed the oldest driver it seems okay for an short time.

    Do someone have the same problem and know the solution?



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  • 09/18/18--12:02: Display details
  • Hello,

    Can anyone tell me exactly what is brightnes ca m2 for  HP EliteBook 850 G5 - 3UP24EA 15.6" and what is sRGB % for this model. Because  I was looking at more places and I only have information that some are better and some are worse but I do not have any information for this model.

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    I am not able to adjust the brightness using the function keys on my laptop. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the display drivers with no luck. 

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    I tried to connect my notebook to an external screen via the USBC port  connected to  a DVI adaptor. Initially this worked sometimes but absolutely not stable. Now it does not work anymore. What can be the reason?

    Thanks in advance for your reply 

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  • 09/18/18--15:04: Unable to type < and >
  • I just discovered my laptop has the keys  > and < next to the arrow keys, not Shift, however, I am unable to actually produce these symbols myself. Had to copy-paste from Google search. The button literally just doesn't do anything. Anyone got any idea how to make that button work?

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  • 09/18/18--15:19: Touch screen no longer exist
  • My touch screen ability is completely gone.  It does exist at anywhere.  I have even been in the BIOS Componet Tests and there is no Touch Screen option to test.  It is no longer in the device manager.  I have ran every test available and shows everything is working like it is supposed too but no touch screen found.  I have triedto do a windows system recovery and still nothing.  Of course there isnt a simple driver I can install because it seems Windows doesnt need the driver.  I have updated all my Window updates as well to see if that could be the problem...... I'm lost on what to try next.

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    I purchased this laptop refurbished 2 years ago. I immediately had an issue of the backlit keyboard flashing off and on regularly. Sometimes, for a few minutes. This would go on even if I tried to turn it off.  I brought it in, still under my "Geek Squad" services. They said they did something, wouldnt explain what-and as soon as my warranties have all expired, it is doing it again. It also has started to have just the  W key not shift unless I use the shift key on opposite side. Intstead of shifiting it on the entire left side like we usually would. 


    This is SO frustrating! This was not a cheap laptop, and now I am out of options to get it repaired.  Any suggestions that would not be a HUGE expense? I have already run diagnostics with windows, but done nothing so far at the BIOS level. 



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    I bought a HP Envy x360 and a tilt pen and the pen doesn't seem to be working.


    I checked the compatibility list before purchase - HP PCs - Touchscreen Compatibility with Pen and Stylus and confirmed that the 15-cn00xxxx should be compatible.


    • The pen has been charged and is not flashing red.
    • It connects to the laptop via bluetooth successfully and the eraser function works. If I click the eraser button while in MSPaint, it opens the Microsoft Ink Workspace.
    • If I turn the pen around, the eraser side seems to register, both as a simple stylus in MSPaint and an eraser in the microsoft sketch program and Aseprite.
    • I also got the default  HP Pen with the laptop - also listed as compatible on the above list - and it works flawlessly as soon as I put the battery in. No setup, pairing, etc needed.
    • I've removed the device from Device Manager in control panel and allowed it to reinstall when connecting again. I've also checked the HP driver repository suggested in other threads but there's nothing listed when searching for HP Tilt Pen even though it appears as a search suggestion.

    I'm not sure what else I can try at this stage.

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    I had to do a reinstall of my operating system and need to correct driver for my laptop. It is a HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j178nr. When I check to download Drivers It had a driver for an Nvidia GeForce GT 750 M while I need an Nvidia GeForce 840M driver. Could you please get the location for the correct download.


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    What is IPS-display mounted on HP PAVILION 15-bc439ur?

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    my Spectre stopped detecting the screen overturning, so buttons and touchpad are still working in tablet mode. I think it started after some Windows update and that is why it looks like software problem.



    Is it some way how can I fix it?


    Thanks for help,


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    I have not install anything manually but windows took some update autometically.

    Keys are working and i have changed it from display settings but it is changing yet

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  • 09/19/18--04:44: RX Vega 10 Driver Issue
  • Hi Yall


    I have identified a serious issue with the AMD RX Vega 10 driver. If I play MP4's on the laptop it causes it to lockup and freeze. This has required a force restart on the device as it wont even display task manager.


    The video Audio plays but not the video. It does seem to play in Windows media player but not always. And it never plays in VLC. This is linked to an update of AMD Software. The Available driver in the August 2018 update only updates this software to 17.7, version 17.9 + fixes the incompatability.


    Considering this is a fundemental issue preventing me from playing some of my apple movies on my device. When is it likely that the driver update will be available for the Vega RX 10 that takes the Radeaon software to a version that will play MP4's  without issue?


    I note that other HP users have expressed the same frustration but for different uses of the GPU


    If anyone has a work around please let me know.






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    Hello. I have notebook HP Pavilion dv6 6080ee. After being almost forcet to upgrade to windows 10_64bit, I can't seem to find the option for switching my graphic card to fixed mode in bios to use only discret videocard (AMD Radeon HD 6770m).

    As I couldn't find any drivers for windows 10 for my notebook on HP website, I used the:






    I have updated the latest bios version for my device, but I still  can't find option "Switchable graphics mode" in bios nor in AMD Catalyst Control Center. 


    I know that HP isn't providing drivers for windows 10 for my model, but is there any possible way to restore the switchable graphic card  mode without downgrading to windows 7 or 8? Or Improve gaming experince as I've noticed a big impact on my gaming performance after this.


    Please Help!

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    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion Laptop running Windows 10 Pro - on the system page, it says Pen and Touch Support with 20 touch points.


    My question is, what does Pen and Touch Support with 20 touch points mean?


    In addition, I have Windows Ink Workspace available - can I use a stylus pen?


    Thank you in advance,

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    Zbook 15 G4 xeon V6 M2200 error black screen  help me ?


    I need direct driver for Intel P630 and Nvidia Quadro M2200


    what's problem ? when machine running no chager that's error black screen but use adapter no problem


    help me ? 

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    Hi i previously used lenovo notebok with TN display with HD resoultion . Now i just bought pavilion 15 cc123tx  with Full HD IPS display , i see that  it is not bright as HD display (TN)  such as white color  in my  new laptop . Is it normal  because IPS display ? I just want to know if i have to configure settings or not...Thanks.

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    My barely used Spectre x360 screen spontaneously cracked overnight.  This laptop has never moved from my desk.  Never bumped, etc.  It's obvious from all of the online entries that this is a common defect.  I would like HP to replace the screen and stand by their product.  If not, I won't replace the screen as I have no confidence that it won't break again.  Please get back to me HP as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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    I spilled a beer on to the keyboard of my Spectre x360. I immediately turned it upside down, did a hard shutdown and let it dry.

    I turned it back on and for about 6 minutes it worked perfectly. Then the screen flashed a few times and blinked out. When I try to reboot, the screen stays black but the facial recognition lights come on so I am hoping that only the video card is busted. Could that be right? Could it be totally destroyed?

    I am overseas right now for 2 weeks- I assume my only option is to wait until I get home and take it to a service provider?

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