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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Whenever I am using my computer in class or at home the screen will randomly go white, and won't go away unless I manually power off and restart my computer. 

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    So I bought a laptop more than a year ago but I've been having these problems since day one.

    I chose a business level computer becuse I expected better service and higher quality. It seems I was wrong.


    Apparantly it was refirbished. I didn't know this becuse the seller his this information deep below the specs on the product page. I'm not sure it matters.


    The problem is that if I run the laptop unconnected to any peripherals (screen, keyboard etc.) the screen flickers. A lot. It is unusable. It flickers for a few seconds, works for a few seconds and goes on like this for 30 seconds up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes i give up and turn it off. When I start it again it sometimes flicker again and sometimes don't. The problem goes away for a few days or weeks and then come back for a few days or weeks.


    When it is connected to two screens (either through a docking station or directly to the laptop) the screens (HP ZR24W) sometimes goes blank for a while and then comes back. Sometimes they go blank for a longer period and sometimes it helps to taket it into sleep or restart it and sometimes it doesen't help. I see no pattern.


    If I disconnect the cable between the screen I get a message telling me to connect the cable. If I reconnect the cable it tells me there is no signal.


    All available updates are installed as far as I know.



    I downloaded the HP support program but it kept asking me to connect to the internet and to run HP connection check (unsure of the program name). The connection check said everything was fine but the support program still asked me to run the check. This persisted even if I tured off my firewall.



    Any help is appreciated.

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    I have brought a laptop before 8 months.Suddenly I got line in the mid of the screen.I reported to HP support and they replaced it with new screen, but it was so dull when compared to the original. Whether it will be like that or I need to do anything from my end. I installed BIOS but no luck. Please advise me on this

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    When i try to get on fortnite ever since last week the screen for fortnite is now a tall rectangle, and i dont know how to bring it back to normal size can someone help me with this issue.

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    I bought the spectre 360 WITH 4K display. Why can't I download or stream 4k video? What's the point of equipping a laptop with a display that can't be used?

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    I bought this HP Pavilion 15 laptop few months back. Since the time I got this laptop, I am not able to use the touch screen. when I try to use the touch screen, the screen starts to flicker and auto zooms to make the screen jump and zooms to 200% or more. 

    in order to stop the fickering, I have to tap hard a few times or to close out all windows and press power button for a forced -hard shut down.


    I am not sure what causes this issue.


    Any help is appreciated.




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    I'm trying to find this old wallpaper, I lost it when reinstalling windows. I've tried reverse image searching and searching for default wallpapers, but not luck.


    Please help!


    wallpaper in question: 

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    I bought my HP ENVY - 17t Touch Laptop in December 2015 from and used it most of the time with the open display. This past weekend I tried to close the lid in order to move my laptop from my home office into a different room.  I heard a strange noise coming from the back and I could not close the lid.  After looking closely at the back of the laptop, I noticed that the glass display on the left side is coming out of the metal case.  This sounds like a manufacturing defect since the hinge seems not to be working.  The right side of the laptop is also moving away from its case as well.  I have seen other people with similar issues posted on HP Support Forum, so please contact me to solve this issue.  

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    Hi there, I've have the issues here and there are 3 fail units on my hand, any updates would be appreciated!

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    I have accidently stepped on my laptop and now have a crack in the screen. As my laptop is touchscreen it keeps messing around with the zoom and the touch wont work in places. 


    Is it worth just changing the screen or do i have to get a new laptop? i dont know where to get it fixed or what to go to go about getting it fixed


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    plz hlep me

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    The brightness controls (F2 and F3 keys) do not work.  

    I've tried changing the brightness settings using the Windows 10 display settings. 

    I've also tried to change the battery settings and the power plan.   

    The brightness on my notebook will not change. 

    FYI, I searched for and found the following post on HP's forum:


    To  expedite this process, I've tried all of the methods noted in the post; i.e. drivers are updated via both Windows 10 Device Manager and HP Assistant 8. 


    Product number of device is: 2LV24UA#ABA

    Device's brightness control worked until yesterday. 

    No error messages.


    Bought the device in early August 2018, exchanged the device within a week because of creaking noise on palm rest as noted by other Spectre x360 buyers in this reddit post:




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    i recently bought the HP Spectre x360 – 13-ae035ng and noticed right away, that the screen had a noticeable yellow tint. The Winows calibration and some adjustments in the Intel graphics setiings helped, but i couldn't quite get rid of it.

    Are there any other tools to calibrate the monitor that dont require some external hardware or does someone have a callibrated colour profile?


    Thanks in advance


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    A few months ago something happened with the connection between the keyboard and the display on my Pavilion. It may be a problem with one or both of the hinges because the display works if I hold it in different angles. The computer is about two years old and the warranty has expired. Can I get help from HP? Or do I have to find another qualified computer service/technician? If it matters: I live in Sweden. 

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    The keyboard on HP Pavalion 15-cs0000nj has a numeric keypad but unlike Caps lock, the Num lock buttton doesn't have the small white status led so there is no way to tell if num lock is on or off, in addition, there is no on-screen notification for pressing num lock.


    HP guys, bad user experience!

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    Hi everyone,

    I've installed Windows XP x64 on the hp pavillion g6 1233sl, everything works fine except for the backlight of the screen. Here's the deal: after installing the driver and rebooting the screen goes black but, if i put a flashlight in front of it, I can see the screen as it supposed to be. I've downloaded different versions of the driver from the intel site and each one of them present the same problem. My question is if you are aware of this issue and if there's any solution for it since this video drive (HD graphics 3000) is common to other hp models.

    I hope to hear from you soon,



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    So I've been thinking about buying the hp pavilion 15 cs0003no. It goes for a great price but as ill be using it for graphic design I want to have a good screen. And ive been trying to look for detailed specs on its brightness and color accuracy. Does anyone know where that information could be found or if it doesnt exist? Thanks in advance!

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    I've just purchased a refurbished Spectre X360, model 15-ch000na. It has the problem that is described on numerous threads and has the pink/purple tint problem. (Alongside abysmal resolution - though marketed as FHD!)


    The link to the webcam firmware update has expired, is there any way I can download a copy elsewhere? Can't find any other similar downloads on the web.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and I hope that someone of you can help me.

    First of all I want to say that I'm italian so... sorry for my bad English.


    I have a problem with my EliteBook 840 G3's display.

    When I change its inclination, it changes color and display objects of different colors appears the same (e.g.: I have a blank screen with a light grey button, I don't see the difference between them, so I see a unique blank surface).

    I tried with different OSs, upgrading Bios, but nothing changed.


    Hope in your answer,


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    I have a laptop HP Omen 15-ce008nw (Win10, i5-7300HQ, GTX 1050, 8GB RAM).


    When I try to setup Oculus Rift, everything goes well until I need to use goggles to proceed.


    Goggles display black screen, but they are connected and detected.


    If I connect goggles using HDMI port, there is no image and no sound. When I use mini displayport, there is no image but sound is OK.


    I updated laptop's bios, Windows and nVidia drivers.

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