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    My 8570p screen is no longer working so I have connected an external monitor.  My screen works sometimes but I'm getting the following error:


    Display drive AMD druver stopped responding and has successfully recovered



    What do I do to fix this?  Do I need to adjust the rededit files?  Is there an issue with my video card?  I have ordered a replacement screen.

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    Hi so my laptop screen just flickers constantly it's been doing it on and off very briefly like a couple of seconds at a time for a while now but now it just does it constantly from start up to shut down. Makes the laptop very hard to use and look at. I've tried restarting it but that didnt work. I can move the screen back and forth and it stays the same so its not to do with those connections. My laptop is only a couple of months old!!



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  • 09/15/18--07:09: Screen replacement
  • Somebody sat on my laptop and the screen has some (little) cracks. I want to have the screen replaced.
    What would be the cost for this?

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    I just bought a HP Spectre 15 with a Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics. I've got a three-screen external display setup (1x 1920x1080, 2x 1024x1080), just wondered if you know whether this laptop can support connecting to all three screens whilst still rendering for the main laptop screen? 

    I found a usb-c to 2x displayport adapter and a usb-c to displayport cable on Amazon I was going to use if this scenario was supported. 


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  • 09/15/18--09:35: HP Tilt-Pen replacement tips
  • Hello,


    Where can I find replacement tips for my HP tilt-pen. After 2 weeks of daily use, the tips gets a plastic burr, which means that this tip needs to be replaced in the near future. 




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    I have the same computer with the same problem.

    What was the solution?


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    When connecting the HP USB-C Travel Dock via the built-in USB-C connector to an HP Envy notebook the touch-pad works fine whilst the dock USB and HDMI ports are used, however, as soon as one plugs a network cable in and attempts to use the touch-pad the cursor goes mad, it opens and closes windows, and seems to click all over the place in very rapid succession - like the signal from the network is interfering with the touch-pad interace. As long as one does not touch the pad, it seems to be ok and the network appears to work fine. Alternatively using a USB mouse connected to the dock is a work-around that works to regain control of the cursor, but clearly is not an ideal situation.

    Have updated to the latest software available on HP's website as of 15 Sep 2018, and Windows 10 is on auto-update for Windows 10 Home.

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    I have an external monitor connected to my laptop and it has gone greenish bluish.  The screen on the laptop is fine - and regular colored.  I tried swapping out the vga cable, and i tried swapping out the monitor with another one, but the external screens are still greenish bluish.  is it the vga connector? it looks fine, but who knows...maybe it is a video card issue?

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    Screen found on floor in son's bedroom and screen display is garbled but screen not cracked. Is is worth trying to fix? Thank you

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    If someone could help me fix this problem I'm having all I did was hook a HDMI cord to the all in one HP Pavillion 22 to my TV and the computer monitor looks like this and the TV display looks how it should what should I do thank you 😁

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    I recently took my laptop in to a computer repair shop.....when I turned on the Power button it would power up,  but there was no picture on the screen . I thought may e the problem was the video card,  but my Tech told me it was the motherboard that was bad and not worth fixing ... I am devastated bc I just bought this laptop last year. . .It is the HP Flagship 15.6" HD Touch-screen 7the Gen Intel dual core i5 12GB RAM 1TB HDD Windows 10 Home DVDRW...... She is in the gorgeous Teal color ... and I call her "Baby"...... I would hate to just let her go... My life is in that laptop; 18 years of photos,  all my essays & work from college... You know .. 


    Can SOMEONE please tell me where to get the motherboard for her at the lowest price possible ??? I will be most grateful . . 


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  • 09/16/18--00:39: Driver
  • My 3D video controler driver is showing unavailabe, which driver I need to install to solve this issue?

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    display freezes with virtical lines some times , then back to normal then again freeze then again back to normal

    i used external screen working fine no issue only internal 

    i used bios setting for half houre no freezing only when windows on.

    can you please advise 

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    can someone tell me is there a solution for this problem? Is this a serial error on the 850 g5 elitebook, or is it necessary to bring your device back to the dealer?

    It's about using a touchpad and two buttons above it. So, if my finger is on the touchpad, sometimes when I click one of the top 2 buttons touchpad stops working and it will not move until I remove my finger from it and then return them again on it. The problem is repeated again after I click one of the two buttons above the touchpad. Thanks in advance for the answer. The video below shows the bug.

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    I am no technophobe, so please bear with me. Initially I have had trouble finding HP  website to state my problem - thought it would be easy simply to contact HP to iron out my problem as my product is still under warranty.


    The product I have is an HP250 G6 Core i5 - 7200U. SN: [edit]


    I purchased my laptop on 8 April this year from Laptops Direct and have had problems ever since with a too sensitive pointer, which seems to have a mind of its own . It often does nt stay where I place it and sometimes wanders and opens up things I havn' t asked for, and changes the format of programs I am currently using e.g. Microsoft Excel.


    In addition the slider at the right side of the page always sticks and I have continuously to jiggle the pointer to release it.


    I have noted that others also have this problem and wonder if its the model I have purchased.


    I have used control panel to reduce the speed of the pointer to no good effect.


    Can you please help. 

    Thanks John 


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  • 09/16/18--08:43: Face recognition
  • I have Envy 13 laptop and even after downloading the required software, it didn't work.  Said the following:-


      The installer failed to detect an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera on this system. The installation was terminated.


    It's a brand new computer but settings for Windows Hello is missing!


    Pls help as it doesn't even always recognise my fingerprint so have to sign in with PIN most of the time.


    Thanks in Advance.


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  • 09/16/18--08:52: Video resizing issue
  • Hello,


    I have problem regarding the size of video screen, When I pluge in the laptop to charger, all the video screen size ( either onlien video or offline ) is become zoo in style. When I plug out the lap top from the Charger, it becomes true and dsplayed in normal size. I really appreciate to guiding regarding this matter.


    Thanks a lot.


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    Just had this happen to our daughters! They are blaming us for it. She was watching videos and it went to all lines. I ask how that could happen they said it was from a previous issue. There are no dents,cracks, nothing on her computer but they said we must have applied undo pressure at one time and it just now broke. Seriously what the heck!!!

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  • 09/16/18--10:12: Updating Video Drivers
  • I opened a Alice 3.4.0 on my HP 15-r200 Notebook PC series running Linux Mint 18.3, and it failed to start because my Video Drivers were not up-to-date. HP's Virtual Assistant failed to help me because I wasn't using Windows 7, 8, or 10. Can anyone help me?


    Screenshot of Issue:


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    I have tried two different adapters to connect external monitors and large tv screens to my laptop for screen display to no avail.  Both the USB-2.0 to HDMI and the USB-C to HDMI do not work. The USB-C option works intermittently, but I need something reliable for client presentations.  


    PLEASE can someone tell me what to buy that will work consistently? I have been to Best Buy and Microcenter and they have no clue what the problem is. 


    I would appreciate knowing what I can buy today asap that will absolutely work. 


    Thank you in advance for your help!  

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