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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I am trying to connect a  Dell P2214H monitor to my HP Omen Laptop.  The monitor had the Digital Port outlet with the computer having the HDMI outlet.  I bought the adapter cord and my laptop is not detecting any outside source.  Please help.

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    I can not  take pictures with the front lens facing me on my HP envy x2. it becomes just blank as soon as i turn the camera to front camera. but it works perfectly well when using the back lens or camera

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    My laptop suddenly stopped, and would not reload.   No Video, NO Keyboard, No touchpad.  Later determined that the CMOS battery had failed.  A new battery was installed, and the system booted up.  No response from keyboard or Touch pad.   An TECH suggested that I restore the BIOS.   Done that but no change.   Does the forum have any suggestions.  I like the system and would prefer not getting a new one.


    Thanks in advance

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    I have the HP Z24x G2 DreamColor Display. I believe that there is a problem with some or all of the displays of this model. Because the display has been replaced, but in the replaced copy also there is this problem.

    When moving, objects leave a visible trail behind or inside themselves. This is best seen with gray objects on a white background or with white objects on a gray background, but also this is typical for colored objects. I observe this almost everywhere. I tried to make some videos. In reality, this is noticeably stronger than the camera was able to capture.

    I have been communicating with the Russian support service since the middle of summer. Technical support in Russia is very bad. They did not understand the problem, they just made me a replacement, which did not solve the problem. I have big doubts that support in Russia wants to help me. I asked them to contact the engineers in the US who have access to these displays in order to get an explanation. But they persistently do not want to do this. I'm disappointed with the quality of this display and HP support.

    Also I will write what I have already done. This display was tested on two different computers with different graphics cards (nVidia and Intel). To these computers, I also connected two of my other displays from Asus (PA249Q and PA246Q). And they do not have this problem. For the first time in my life, I see such a problem with the display.


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    I have the problem

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    Hello, whenever my laptop charges, my mouse or touchpad starts acting up. Its like its jittering and moving around like a squirrel. I've checked every other forum for a solution but no luck. Please Help

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  • 09/16/18--15:52: Pin layout of webcam module
  • Hello I wanted to build a mini robot using parts of a laptod
    for this I want to use a webcam and microphones. The camera takes it out of a hp pavilion dv4

    The question is what is each pin?

    Camera pins.jpg


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  • 09/16/18--18:32: Pen for my computer
  • I want to know what stylus is compatible with my computer-- 

    HP Pavilion x360 M3-u003dx



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  • 09/16/18--19:03: Pen Compatibility
  • I've been trying to find an active stylus that is compatible with my HP laptop. I even refered to the document list but couldnt find my model number despite the fact that my system settings say I have pen and 10 touch compatibility. I'd appreciate if I could be pointed in the right direction to find a pen, or stop searching with the knowledge that my laptop is not compatible. Thanks

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  • 09/16/18--19:09: touchscreen
  •  I want to know if my notebook (HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cs0xxx) has the touchscreen option or not. 
    and if it has how can I activite it 

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  • 09/17/18--00:51: Video graphics
  • Please let me know how can I install the video graphics of model number  

    AMD Radeon™ R7 M440 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)



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    Monitor IIYama ProLite XZ 775 HDS connected to HDMI port on HP SPECTRE USB-C Travel Dock is not detected on notebook, therefore, it  does not display. Oher periferials (ethernet, USB keyboard and mouse) connected to HP USB-C TravelDock works. If monitor is connected to HDMI on notebook, works good.

    Driver from HP pager is installed.


    Any suggestion? 



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    I have noticed that when I display dark images on the screen of my notebook the brightness is lowered and I would like to remove this function if it is a function.


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    Hi everyone!

    I have some problems with my new laptop so I ask to you if there are other people with the same problems.

    I bought my pc Notebook HP 15 - bw001nl on 22th of August 2018 (is new, no second hands) and I've immediatly notice that there were some wrong: it was so slow. I updated all softwares but it continues to be slow. CPU was usually 100% while I didn't do anything.

    So I tryed to format (I went to an informatic centre, not HP centre) and the CPU's problem was solved and pc runs little faster, but when I go to youtube or netflix (for example) I can watch 40 minutes and, after, videos/films start to block. When I play to League of Legends my fps is usually around 30 the first game, if I play second game (so about after 30 minutes of gaming) my fps collapse to 05 - 01; when it happens my pc is not so hot.

    I don't know if it is normal for my kind of laptop, but I don't think so. 

    I already use low resolution for gaming and watch movies, I altready went to settings and I setted for optimize performances, I tryed everything was possible.

    When I went to the informatic centre the technician told me that my processor is little powerful, but is really possible that I can't see a movie or play a game with this new pc?

    I hope somebody can help me because I'm really sad...


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    Hello everybody!

    Not sure how to explain this: I have this problem with the Netflix app. When my charger is plugged, video is "almost" black/white, like desaturated (no red but a little yellow), as soon as I unplug it - it goes back to full color. 

    This happens only when I whatch it on the app, not on web streaming or for example VLC.


    I don't even know if this is a laptop problem...


    Anybody can help?

    thank you



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    Bought my ENVY 17 roughly about 4 months ago. Noticed grains forming from the bottom of the screen in a grid pattern. Now its spreading inwards from all the edges. its not visible when the display is on but if the screen is dark or turned off its very visible.

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    Hi, I have a problem. In practice, the screen crashes from time to time. I have all the drivers updated and this thing before a bios update to the latest version did not happen. I do not know how to solve this problem because I have all the drivers of video cards updated and this is a problem that happens a few times

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  • 09/17/18--06:12: usb c to vga converter
  • I have a Hama usb c to vga converter and i cannot connect to a vga beamer

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  • 09/17/18--06:17: H KEY NOT WORKING
  • Hello guys 


    I booted my laptop up last night and found the H key did not work ,every other key on the keyboard works ok . I have tried 

    to lift the key off and clean under it and also disconnect the ribbon cables inside the laptop but it has done nothing to solve the issue.  


    my drivers are all up to date etc .. the operating system has been updated to windows 10 pro and it has worked great for 2 years like that.


    I have searched the net and found it could be a keyboard issue or a mother board issue ???   .



    Any ideas please ...


    Thanks guys.




    Typed with on screen keyboard.............

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    I have a problem with the usb-c to hdmi converter bought it from the HP store. The HDMI cable to whatever screen I connect is turn of for 5 seconds at least in a 10 minute interval. I don't know what to do or how to resolve the problem. I never updated my drivers except for the BIOS, so maybe that is the problem but I don't want to download any unneccesary programms. can somebody please help me with this problem cause when I am watching a movie or something it is really annoying to have a moment when the screen doesn't work. Sometimes it turns of at least 5 times in ten minutes. I just want a working product, maybe some of you guys know what I can do to fix it.


    Thanks in advance,

    Kind Regards,

    Pascal van Staveren

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