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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Until a few days ago, my laptop was detecting and sending out signal to an external monitor, which was attached to my laptop through an HDMI cable. Since the last week, it stopped detecting any external monitor. I tried many things but nothing worked. Here is what I tried:


    1. Disabled and enabled the display adapter in device manager.

    2. Allowed the OS to update the driver (right click menu, "update driver" command)

    3. Uninstalled and deleted the display adapter driver, restarted the laptop, and tried installing the driver using Intel's Driver and Support assistant.

    5. Uninstalled and deleted the display adapter driver, restarted the laptop, and tried installing updates through HP's utility center.

    6. Resetting the PC (reinstalled windows while keeping my personal files).


    Before trying all the above, I checked my HDMI cable and the external monitor. Both are working fine when I used them with another laptop, which also has Windows 10 (but it is not HP ENVY TouchSmart).


    I am looking forward to some solution on this forum.

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  • 09/12/18--19:22: Error con juego en linea
  • Hola,utilizo este foro para recibir algun consejo. Tengo un problema con mi laptop, modelo Pavilion 10-cd004la, el cual es que al utilizarlo con un juego en linea llamado Mu Online, del cual no pide muchos requerimientos, tiende a paralizarce y ha emitir un sonido fuerte y extraño algo similar ah : TRRRRRR ... Estuve averiguando y me dijeron que actualize los drivers de la tarjeta grafica. La tarjeta es AMD Radeon5, version 18.9.1 actualmente actualizada , sin embargo esto persiste. Alguien podria decirme como solucionarlo .

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    This is such an amazing laptop but I immediately get the BSOD when I play World of Warcraft.  I've done scans, I've done BIOS updates, I have used all kinds of drivers, etc. and still the BSOD persists.  I am wondering if it is purely just an overheating issue because this laptop gets extremely hot, once I turn on WOW.  I bought a 3 fan cooling pad and that made the BSOD come on later but it still happens.  I've ordered a new pad that has 4 fans and i'm hoping that will help. 


    But heeeelp!  If anyone has figured out how to stop this when you try to game, tell me your secret! 


    It sucks having a $1700 laptop that crashes when you try to play a simple game. 


    Note: I've had this laptop since 04/2018

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    I think my screen has 2 dead pixels. Pictures attached. It's actually more noticeable on a black screen than on a white screen; it's almost like the two pixels are frozen in what they're displaying.IMG_0232.jpgIMG_0231.jpg


    How can this be fixed?

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    Hello there, I am new to this HP community. Last week my brother gave me his 1 year old  HP ENVY Notebook 13-ab0XX (HP ENVY Notebook 13-ab002nx).


    I formatted the SSD, removed recovery files, repartitioned ssd, clean installed windows 10, installed drivers from HP website. Everything seems to be working fine, except few minor issues like- Most of the apps texts are blurry, windows inbuilt blurry text correction cant fix it. I almost tried in advanced settings  and scaling features, but neither helped. 




    Another issue is that an icon in taskbar next to language keeps on missing. If I drag battery icon to the last, then it will be hidden ( I cant access or make changes), and while battery icon is missing if I drag wifi icon to the last, then battery icon comes back but wifi icon gets hidden. this happens with almost every icons in quick launch section.





     VIDEO for refrence




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    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased a second-hand Zbook 15 G2 with the following specs:


    Intel Core i7 4810

    2x8GB RAM

    500GB SSD (SATA)

    no optical drive

    Full-HD IPS display

    nVIdia Quadro K2100M

    3G Modem

    Intel WiFi & Bluetooth


    The notebook came with Window 7 preinstalled, which I immediatelly upgraded to Windows 10. And then, all the hell broke loose.


    First of all, I don't know if this issue was present in Windows 7 because I erased it almost immediatelly after purchase. In the last 3 days I tried to install Windows 10 Pro x64 (June 2018 release, at least thats when I obtained the ISO from MS website). It's legal windows, no cracks or whatever. I've tried around 12 times to do a fresh install using different combination on drivers, but each time, after several devices were installed, the notebook started to freeze, sometimes BSODs saying DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. The usual case was, for example, when I opened Task Manager and clicked on Performance, the window would freeze and soon the whole notebook woulfd hang as well. Sometimes when I hit power - shutdown (or restart) - the notebook hangs. Sometimes the screen turns black and I see just the cursor and nothing else and I have to force shutdown the book. WinDBG said that the culprit was pci.sys. I updated the BIOS to the latest revision available via online update in the BIOS itself, using compressed air I cleaned the notebook vents from the service hatch but didn't help. I also tried memtest and checking the SSD for errors - but they are both OK.


    What I've found out is that when I disable the Quadro card, the notebook starts to behave normally. But if it was nV problem, I think the BSODs would say a problem with nVidia driver and not pci.sys, so I think the card is OK, just there is something wrong elesewhere.


    Another that I have is the mouse behaviour in UEFI - the cursor moves just fine when using the touchpad, but when I use my mouse, the cursor only moves left and right! In the old and even in the newest BIOS release.


    I am thinking of reinstalling the windows 7 back, but I would like to stick with Win 10.



    Any help greatly appreciated






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  • 09/13/18--04:37: keyboard problems
  • My shift keys are not working,


    sticky keys are turned off and the rest of the keyboard if functioning as normal, very rarely something happens and they will work for an hour or so before ceasing to work again. 


    Thank you 

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  • 09/13/18--05:35: Touch Pad locks computer
  • When using the scroll function on the touch pad it locks the computer and prompts to re-entre password? 

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  • 09/13/18--07:09: Screen Damager
  • Hello Team


    I am using HP Notebook - 15-ay545tu my screen is damage, i need to know the market price and from where i can buy


    Kindly suggest


    Product Name:  HP Notebook - 15-ay545tu

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    Before sending the unit into HP (I have a CSO #) I wonder if I'm just missing something as this issue is simply too odd.


    Touch screen works on boot up. HOWEVER, if the lid is closed and reopened- no more touch screen functionality. I have to go into device manager, click on the HID in Device Manager, go through the steps of checking that everything is working perfectly & voila, touch screen works again. Spent several hours w/online tech support, updated everything, did the install-uninstall-reinstall maybe 3 or 4 times, did the BIOS stuff-updates etc, yet problem persists.  


    The issue started out of the blue. No other issues with the speed of the unit or its functionality- Regularly run the malware & spyware apps. I got it 1 year ago exactly to the day of this mishap. It has never been dropped or otherwise damaged.


    It is my business computer and doesn't get a lot of strenuous use- runs Win 10 & Office 365 with more use for movie watching or live streaming Cubs games than being overloaded with multiple tasks. 


    I do not have nor have ever used the HP pen stylus.


    So, anybody want to field this issue?

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    I closed my laptop a little to make it easier for me to pick it up when I was letting someone in the seat beside me off a train. When I lifted it up again I had a blank, slightly lit screen (like when your first turn it on but before the HP logo appears). Nothing happened for a while so I turned if off and on again
    Now I can't get it to work for more than a couple of minutes. Usual problem is it boots up and I get the home screen. Then the screen starts to flicker (sometimes when I move the mouse pad, sometimes when I do nothing and always when I move the screen a little up or down.) Then it freezes and either reboots or blue screens.) Is it a hardware fault or something else?

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  • 09/13/18--10:44: Screen, video card or virus?

    Hi All,


    Constantly i get this problem, after i restart my laptop (spectre 360 1.5 from 2016)


    Sometimes only the stripes, sometimes only the blue screen in the back with the message that a reboot is neccessary.


    When there are only stripes, the screen goes black after this and reboot is neccessary as well.


    Anybody knows what this could be?


    Thanks in advance,




    ps Mcafee paid version is installed and running.





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    So my friend got a HP 255 G6 with 4GB ram, 500GB WD Black HDD, and AMD E2-9000e Radeon R2. He just installed a new copy of windows and was having issues with drivers so told me to help him out. For the past 3 days straight I have been doing almost nothing but trying to figure out how to get these graphics drivers to not bluescreen the pc when I install them and try to do anything that is hardware accelerated. I have tried some of the graphics drivers from the HP website's drivers for this laptop (specifically sp88300.exe and sp84127.exe) and both of them ended up having the same issue. It kept bluescreening "Video TDR Failure atikmpag.sys." 

    I decided to look up the error message and someone recommended that they delete the thing causing issues and install new drivers from AMD's website. I did this and tried the driver multiple times completely uninstalling the driver each time in between attempts (using DDU), and still nothing. Any help? (also the only way I'm even able to write this right now is because I went into windows just barely after giving up on the drivers, and I disabled it from installing drivers automatically and uninstalled the graphics driver completely using DDU).

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  • 09/13/18--12:28: Blue Dots on Laptop Screen
  • I have the same blue dot problem with my Hp 360 pavilion , i got this laptop 1 and a half month ago and also i have a line creating on my screen which is increasing day by day on top of my screen , the line is like a humid line u can feel it when yor work with pen, i have tried calling on this number 18002000047 which says it is for technical support , they  said we cant do anything you need to pay to get it repaired also i got this laptop just 1 and a half number ago, with a good promise of 1 year warranty. what should I do now ? this is very dissatisfying and i am upset with the service of Hp 

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    Hi my laptop screen is broken and I am trying to find what part number I need to purchase to replace it.

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  • 09/13/18--15:47: the color into screen
  • i have a problem that i find with a lot of users of the hp computers ...

    My laptops screen is flickering in a strobe light fashion and this is the exact same issue I fully returned the last laptop for. A reboot does not seem to have any effect leaving me to heavily believe this is a hardware not a software related issue.

    The screen will flicker and around the edges there are very distinct Red then Blue then Green color lines circling the outer edge. They are usually only clearly visible on dark backgrounds.

    After about 5-10 minutes the flickering will stop the color will fade and the laptop functions normally.

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  • 09/13/18--16:48: laptop broken screen
  • hi


    my daughter has a HP SPECTRE  PRO X360 G2 laptop and notice it had a crack in the corner of the screen  now its moving to the middle


    she has not dropped it   she just opened it up in the morning and their it was


    its a tounch screen and still opertes well


    i beleieve you have had trouble before with cracked screens


    if this is the case can i send it back for a replacement screen


    thanks Bill

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    When  boot up the screen begins to fill up with bubbles bouncing all around causing my mouse and keyboard to not function.  How can I turn off this touch screen?  Everytime the computer updates, the touchscreen actives the bubbles again and I have to take the laptop to staples to get it fixed. 

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    I just got an Acer 27" monitor with a HDMI connection.  Tried to connect to my HP Spectre x360 Convertible using Windows 10 with an HDMI commection; the laptop does detect the monitor ( I can tell in Windows settings) but the monitor will not display video.


    I used a lower series HP laptop with Windows 10 and connected to the new monitor with the same HDMI cable (Insignia) and had no issues - monitor and HDMI cable work fine.  I also used the same cable to connect my HP Spectre to an older series Acer 24 " monitor - works fine.


    Checked to make sure all HP and Windows drivers are up to date - they are.


    Is there anything else I should be checking here?  Thanks in advance.

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    Laptop running and error a black screen although battery is 60% .

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