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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Whenever I try and render an image in Blender using the gpu I always get bluescreened with "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" and stating atikmpag is what failed. I already tried completley uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the Radeon Vega 8 to no success. I've seen some stuff saying to replace the sys file but I don't have any ATI directory to get atikmpag.sy_ from for that. Would defiently be great if anyone knows a good solution so I can use the gpu for rendering instead of the cpu, thanks.

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    Hey guys, so I purchased my Envy 17 a couple days ago, and all is well although theres one thing thats really sticking out to me that may even be a deal breaker.


    The screen seems to have a weird film to it, as if the screen is dirty. I dont remember experiencing this on the in store demo but its really irking me. I've seen other manufactureres touchscreens and theyre clear as day. I got this one because I wanted to avoid the matte look of non-touchscreens but this is just unbearable.


    It's quite difficult to explain, its not 'pixelated' to say the least but it just looks dirty, noisy even. A good example is when talking on your phone when you finish the call, the screen may be a bit dirty and makes the screen look weird. 


    Hope I'm getting my point across here. Is this normal? Does anyone else with a 17' Envy expreince this?



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    My dvd player dont want to work.
    Via the program Computercontrol, i can see that the dvd is there but the stearingprogram is not working.
    I see a yellow triangel that the program is damadge.
    I let windows itself look fore a new program on the computer and online but both dont work.

    I have an extern dvd player and i have the same problem with that one.
    Both just dont want to work.

    Can annybody help me here?
    problem dvd.JPG

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    Hello, this is the first time I've posted to HP forums. Here is a summery of the problem and what I think might be causing it, and some questions. I don't have another laptop sitting around that I can take apart to troubleshoot this one so I can only go so far at this point.


    The G7 notebook display apparently only half works. The backlight comes on, but it will not display anything. Plugging into an external monitor via HDMI shows that the motherboard is working fine.  I think I have narrowed down the problem to one of the following; the display port mounted on the motherboard (not putting out a video signal for some reason), a broken conductor in the cable between the the display port and the display, the magnet switches that control the display when opening and closing the lid, or the LED panel itself.


    There seems to be two magnetic switches mounted in the top half of the notebook's enclosure/bezel (when I say top half, I'm not talking about the lid with the LED display, but the part where the keyboard is mounted). Am I correct in determiing  that there are two magnetic switches in this G7? And if so, does one switch control the video output from the motherboard and the other switch control power to the back light? Whenever I am moving around the top half of the notebook enclosure around, the right side magnetic switch sounds like something has broken off and rattling around inside.


    Read on if you want to know what led up to the malfunction and what I did to troubleshoot.

    Thanks in advance.




    The Pavilion g7-2007us Notebook PC belongs to my sister. It suffered damage to left hing for the the lid/display (a common problem). She said it still booted up and worked fine for some time. But the top and bottom half of the enclosure, close to the power button and left hing,  would separate whenever opening the lid/display. She said she used it in this condition without any apparent problems.


    Then she said that one day after the notebook did an automatic update, it lost the display. Not sure how an OS update would cause this. Still open to the possibility. The backlight comes on, CPU fan running, but nothing actually shown on the display. No text from firmware, no audible beep codes, no Windows logo. It would however reset after pressing CTRL-ALT-Del, which gave me hope. I pulled the hard drive, backed up all her data to a USB thumb drive, and transferred the data to a cheap HP notebook she bought as a replacement.


    I disconnected the power supply to the Pavilion g7, removed the lithium battery, and held down the power button (I assume this resets the CMOS?). This did not correct the problem. I disassembled the G7, stripping it of memory, hard drive, WI-FI device, optical drive, battery, extra USB port dongle, and removed the display. The display mounting posts molded into the lower half of the case had broken away, and nothing was really holding the display's hinges in place (which I understand is a common problem). I removed the motherboard, and blew out the lower half of the enclosure with compressed air (I also found a screw that may have been floating around under the internal display port).  I disconnected the CMOS battery, and then reconnected it after a few minutes.


    I reassembled the lower half of the Notebook with a bare minimum of hardware: motherboard, CPU, and memory. I free standed the display next to the bare bones notebook internals, plugged the display cable into the motherboard, put the upper half of the enclosure back in place (needed a power button) connected the power supply (without the main Lithium battery) and powered it up. The CPU fan spun up, display backlight came on, but still no text from firmware, no indication that the motherboard was functional.


    I disconnected the freestanding notebook display and hooked the bare bones notebook internals to an external TV via an HDMI cable, and found that the motherboard/CPU/memory was working fine. I was able to go into the system firmware. I  inserted a Fedora Linux Live USB stick, wireless keyboard dongle, and booted up into Fedora Linux. This all confirms the motherboard and it's video via HDMI still works. Not sure about the internal video connector.

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  • 09/11/18--16:29: Touch scree s not working
  • Touchscreen stopped working few months ago,  tried to see what is the problem and I found that  HID complaint touchscreen was missed from device manager, but I was able to find it under show hidden devices, tried it updated and was updated normally. when I did right click I found that there is error under code 45,  and the driver was migrated. I uninstall HID complaint touchscreen and hoping to reinstall it but I was not able to reinstall it anymore. 


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    Hello HP,


    I've had this HP Spectre X360 for just over a year so it is out of warranty.


    I have been having issues with the digitizer periodically throughout my first year of ownership.  However, the issues have been sporadic and wasn't impacting me that much.  However, the school year has just started and I have been attempting to take notes during class on my laptop and I have noticed many more digitizer issues over the past 2 weeks.  I have been using the HP supplied active pen and also bought a Wacom Bamboo pen as well.  Both pens exhibit the same behaviour -  basically, I'll be writing or drawing diagrams for my classes and the digitizer will "skip".  For example, I'm trying to draw a straight line and it will appear to be a dotted line.  There is no rhyme or reason and it happens in various parts of the screen (i.e. it's not isolated to a certain section of the screen).


    In reading through the forums, I see other people having similar issues.  For them, it appears that a hardware replacement of certain components solved the issue for them.  Fortunately for them, they escalated to you before their 1yr warranty was up.  I paid around $1800 for this laptop to be my 2-in-1 device that I was expecting to serve me for my 4 years of university, but the frequency of issues after the first year seem a bit ridculous to me.  The other part of the equation is that my term just started with the fast pace of my courses, I can't afford to be without a laptop for any extended period of time.  Not your fault, but it's just my predicament.


    For my situation, now that I'm out of warranty, what are my options?  Is there a possiblity to get this repaired out of warranty?  If so, what will it cost?


    My possible saving grace is that I paid for this on a credit card that may offer a 1 year extension to my standard warranty.  I haven't read the fine print of how that works yet, but I thought I would check with you first to determine what the process is with HP to repair when out of warranty and what the cost would be.


    Please advise.




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  • 09/11/18--21:48: Pen input randomly skips
  • Hello! I have been using my laptop to handwrite notes in OneNote (the latest version), and I've also doodled in SketchBook every now and then. I've noticed that I have issues with the pen (the one that came with the laptop) skipping what I write randomly. It's happened enough that I am wondering if it's worth it to get an iPad with their pencil instead.


    Everything is updated. I have few apps installed other than OneNote and Sketchbook, and this issue has happened for the past three weeks. I didn't use it to draw/write until school started three weeks ago, so I can't say for sure if it happened before.


    I've also been using the Bamboo Ink pen, and my issue wasn't resolved.


    I'm at a loss on what to do. It's frustrating with how often my flow is interrupted because a couple of letters were ignored, or a straight line in a diagram has a huge gap in it.


    Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? Is HP aware of this issue?

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    I bought HP spectre sometime ago and got active stylus with it as in advertisement. But it seems to not work with it at all I have looked up online and for this model mostly there is that the active pen isn't compatile with it.
    I checked Hp's compatibilty list and couldn't find my model compatible with any of the active pens.
    What should I do with this ?

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  • 09/11/18--23:51: Matrix of a 13-ae006ur
  • Good afternoon!
    I have bought laptops of HP Spectre x360 - 13-ae006ur and HP Spectre - 13-af004ur
    When compared characteristics, they were almost identical but as there was a display at the laptop 13-ae006ur issues the picture in more yellow and tones. I have looked at settings of the display on both laptops they identical. The only difference in the frequency of updating of the screen. At the laptop 13-ae006ur she 120 hertz. Now I want to understand, the yellowness of the image is a defect of a matrix?

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    I have recently re-installed my pavilion g7 and changed the temal paste from the CPU so now my touchpad mouse is not working i have tried to install the needen drivers but is not working anyway, the light on the corner of the mouse is not lighting niether yellow/green i try to dubble tap it and nothing i have tried to run hardware test on BIOS using UEFI but since the mouse is not working the UEFI can't figure it out. 


    I'm sorry for my bad ENG... And thank everybody for the help...

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    HP ZBook 15 G4

    [personal information removed]



    I turned off the adaptive brightness of the monitor in the power section and in the Intel graphics driver section, but the adaptive brightness still works. Also, the brightness hot keys are not working.
    It started after the update of Windows 10.

    What should I do?



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    So, I have a display on my Envy which is 3200x1800 (Recommended) (16:9 Aspect Ratio)

    The problem is that for a laptop it's way too small...

    I'm on the verge of breaking it.

    Can someone help

    I have done:

    Tried different displays


    I'm going to try:

    Changing scaling


    Not working

    Suggest your solution!

    PS. I can't really do all the solutions, so make it useful


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    I have the HP Elite x2 1012 G2 with the HP Elite 90W Thunderbolt 3 Dock. Is it possible to connect 3 external displays to the dock using the 2xDisplayports + Thunderbolt port?


    Ive gotten it to work using 2xDisplayports + VGA but want a digital signal on all the displays and not the analog that VGA gives.


    Is this possible? I have no way atm to test it "live".



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    I have replaced damaged screens on multiple units. Once I am booted to the OS the touch screen does not work properly. When you touch the screen it shows 4 dots and youre not able to do anything. I ran UEFI test and it fails the drag and drop test.


    One unit I replaced the touch board, the screen itself, and the system board. I have reloaded the OS and updated all drivers. I have this issue on multiple units. Please Help!

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    Not sure why this is happening now but my laptop turns on, but the screen doesn't. Granted, I just disassembled it to clean the fan. I know I assembled it correctly because its my third time doing this type of maintenance to my own laptop. But this is certainly the first time my screen wouldn't turn on. 

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    I have a HP G4 Dock and a AOC q3279vwf 32" Montior.  (connected to the dock) using it with a HP Evny x360 (15") 


    If I have the monitor connected by the Display Port cable into the dock and then put the laptop to sleep the monitor will go to sleep shortly after. the Issue is when I wake up the laptop (any method) the AOC monitor will not resume properly. It will come on and say no signal on the  DP. The windows laptop will see there are 2 monitors connected but the monitor will not find the signal. If I then unplug the USB C cable from  dock to the laptop and plug it back in it will then resume the monitor and it will start working. 


    The same issue does not happen when using the HDMI cable. 


    I have tried updating the firmware on the dock but it's already running the latest version. 



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    The bottom right of my case would make a popping noise when i picked it up and now the case has popped open and I can't get it to stay closed. From what I understand this is a common problem with the case? My laptop is no longer under warranty, but this should not have happened. How do I get this fixed? unnamed.jpgunnamed (1).jpg

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     I have a problem  with the screen cracking  on my HP spectre.  I was using my laptop last night and it was working properly when I shut it down.   I opened it up this morning to find a crack in the screen from the bottom left hinge to the top left of the screen.  Based on what I am seeing on this forum, this should be considered a manufactures defect am I right? What are my options and what course of action is available? I work from home and this is my primary work computer. This laptop does not travel nor is it transported.











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    My latop's screen is broken and for the last year I've relied on a external monitor to use it. I've finally gotten to downloading Windows 10 on it, however, when the installation Professor began, the Computer would not recognize my Monitor and I Had to rely on the voice recognition through Most of the Setup until I Had to create Security questions. Then I just turned it off and now Cortana isn't even there. Any idea how to fix this? The monitor is a Samsung 170s. Need a solution ASAP.



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  • 09/12/18--18:51: HDMI port not working
  • My HDMI port stop working. How should I found out what's wrong? Also I could not find any driver related to my pc on the HP support page. I could not even attempt to reinstall the graphic driver.

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