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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Hi i have a HP ENVY - 17m-ae011dx. The problem was the screen randomly goes black and blink. I try to restore the system from zero, updating drivers, windows, bios, etc.. but the problem still there.. 


    I im Argentina. When i start the chats in the support, the notebook was in warranty.  The support starts to make a lot of questions and finally he makes a remote support, he makes a different tests, and make me to start a test from bios. When finish they say HP contacts me in a days to confirm  if the spares are avaiable.. In a pair of days calls me from the HP Support in Argentina, he name is Maresa Tabarez, Case Manager, HP AMS TCO Escalation Team (that says in the email), and says me the spare are not avaiable in my country and not in plains to import them, she says i have to contact HP USA. 

    After this i contact HP USA, still in warranty, and they says me that the warranty was avaiable in my country, in Argentina should me cover and repair.

    I call to Maresa again and she has no way to cover my warranty!, says to contact HP USA!!..


    so i feel so frustrated.. now the warranty has expired, i have no chat support.. i cant call USA because my english is too basic.. so my unique method of contact is through this forum


    Now my sister has plans to travel to USA to vacations the next month.. 


    I have all the Case Numbers, and if you need i can post the serial number..


    Can i send the envy with my sister to HP USA?


    I buy this product because i use to work and i can do it...and i really have no answers from warranty, i repeat, i feel so frustrated with HP..




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  • 09/10/18--04:45: V/L-shaped dark patch
  • Sometimes when the screen turns on there is a V/L-shaped patch that is darker than the rest of the screen.  It's happened after both restarting and waking from sleep (but does not always seem to happen).  It tends to go away after maybe 15-30 minutes.  This isn't really a critical issue to me right now (unless it gets to the point where it stays dark), but it's certainly annoying.

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    Hi, I must substitute the display panel of my notebook, because it is broken.

    I would like buy a new LED 4k display panel.

    Which you recommend me?

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    I just bought a HP S240uj USB-C display.

    How can I connect it to my HP ENVY Notebook 13-ab0XX with only one single USB-C cable (as advertized)?

    At this moment I need three cables:

    - my power adapter for the notebook (the notebook does not charge over the USB-C)

    - the HDMI for the screen

    - the USB C for wirelless mouse and kbd which are connected to the back of the S240uj USB-C display


    I spend 3 hours connecting the device and have not found a solution, either in the manual, on the HP suppot web-site or with trial and error.


    I hope I can find someone here who can help me.


    Thanks a lot,



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    When I am writing in Microsoft OneNote, I will slowly draw a line but the actual drawing is very jagged and does not follow the path the stylus was making on the screen. There are also parts on the sreen where the stylus won't draw at all and I am forced to move the screen to a part where I can draw. The laptop hasn't been dropped and there are no cracks in the screen that might have caused this. The display on the screen is also visibly perfect (no dead pixels). Everything (to my knowledge) is updated and I am using the HP stylus that was given to me in the box. Everything was also brand new when I bought it. Is there anything I can try or update to fix this?

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    I was trying to update my laptop to make my stylus work better and now my touchscreen does not work with my finger or stylus. When I go into Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > Thers is no HID - Touchscreen that I can enable. How do I add this back so my touchscreen will work again?

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  • 09/10/18--09:32: Bright patches on screen
  • My notebook screen has these bright white patches which came outta blues. Is there any fix?

    They seem to be shifting their places from one corner to the other and sometimes they just disappear completely and then get back again.

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    Hello, I have an HP Probook 470 G5 that I recently bought, and I cannot get my USB-C to Video Dock to recognize a monitor hooked up to the HDMI Output (VESA Alt Mode). I am wondering if anyone knows if the USB-C port on the HP Probook 470 G5 has the VESA Alt Mode functionality?

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    Hi everyone,


    My HP Envy Laptop turns off and on it is about 1 or 2 seconds  but it starts to become a little annoying because I am writing or viewing some website and it suddenly happens. I am worried that it will become a bigger problem.


    Can anyone help me? 


    Thank you in advance!

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  • 09/10/18--15:38: HP Pen
  • Dear HP,


    I am writing to just enquire whether my newly purchased HP - (Product name : HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-ba0xx) comes with a HP pen or not as I didn't recieve one from my purchase but have seen reviews with the HP pen used with HP convertible laptops?


    Kind regards, 



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  • 09/10/18--19:51: Disable Touchscreen
  • About a year ago I cracked the screen on my laptop, not super bad or anything, you can read everything, there are no dark spots, but the touchscreen does glitch when it's on. I went to the device manager and uninstalled the touchscreen driver, but recently the touchscreen will randomly reactivate, like if my computer shuts off, when I close the laptop, or even sometime when I'm on it and watching Netflix or something the touchscreen will reactivate and I have to go back to the device manager and uninstall the touchscreen again, how do I get this to stop because it's getting harder and harder to delete the touchscreen, I'm worried one day I won't be able to get there.

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    I’m just trying to fix the screen, he’d love if it was touch screen again. I don’t know much about the computer. Thank you in advance :)

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  • 09/11/18--07:16: zBook 15 G3 Display MODEL
  • I want to find out the exact model of the display panel and all his parameters in this notebook. I know the serial number and, most likely, the part number. Laptop is not near me.

    Please help

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    I’m trying to find some way to program my tilt pen to be able to right click using one of the buttons on it. I found some configurations but they were just to let me open sticky notes, etc... Is what I want possible? If so, how exactly can I do it?

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  • 09/11/18--09:18: Touchpad + Keyboard issues
  • I recently bought this computer and sometimes the touchpad and keyboard stop working. At first I thought they were just disabled but I did some research and I dont think thats what it was. help?

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    My laptop was purchased new in March, 2018.  Now, in September, 2018 the screen keeps flashing and showing rolling bars.  The unit works and a local shop has checked it out and confirmed that it is a SCREEN issue.  Has anyone had this same issue?  Is there a recall?  Will my initial warranty cover the replacement?

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    Screenshot_20180912-000247.pngHello guys. I have a HP envy 15 touchsmart laptop j001tx, whose touchscreen got broken when my schoolbag containing the laptop fell down a couple of years ago. Initially i didn't have any problem using the laptop as a non touch one and i ignored the cracked digitizer, but recently my screen has also been showing ghosting which used to resolve when i pressed my screen from the back at the lower bottom. Nowadays the problem is almost constant and my laptop is barely usable. I searched the manual for the parts and it shows 2 parts of fhd resolution: one touch and one non touch assembly. I am more inclined towards non touch because of the cost factor. I just want to know if i can replace my touch assembly with non touch assembly? Also can the problem of ghosting be because of the display cable? Should i replace that also?IMG_20180912_004104.pngIMG_20180912_004142.pngIMG_20180912_004203.pngScreenshot_20180912-004704.png

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  • 09/11/18--12:02: Cyberlink Webcam Splitter
  • Hi, I have used Skype without any problem for years but during my last conversation, the webcam suddenly stopped working and I now have something called "Cyberlink Youcam Splitter", with a black image which is reversed : I can read it backwards saying "Cyberlink youCam 5 - Please, start the webcam" but nothing happens when I click on it.

    What happened with the usual webcam, which had always worked perfectly, and how can I fix that. Thanks for your help.

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    I posted about this previously in another thread about YouTube videos going black. I have a temporary fix but the problem still persists.


    When I try to play a video, within Facebook or directly in a web browser (I've tried in Chrome, IE, and Firefox), I often encounter one of the following:


    • The video plays but there is no sound
    • I can hear the sound but there's no video (black screen)
    • No audio OR video

    Sometimes, the ad WILL play okay but the actual video itself has one of the above problems.


    I have tried updating the drivers but it always says the drivers are up-to-date.


    The only way I can get the videos to work is to uninstall the drivers and restart the computer. This always fixes it. But, the next time I sign on, the problem has come back. It seems it always reverts to the bad configuration.


    Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to make the fixes permanent? The problem is driving me crazy. 

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    Hi everyone,


    I'm using hp envy x360 m6-aq105dx laptop. I have touch screen issues, so update all drivers but not working properly. I have searched all forums and found solution for Touch screen is updating firmware. In hp website Touch screen controller firmware update not available for my laptop, So installed Touch screen controller firmware update sp87102.exe (ELAN Touch screen Firmware Update for HP EliteBook 705/800 G5) in my laptop. After installing firmware touch screen working properly. But problem is when I touches screen, it's entering wrong location.


    So, Kindly anybody provide me correct Touch screen controller firmware update for hp envy x360 m6-aq105dx.


    Thanks in advance.


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