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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 09/08/18--18:23: Screen broke
  • Hi everybody

    Anyone can tell me where can i get a good deal on a LCD screen for an HP Envy-15t-as100 CT0? my screen has been broke, thank you.

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    I have a j5 Create usb type-c multiport adapter that im using to connect to my external monitor, Acer LCD Monitor, model # SA220Q/SA230. The issue I am having is that the monitor does not appear to be detecting the hdmi output from my laptop's usb type-c port, HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bp0xx. Is there anything i have to enable in order for this to work, or is this laptop not hdmi output compatible with this adapter through the usb ype-c port?

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  • 09/08/18--20:27: Screen Brightness
  • Hi,


    Ive just bought a HP for the first time, heard good things about this laptop so purchased a Envy x360, model 15 - CP0013AU and im quite dissapointed with the screen brightness


    Its turned up 100% still only what you would expect out of 50-60% on my other laptop, did the HP driver updates for AMD Ryzen 7 and yeh still same , waaaaaay to dark.. and im sure im not the first person to realize this, but wen ever i google to research all i can find is people dont kno how to use the screen brightness keys, this isnt my problem lol


    Any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated 





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  • 09/08/18--21:29: Lockscreen wont change image
  • I downloaded an image from my email into my notebook. I then set it up as my lockscreen image through settings which then showed the preview with the image I selected. However, when I logged off and was going to sign in the default windows image of the canyons showed up instead of the image i selected. I went into settings again and it still had the preview of the image I selected. What should I do?

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  • 09/09/18--01:30: Shadow on screen
  • Hi, 


    I booted up my computer today and it has a dark shadow just left of centre at the bottom. I have completed all the necessary updates, tried a hard reset, left it overnight to see if it would resolve itself, all of which have not fixed the problem, adjusted the contrast, plugged/unplugged it and anything else i can think of.


    Could you please advise on what the problem is and how to fix.






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    Hello, lately I've been experiencing strange display/graphics issues on my HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX.


    The firstpart of the issue seems to be general image retention. If I use a program with a brightly-coloured/white background, it leaves a faint--but noticable--ghost of the image when a darker image is on screen. The secondpart is that there is some sort of "glow" that brightly-coloured/white windows have that extends from their top, and it even follows them if I move the window around. 


    I have attempt to both reinstall the current graphics drivers I have, as well as downgrading them, but the issue still persists. I believe it is not an issue with the graphics drivers, as the issue was still present even when I booted up Ubuntu 18.04 on a flash drive.


    However, the issue is not present on screens such as the BIOS menus or start-up splash screen. I also have not had this issue before upgrading my BIOS to F.37; and even after reinstall F.37, the issue is still present.


    I have made attempts to downgrade the BIOS in an attempt to see if this issue is related to the BIOS version; however, each time I attempted to install a previous version of the BIOS, I am met with a "Unable to open BIOS Signature file" error. And the BIOS Recovery shortcut (Win + B), just reinstalls F.37.


    I am completely stumped as to how to proceed with this issue, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    I can't open pics or videos I have done on my web cam

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    My notebook PC's display will turn off according to my Power & Sleep settings - however, the blank screen will still glow dimly as if the backlight is still on.  How can I turn it off?  I've tried the keyboard backlights (F5) and they function properly but have no effect on the screen remaining dimly lit. 


    Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions? 



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    I recently bought a new HP Envy x360, and after fairly basic usage (browsing the internet, watching a few fullscreen videos, writing some documents etc) I've started to notice some graphics issues.


    With the laptop using a fairly new chip I shugged off the following issues as just things which would be corrected in driver updates:

    •  When large images or video is played on the laptop, occasionally the image/video will go green and stop working. Videos need reloading and images re-render after some time.
    • There is a dotted vertical line which appears across the screen. This is more visible on blue backgrounds, and is not able to be captured in a screenshot.


    A few hours ago I was playing music throug Spotify, running an electron-based app and running a maximum of 6 tabs in chrome when the laptop decided to crash.


    This laptop was purchased less than a month ago and I'm concerned that my significant investment into what HP claim to be a great laptop will be going to waste.


    See the following image:































    Please advise and request further info if needed

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    Dear Sir/madam,


    I post my problem on the forum because I do not know how to solve the problem I have with the display adapter of my HP notebook.


    Description of my laptop:

    • PC Notebook HP 15-r248ns (ENERGY STAR)
    • Windows 10 Home 64 bits (we bought the laptop with this Windows version)
    • UEFI activated


    I can not manage the brightness of the screen. Although trying to raise or lower the brightness always remains at the same intensity.


    Checking the problem:

    I went to the "Device Manager" and checked the display adapter. A warning symbol was displayed on it, as it is shown in the imatge:




    Then I checked the properties of the Intel HD Graphics and I saw that the error 43 (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems) appeared.


    Trying to solve the problem:

    Now, I will explain the differents attempts I have tried to solve the problem, unsuccessfully:


    Attempt #1 (unsuccessfully, the problem persists)

    The rollback driver button was desactivated. I was not able to select it.


    Attempt #2(unsuccessfully, the problem persists)
    I tried to update the display adapter drivers using the option: Find updated driver software automatically. Nothing was updated

    Attempt #3(unsuccessfully, the problem persists)
    I tried to update the display adapter drivers using the option: Search for driver software on the computer.


    I tried it with each one of the versions that appeared on the list. Nothing was updated. Each time I tried to install the drivers this message was displayed: Display driver failed to start.




    Attempt #4(unsuccessfully, the problem persists)

    I donwloaded the drivers for my Notebook HP 15-r248ns from the HP web. I tried to install them, but suddendely this message appeared:




    Attempt #5(unsuccessfully, the problem persists)

    I have installed the Intel Dirver and Support assistant. It scanned my System and allowed me to Update the display drivers. After the installation the same message was displayed: Display driver failed to start.



    After all these attempts, I really do not  know how to solve it. Please, I would be very grateful if you could give me some advice to solve this problema.


    Thank you on advance.



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    Mine is HP Envy x360 13-Y013CL and having cracked screen.


    I am looking for glass touch digitizer replacement for this screen (not the LCD panel, the LCD panel is working perfectly)

    Is there any someone know where to find / buy this touch digitizer only?


    Or is there any hp laptop product having the same glass touch digitizer model? 



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    watchimg video on youtub, audio faster than picture. pls any remendy for it

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    I'm looking for an x86_64 driver for my NVidia M400M hardware that will be compatible with Opensuse TUMBLEWEED.  Linux is running as a virtualbox guest on my Zboook 17 G3.

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  • 09/09/18--09:22: Keyboard not working
  • I have an older notebook model 17-p010nr which started to get very sluggish.  I upgraded ram from 4 gb to 8 and replaced the hard drive with a 256 gb SSD.  On testing all worked well EXCEPT the keyboard.   While assembling it, the small black  lock for the ribbon cable that goes from keyboard to motherboard, broke off, so consequently my keyboard does not work.  Can that small connector on the motherboard be replaced?

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  • 09/09/18--10:53: Regarding Hp Envy x360 pen
  • I would like to know whether the HP ENVY x360 15-cp0000na comes with a
    Active pen or a stylus. Do I need to buy one separately, if so, which pen do I need to buy?

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    I dont know why my screen turns into a somehwhat greyscale while watching a movie on Netflix. Like while im watching a movie it changes the colors of the movie into a little more grey, but once i move my mouse it changes back into its normal colors. Then it changes back into the greyscale like state after ten seconds or so.

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  • 09/09/18--12:21: İllumination issue
  • My laptop suddenly went dim and I can't get the it to light up. Even ater increasing the brightness to 100% it still doesnt change rather it starts to blink. Is there a solution to this. I reseted the system to an earlier date and it started working again but just for a few hours and it went back to the same headache. Please can someone help.

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  • 09/09/18--16:00: Laptop replacement Screen
  • Just had something drop on my laptop that cracked the screen. Every thing else is working but what do I order to replace the screen.



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    Hello! I have an HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g128ds. For some reason when I enable Intel(R) Graphics Driver in my device manager it works but upon doing certain things the screen goes black on Windows 10. I can log in fine, but if I click the start menu, open volume or networks, open settings, or even get a notification the screen will go black. The PC will continue running in the background until I make the issue go away (Ex: If I open volume the screen goes black, I can make it go back to normal by moving my mouse away from where the volume manager would be and clicking which causes the volume manager to go away).


    I have noticed that all of these things have the modern windows 10 UI.


    I have tried updating the driver using drivers recommended using the Intel Support Assistant as well as using drivers recommended by my manufacturer, neither of which gave me different results.


    Since that didn't work, I tried disabling the driver (thus making the PC use the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter) and the things I mentioned above worked fine after disabling the driver.


    This would be fine if I didn't need to use my PC for gaming or other things, I can browse the internet fine but I can not play games using the Microsoft display. It's just so laggy compared to when I am using the Intel driver.


    I would like to know if there is a fix for this so that I can keep my Intel driver enabled without having to enable and disable it just to do different functions on my PC (Ex: Having to enable it to play games but then having to disable it so I can adjust the volume or open the start menu).

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    I have the new 2018 Spectre with Vega graphics, and while I like the pen I feel like I would enjoy the new Surface pen much more, and from my understanding the Spectre's pen is made by Microsoft, so is the Surface pen compatible and will I be able to use all the buttons?

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